If you took castor oil to start contractions how long will it take to work?

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  • Although castor oil doesn't always work, when and IF it does, it will usually take between 6-8 hours to start contractions. The diarrehea usually lasts 3-6 hours. If it's been longer than that, chances are you'll just have a really sore bum that will be in dire need of a tucks pad.

  • This is an old wives tale that this will work. My sister did the same thing, she drank that and even walked and walked no labor. The one thing that it can do is make your baby have a bowel movement while your baby is still inside and this will make him or her very sick. I would consult your doctor about this.

  • Castor oil does not work, but neither does it make your baby poo. It may be taken by someone who is overdue and babies who are overdue are more likely to have their bowels open.

  • Caster oil CAN work, by giving you diarrhoea - which irritates the smooth muscle lining your intestines, which in turn irritates your nearby smooth muscle in your womb, and starting contractions. It does NOT always succeed in starting labour, and may only give you horrible diarrhoea, so I wouldn't suggest you try it - but it sounds a bit late for that.
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If you're 36 weeks pregnant and you took castor oil and now your contractions are 5 minutes apart when should you go to the doctor?

Answer . Call the hospital now! If they are constantly 5 minutes apart you need to get there ASAP! Even if it's false labor it's still hard false labor--and they will eithe

I'm 36 wks. I took 4oz of castor oil last night at 930 it's been 12 hours. I was on the toilet all night but no contractions. is there a chance it will still work how long before i go in labor?

Too soon . Although there is little scientific, peer-reviewed data to support the claim that castor oil can hasten the onset of labor, there is plenty of anecdotal informat

How long does it take to go into labor after taking castor oil?

Answer . There is really no telling how long it will take to go into Labor after taking castor oil. You're body may not be ready to give birth, therefore you might get noth

How do you know if Castor oil is working?

Answer . If you are taking it through a pack (ie. sinking through the skin with applied heat) then you will know by the way that you feel. You should leave it on for around

Does every castor oil work?

i took castor oil at 39.5 weeks pregnant. it gave me intense labor but they were false! was in hospital for 12 hours with intense labor pains and still no baby, they sent me h

When will my contractions start after I took castor oil?

About the time the explosive diarrhea begin. Taking castor oil does not always work and it increases the risk to you and the baby. I think you might find that doctors are not

How long will castor oil take to induce mylabour?

Well, it may have other effects instead, since it will make your stools looser. There is not really evidence that castor oil will induce labor, unless coincidentally, the baby

How much castor oil do you take to start labor?

You don't! This is something that women used to do decades ago, but it can actually be harmful to the baby, and it doesn't work.. If your doctor feels you are too far past yo

How long does it take before castor oil acts as a laxative?

In order that Castor Oil will act as a laxative the dose ought to be sufficient. The Russian Popular Medicine recommends one milliliter Castor Oil per one kilogramm of the hum
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How long does it take for castor oil to induce labor i took it last night at 10 pm and its now 838 am and still nothing?

It's not a sure science, in that case only doctors would give it to you. Castor oil does not give you contractions directly, it gives you diarrhea. Those cramps are believed t
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How castor oil works as a cathartic?

Castor oil works as a cathartic by purging or being used as alaxative. It is used this way to rid the body of intestinalparasites.