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Capsaicin, the active ingredient in pepper spray is intended not to be lethal, but it does make treatment difficult. It binds to neuroreceptors and increases irriation which results in swelling, rather like an asthma attack when inhaled. In this instance it can be very dangerous indeed. It definitely causes bronchoconstriction as well.
The onset is swift (20 seconds) but the duration seems to be only 60 seconds (although I would like to see this verified). While this may be nonproblematical in most subjects, reaction to capsaicin may persist with others. I'd be inclined to worry about an anaphylactic or irritant-spasmodic reaction post exposure more than the actual compound itself.
For swelling, consider treatment with corticosteroids (IV and followup PO), and possibly epinehprine as well. This is a potentially a life threatening injury and should be a red item on the trauma scale, second to massive but controllable bleeding and restorable lethal arrythmia or asystole, in that it has a high chance of suscessful intervention if treated promptly.
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What happens if you inhale pepper spray?

It would affect the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract (throat). Coughing and choking may be experienced. It is very uncomfortable and there is pain associated wi

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wal-mart My walmart doesn't carry pepper spray. You can usually find it at gun shows, sporting goods stores, super stores and online.

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