Is it dangerous not to wipe after going to the bathroom?

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Yes, because you can get an infection "down there."

It can also be a problem in terms of body odor.
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Can you get pregnant with semen on your hands and after five to ten minutes go to the bathroom and wipe before washing your hands?

Sperm not so clever . I am not an expert by any means but as far as I understand, sperm don't live for very long outside the body, and they don't even travel that well insi

How do people in the Middle East wipe themselves after going to the bathroom?

The most common way that Arabs clean their behinds after taking a dump is to use a hose or bucket to run a stream of water down the crevice. The person continues until he feel

Can you get an infection if you didn't wipe after you went to the bathroom?

Anything in your waste was by definition in your body just a few moments ago. If there's anything infectious in there, you've already got it. However, it could potentially ca
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How is it dangerous to hold going to the bathroom?

It is quite dangerous to hold going to the bathroom because you could be more likely to get several types of bladder infections from urine that is held for a long period of ti