If you are pregnant and 15 and your baby's father is 17 but will turn 18 after the baby is born can he go to jail on Oklahoma?

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It depends. If your child was conceived when the baby's father is 17 then no. But turning 18 can be a problem. Now he can be evicted of child molesting because you are a minor. BUT, he wasn't an adult when this baby was conceived. You should talk to a counselor about this.
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Where can a 17-year-old pregnant girl go to marry the baby's father who is also 17 without parental consent?

Nowhere in the United States. However, as soon as they both turn 18, they will be able to get married. I believe you could get married in Georgia, but if it would be recognized in the state you live in I do not know! get a hold of the juvanile courthouse in your county and make an appointment te (MORE)

If you are 14 and your unborn baby's father is 17 can he go to jail?

Hey I'm 17 and my baby is going to be a year in November, but yea he can go to jail... your underage and he is jail bait.. Good luck with that one.. UMMM SORRY BUT HELL YEAH I MEAN THAT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT RIGHT OFF THE BACK! SHE'S UNDERAGE TO BE HAVING HER LEG'S OPEN DOUH! (MORE)

If you are 16 and pregnant can your baby's father who is 19 go to jail?

Answer . Only if you press charges. Or you say you didnt want to have sex and he forced you. Which would be very wrong. Also, some states have different laws. In some places it's considered rape just because of your age and his, no matter what you say. But usually charges have to be pressed for t (MORE)

If you are almost 14 and got pregnant by a 17-year-old who turns 18 in March can he get in trouble or still be the father?

Answer . \nYou are below the age level for consenual sex in all 50 states. Whether or not the young man could face any criminal charges depends upon the laws of the state where you live. This is a very serious situation and is best discussed with an attorney who is knowledgeable in the state laws (MORE)

If you're 15 and pregnant and the father of the baby is 19 can he go to jail if you have the baby even if your parents are fine with it in South Australia?

Answer . \nYou are very fortunate your parents are "just fine with it" and I doubt that one very much, but they feel there is no other choice, but to accept it all. You are a baby having a baby! What's done is done.\n. \nUnless your parents form a complaint against him and they accept him as t (MORE)

In Nevada can a pregnant 15-year-old move in with the baby's father and his parents?

\n Answer \n. \nIt is EXTREMELY important to consult a lawyer in your case! You must be an emancipated minor in your state to move in with anyone. Further,there are also serious problems if the father is over the age of 18. He will be prosecuted as a sex offender, and have to register for LIFE (MORE)

Can a pregnant 17-year-old move in with the mother of her baby's father in Ohio?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nOhio recognizes 17 year olds as adults.\n. \n. \n . \n Ohio only recognizes 17-year-olds as being an adult when it pertains to when a minor can be charged and prosecuted as an adult.\n. \nThe legal age of majority for Ohio is 18.\n. \nThe issue of pregnancy is n (MORE)

Can a pregnant 15-year-old marry the 17-year-old father of her baby in Texas?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou've already screwed up your life, don't make it worse. If you marry him you have an almost certainty that you'll get a divorce within 5 years, and the child will have a terrible life. Put the child into an adopted home where he/she can have a chance in life.\n. \n. \n (MORE)

If you are 15-years-old and your unborn baby's father is 18-years-old can he go to jail in the state of Florida?

No, he can not. Your parents can press statitory rape, but unless you testify against him, he cannot ***** Absolutely he can. He's committed a felony by having sex with you. The DA does need the minor, or even the minor's parents permission or cooperation to file charges. And it will be a very eas (MORE)

In the state of Kentucky if you got pregnant when you are 15 years old but have the baby when you are 16 and the baby father is 24 years old could he go to jail?

Answer . Yes! He is still older than you, and as far as I know in Kentucky much like the rest of the country the age of consent is sixteen. He slept with a fifteen year old girl. He was older than eighteen at that point so it stops being corruption of a minor, and becomes Statutory rape. He is go (MORE)

Can a 17-year-old go to jail for getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant if her parents press charges?

Yes. It is called statuory rape. Even if the parents do not press charges, the hospital may call Children's Services or Protective Service when the baby is born to report it.. Knowing the state where you live would help in letting know the penalty you may be facing.. -----------------------------. (MORE)

If your boyfriend is 17 but nearly 18 and he got his girlfriend pregnant that was 14 turning 15 when he did turn 18 could he go to jail?

Yes, it is possible that he could be sentenced to juvenile detention, but because of his age it is also possible that he might be tried as an adult. The level of offense can depend entirely on which state this occurred in.. it's up to the parents of the 14 year old child and then again the 14 year (MORE)

Can a 15 year pregnant girl live with the baby's father in South Carolina?

No, unless emancipated from her parents. Parents permission is not enough, as the law states you are a minor and under your parents care.. Emancipation requires a court order from a judge and, frankly, one will not emancipate you just because you're pregnant. There are many factors that go into tha (MORE)

Can the father of your baby go to jail if he is 15 and you are 12?

Yes, there's no "get out of jail free" card for being a father. It would be unusual for a 15-year-old to be sent to jail for longer than a few hours/days (temporary custody at a police station), but it's not impossible. A 15-year-old would be more likely to be sent to Juvenile Hall. If you're (MORE)

Will a 17 year old be jailed for getting a 15 year old pregnant if he is 18 and she is 16 when the baby is born?

Depends on what the law says in your state. What they go after is when you had sex, not when the child was born. It can not be statutory rape since you were not 18 when it happened but it can be something else since she was under the age of consent. Can't say though since you don't mention what stat (MORE)

When you are 17 and in dfcs custody can you get put into a judges custody when you turn 18 or will you go to jail?

No matter what state you live in, the judge who heard your case has continuing jurisdiction over your case. When you turn 18 years old, the judge will decide, depending on your progress with DFCS, whether your custody arrangement will continue or will be changed. Some states have half-way houses for (MORE)

Can the mother of a 17 yo pregnant woman keep the daughter away from the baby's 18 year old father in the state of Kentucky?

Yes, you can get a restraining order if they do not listen. Age of consent is 16 there but that only means the sex was legal, not that they themselves decide who they meet. The parents decide who their minors meet. Once she turns 18, you can not stop them. When the baby is born he will have the righ (MORE)