If your boyfriend has a severe metal allergy what sort of material should you be looking for when you go shopping for his ring?

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two tones stainless steel wedding band - nomorerack.com $10.00. Look for stainless steel or titanium.
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Should you ask your fiance-to-be to go ring shopping with you?

Whether you take your fiance to be ring shopping with you will depend on a number of factors, the first and foremost being does your fiance know that you're planning on marrying her. If you two have talked about marriage and she knows that you are planning to tie the knot, you should ask her if she (MORE)

Should you give your boyfriend a promise ring if he gives you one?

Yes generally. I could never understand Promise Rings. You are either loyal to each other and plan on getting engaged or you are not! If I were younger I would refuse the Promise Ring. Promise to what? Promise you something that may never happen and the guy enjoys a sexual relationship with you and (MORE)

When should your boyfriend give you a promise ring?

No a promise ring is usually somthing a guy gives his girlfriend when they are either underage so they cant get married yet or you guys havent been together long enough too get married. and anyways an engagment ring doesnt mean that you guys will stay together forever it means you guys plan too get (MORE)

What should you do when your boyfriend has several girls as friends and you caught him on MySpace looking at other local girls?

Answer . Myspace doesn't make a person sneak, lie and cheat unless they are already inclined to do this, both online and in real life. The fact is, some people are only as faithful as their options. If they couldn't use Myspace to hook up, they'd be using some other route.. You could see where (MORE)

Should a person with a severe corn allergy consume any form of glucose?

Probably not. But there is a bigger danger for those of us who are allergic or have an intolerance to corn: hospital IVs. I'm just getting over a heart catheterization I had last week. I was able to go out for dinner after the all day procedure, but got slammed the following day by shaking, nausea, (MORE)

What should you say when your boyfriend gives you a promise ring?

Well, that depends on how you feel about the relationship. A promise ring generally symbolizes a loving commitment for each other with hopes of becoming engaged to get married someday. If you don't feel like you're reading to commit to your boyfriend with hopes of a longlasting relationship, you sho (MORE)

Should your boyfriend be looking through your email?

That depends on what you believe is acceptable. Most people would disagree. Every person needs a degree of privacy.. If you believe he is invading your privacy, then no. He should not be at all.. He should not. But, if he does it is certain that he doesn't trust you.

Should you go out with your ex-boyfriend?

no you can not go out with your ex-boyfriend its gonna be weird and you dont know if he is using you to go for another girl.plus who broke up with who? you should think about it . maybe, well if you know he likes you and WONT use you then i think you should say yes but if he cheated on you before (MORE)

When should a girl give her boyfriend a promise ring?

when shes comfortable with what a promise ring represents to her. marriage is a big deal, make sure you're ready with the responsibilities of it and are comfortable before you make that step. there is no set time, its all about how an individual feels. when it feels right.

How do you convince your boyfriend to go to a sex shop with you or do kinky sex?

\nYou should not convince him. Instead, surprise him!!! Next time he cums over wink wink, make sure to have two dildos (one for each of you!!!!) - preferably over 8 inches long and pink and sparkly, like in Twilight. :D :D :D\n. \nHe will luv you and will be your vampire bf 4eva1!11eleventyone1!\n. (MORE)

What should you do if your boyfriend is going into the Marines?

Support him and his decisions no matter what. Or: Consider something from Tammy Wyenette like " Stand By Your Man". Or: Try a listen to Englebert Humperdink doing " Please Release Me". Or: Consider the Patti Page, Dean Martin or Hank Snow version of " Let Me Go Lover (MORE)

Should you go out with your old boyfriend?

Well yes and no ,it depends if you really like the guy that you would give him a second chance .So it depends on how your last relationship was if you think yes then give it another try ,but if it a no just move on or maybe wait a little while.

What sort of gift should you buy for a girl on several circumstances?

they might say they're on a diet but the fact is evry girl luvs chocolate. it wins them over instantli. ignore their complaints i guarantee they'l be gone in 2 days at the most. jewelery and flowers are also quite good too but chocolates easier and you might get to share them with her

When you have allergies should you go camping?

It really depends on your type of Allergies. I have hay fever which can become pretty bad at certain times in the year. However, I do still go camping and avoid my "Allergy Peak Time" which is around June for me. If I do go traveling or camping around that time I generally avoid areas that are very (MORE)

Why is it important for person with severe allergies carry an adrenaline injector wherever they go?

It's called an Epinephrine pen. When a person has minor allergies, such as seasonal allergies, they would use a medicine to block the histamine like benydryl. For more severe allergic reactions like bee stings or food allergies, you would use the epi-pen. Epinephrine blocks the histamines that cause (MORE)

Should you go shopping tonight?

It all depends, ask your self these questions, do you have the time, why are you shopping, do you have the money, will this upset anyone after you shop, are you shopping for anyone, where will you shop.

What store should you go cloths shopping at?

Mr Big and Tall different person now i don't believe those are stores, well iv never herd of them but i would recommend aeropostale, abercrombie, hollister, American eagle, and old navy.

Should you go to prom with you boyfriend?

Well I think that is what couples usually do. unless both of them want to go with different partners. If you have an eye for a different person, break up with your guy first because it might create a scene and no one would like that on their prom.

Where should you go shopping for preteens earrings?

i really like claire's. target, h & m, aeropostale, justice.these r all good places but i think claire's is the best. The best bet is to visit your local professional body piercingstudios, the jewellery they carry is far better and safer than anyof the above listed facilities. Nickel negative reacti (MORE)

What should you look for when shopping for aromatherapy candles?

It is amazing that there is such a large variety of Aromatherapy Candle in the market for us to choose from. The array of scents may make choosing the right candles confusing. Choose the scent and type you love We know that different scents have different effecta on us. So choose the one that (MORE)

Your boyfriend has mentioned several times that you should ask him to marry you is that something you should do?

Generally it is the boyfriend that asks the girlfriend to marry him, but it is not uncommon for independent women to ask her boyfriend to marry her. However, in your case your boyfriend may be teasing you and if he is not then he is controlling and you should break up with him. When he tells you aga (MORE)

How do should you go out with your boyfriends friend?

dump him but say sorry like really sorry then go out with the friend OR make him want to dump you but at the same time not around the friend otherwise youll also make the friend not like you any more if he already dosnet.

Should you go out with your boyfriends friend?

Not if you are still dating your boyfriend, but you can if you haven't seen or talked to your boyfriend for at least 6 months. If you have broken it off with your boyfriend then you could go out with your boyfriends friend, but you have to make sure that your boyfriend is no longer with you (for (MORE)

What metal should be set for a diamond ring?

Since diamonds hold enormous value for their size, any metal used to set a diamond should be able to resist casual bumps and bangs, sufficient to protect the diamond. Usually, diamonds are set in high-carat gold, 14 karat or 18 karat (higher karat gold is too soft), or platinum. Diamonds are also (MORE)

When shopping for life insurance you should look for?

If you are within the age group of 30 years, while shopping for life insurance, you should opt for Term Insurance policy, where you get life coverage with a huge sum assured amount but at a meagre premium.If you are within the age group of 40 years,it is wiser to buy Endowment life insurance policy (MORE)