If you missed many pills but haven't started your period after taking them again can this be a sign of being pregnant?

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so by this question i guess you missed your birth control pills, but then started taking them again? Either way, most birth control pills you start 3 days after you take the last pill. But if you screw up your pills it can cause you to be a week late. Wait till your a week over, and if you still havent started get a pregnancy. Usually on birth control pills and girl cant get pregnant until a certain amount of time of taking them. But some do just by missing one.
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If you haven't missed your period yet but have signs of pregnancy could you be pregnant?

You very well could be. Also, Sometimes if a women really truly wants to be pregnant, her mind can play tricks on her, making her think she is pregnant when she isn't, and "sh

U've been on the pill for a year and on ur last period u ran out of pills u missed taking it for 2 months and now u've been on it for a month again but you haven't had your period since you ran out?

Answer . \nif you had sex within the time you weren't on birth control even if you ran out you are possibly pregnant. what you need to do is go to the doctors and request

After birth of your son you started taking a white contraceptive and have not had a period for 1 year you missed a week of the pill and then took it again for 2 days and had sex could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Because you didn't take the pill for a week means that you were unprotected and still are even though you took it again for two days. You were still

What if you missed a pill and started your period early are you pregnant?

Sometimes when you miss pills or do not take them everyday at the same time, you may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding. This is a side effect that is normal while o

What if you haven't started your period again?

1. Buy a pregnancy test at a drugstore. (or enjoy the privacy of online sales: http://international.drugstore.com/templates/stdplist/default.asp?catid=9336&aid=333181&aparam