Is apidexin diet suppliment safe?

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I took it for a month...the first day i felt a little jittery but in the days to come, that was does suppress your appetite and did make me feel a little bit sick a few times but nothing ever came of it....then again i am not very sensitive to stimulants and been drinking coffee for a while so the caffeine content didn't affect me much...i lost over 15 pounds in a month while on this product but i was on a strict diet and excersise routine...I'm going on the same routine now and am going to compare results to see just how much more weight the pill helped me lose....anyway....i think the pill is safe....if anything you will feel jittery and nautious and if you are sensitive to stimulants; dont take it


Apidexin, apidextra, and adipexin are just a play on the name of the legal and approved weight loss drug Adipex/phentermine. True phentermine is only available by prescription and is normally prescribed for short periods for the morbidly obese.
These blends of herbs, spices, and caffeine usually contain capsaicin which is - chili powder. They use another ingredient similar to ephedra - a banned weight loss drug. Another is supposed to be chemically related to an amphetamine. Another is just dehydrated caffeine. They put a bunch of scientific names on a bunch of common names to make it sound impressive or to hide the ingredients.
None are approved drugs and must be sold as dietary supplements not approved by any medical, regulatory, or dietary organization.
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Apidexin, apidextra, and adipexin are just a play on the name of the legal and approved weight loss drug Adipex/phentermine. True phentermine is only available by prescription

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