If you feel like you have to urine every thirty minutes or so and there is blood in your urine is that a sign of pregnancy?

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Probably not. It sounds like you have a real bad infection in there and you should go to the doctors to get a pap. If you dont it could cause some major problems that you do not want. This could also be a strong sign of a Urinary Tract Infection. Blood in the urine "hematuria", can be caused by kidney stones as well. I would recommend seeing your Primary Care Physician as soon as possible.
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Is blood in your urine a sign of pregnancy?

It is a sign of a kidney stones. I think you may want go to your regular doctor for a check-up! Answer Or it could mean that you have a Urinary Tract Infection. . No, I

Is urinating twice every hour a sign of pregnancy?

Answer . \nin pregnancy you do urinate a lot but that does not mean you are pregnant as this could mean that you may have a water infection or many other options if you are

What's wrong if you feel like you have to urinate every hour and there's blood in your urine?

That sounds like a kidney infection or injury to the kidney. In either case, you need to see a doctor right away. It is probably a urinary tract infection, which you will need

I have yellowish brown discharge only on my panties and I'm urinating every ten minutes could these be a sign of early pregnancy?

I don't think your bladder gets squished until later on in pregnancy. If it hurts when you pee, you have a bladder infection. sounds like an std... go get a pap Actually, i

Is yellow urine a sign of pregnancy?

No, yellow urine is a sign of dehydration-drink more water. Also, your urine will be bright yellow if you take a vitamin B supplement (and I think some other medications will

When urinating and feel discomfort or burning sensation is that a sign of pregnancy?

Do you feel you need to urinate often even though you may not actually urinate much? Can you see protein or blood in your urine? You may just have a urinary tract infection wh

You have to urinate like every ten minutes?

i have that problem to it helps to not to hold it because then your going to need to use it more when you go to sleep make sure you get some toilet paper and put it in your un

Is urinating a lot a sign of pregnancy?

Urinating frequently is one of the many symptoms associated with pregnancy. However, it is also the symptom of many other things, including bladder infection, weak bladder

Is dark urine every time you urinate a sign of pregnancy?

No, dark urine can be a sign of infection, blood in your urine or just a sign that you are not drinking enough water. Try increasing your liquids with water or juice, stay awa