If you had an abscessed tooth removed but you still have swelling and pain where the tooth used to be could the infection still be in the jaw or gums?

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That depends on how recently you had the tooth removed. If it was a few days ago, some swelling and pain are normal. But if it's been a week or more, that's not good. Yes, the infection could have spread. Call your dentist. It may be as simple as being prescribed antibiotics and/or the dentist may need to see you. ~ T
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What can you do about an infected jaw bone from an unfinished root canal and a pulled abscessed tooth?

Answer . You may want to use a search engine to look for the word "DentalCavitation" in parentheses.I'm not sure what an unfinished root canal is, except that when I have h

Is it possible to have an abscessed tooth for years not have any pain swelling or other symptoms and could this cause your blood to appear anemic?

Answer . I don't know about years, but yes, one can have abscessed teeth without having much pain and dentists are always shocked that some people get away with poor denta

How do you relieve pain of abscessed tooth?

Rinse with warm salt water. Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash , avoiding the flavored variety as may contain sugar. This works excellent to relieve immediate pain at sight

Can you still do a root canal filling when the tooth still has an abscess?

Depending on how bad the infection is, you can get an RCT on an abscessed tooth. Unless the infection is bad enough to where you need to go to the ER either because of excruci

Why is there still pieces of tooth in your gums after your wisdom tooth extraction?

i had my number 15 tooth extracted exactly a week ago today, and i still continue to have pain. i can also feel with my tounge, little sharp pieces/shards in the extaction are

You have stiches after a tooth extraction and some swelling in your jaw What can you do for the swelling and pain?

some swelling is normal. i am assuming that this was a lower tooth that was removed.. ice or a bag of frozen peas works well as an "ice pack" on the area. Please wrap the bag
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I had a tooth pulled out.............. and 4 days later my gum is still sore. Any ideas as to when this pain will go away or what can i use?

That "soreness" is, no doubt, from the injection(s) you received to numb you up prior to the extraction. Unless you're still bleeding, I recommend warm compresses- a (padded)
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What is a cure for pain from a tooth abscess?

To treat the pain of a tooth abscess you can use a hot tea compress against it, your favorite pain killer such as asprin, or a topical oral pain cream. You should see a dentis