If your daughter said she feels sick when daddy wakes her in the night could this be innocent and who do you talk too?

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To be sure what is going on put a recording device in the room, either a nanny cam or even a cheap cassette recorder that records when noise is present. And if you are at home at night get a baby monitor and hide it under her bed. You can find any of these things very cheap and it will give you peace of mind...AND PROOF without it being she said- he said.

Why DOES Daddy wake her in the night Where are YOU when this happens It doesn't sound good Make sure Daddy doesn't wake her in the night for any reason without you around. Don't leave her alone with him Child endagerment authorities ANOTHER ANSWER ONE important thing to do is to believe your daughter; this doesn't sound like a typical "fib" that a child would make up. Talk to your daughter about this situation. LISTEN carefully, and it is very important not to ask "leading" or suggestive questions. Ask general questions and allow her to elaborate on her own. NOW-- Exactly WHY does he wake her in the night??? How OFTEN does this occur?? WHERE are YOU when he is in there, waking her?? How long does he stay in her room?? What does your GUT feeling tell you?? How about going WITH him when he goes in her room? Just act casual and see what his response is. Does he try to talk you out of accompaning him? Play a bit of a detective. This could be difficult or impossible if, for instance, you work 3rd shift, or come home late at night. Keep your eyes and ears open. AND finally, SPEAK to your husband. Don't accuse him of anything, but DO pay careful attention as to how he answers you. Is he OVERLY unconcerned and plays down his daughters fears or does he join you in your concerns and attempt to help you "get to the bottom" of your daughters night time fears. Use some common sense; support your daughter; pay attention to any "signals" and see how things go. IF you DO find evidence of inappropriate conduct, you need to act in a manner that is in the BEST interest of your DAUGHTER. You must protect her at all costs; she is a child and very vulnerable. If the WORST turns out to be true, you have an obligation to her to protect her. Contact your state agency (ALL states have them) that is in charge of protecting children; ie.. Dept. of Child Protective Services; Neglect and Abuse Hotline; Family and Children Services; or whatever they call it in your state. If there IS EVIDENCE of abuse by your husband, you owe it to the child to press the issue, even if entails him being arrested. You will initially go through a lot, suffer anger, embarrassment etc... BUT if you don't act on a bad situation, your daughter could suffer LIFE LONG emotional problems; some of which could be VERY serious if not life threatening. ~I HOPE I'VE PROVIDED YOU WITH SOME HELP IN SOME WAY~ ALL MY BEST <<>> Answer This is a very tricky situation and difficult to understand exactly what your daughter means when it comes to "daddy waking her up." Talk to her and ask why she feels sick. Ask her if daddy reads her a story to make her feel better or what else does daddy do to make her feel better. You'll get some idea of what is going on and if you are the least bit suspicious then you are going to have to take your daughter to a child psychologist (they are trained well in this area) to be sure she is being sexually abused. It could all be very innocent and daddy could really be looking out for his daughter and many children can have nervous stomachs and miss "mommy" and feel sick so you have to be very sure that you don't accuse your husband without proof of some sort (that can only come from a professional) or you could well destroy your husband's life and career. Answer While it's certainly your responsibility to listen to your child and protect her, you also have to be extremely careful as to how you handle this. If 'daddy' comes home late at night from work he may go in just to kiss his daughter and tuck the covers around her. I think the first poster hit the nail on the head. If you want to get to the truth of the matter hide a baby monitor (without even your daughter knowing) or a tape recorder as suggested is even a better idea so that if 'daddy' is doing something wrong then you have it on tape!
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