If you are expecting your period and you have a 25 to 29-day regular cycle and you feel vaginal cramps and sore nipples on the 29th day can you be pregnant?

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You could be....take a test! Good luck!
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Am i pregnant if my period is a day late and i have sore nipples and cramping?

here is the top 10 symptoms of being pregnant Top Ten Symptoms . missed menstrual period . nausea . extreme fatigue . frequent urination . tender breasts . headache

I am not expecting my period for another two days but my breasts are sore and I've had mild cramping could i be pregnant or are they just signs of my period?

Nature tends to play tricks on us, even from month to month! Breast pain and cramping are indeed two of the many signs of early pregnancy, but they could also just be signs of

What if your period is expected in 1 day you have sore nipples headaches and bleeding gums are you pregnant?

Headaches, tender or painful breasts and nipples are common signs of early pregnancy. Red, tender gums that bleed when you floss or brush are a sign of pregnancy gingivitis, f

My periods are regular but this month period is 4 days late and i am feeling periods like cramps in lower abdomen and very sore nipples n feeling very bloated am I pregnant?

alright this is the first thing every women who starts her period or already has it that you cant just predict when your period will come it is unpredictable it does not mean

Your periods are regular but this month you are 4 days lateand having periods like cramps in your lower abdomen and very sore nipples n feeling very bloatedare you pregnant?

Four days late is nothing and I doubt that you are pregnant. The cramps and sore nipples are normal and part of most people's periods. If you don't have a period next month ta