Is it dangerous to go without fruit?

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While it isn't necessarily dangerous, it can be unhealthy. Fruits contain may of the vitamins and nutrients necessary for good health. Eliminating them from your diet can make it difficult to make-up those nutrients from other sources.
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What fruits are without seed?

There are some species of fruits that are able to be made without having any seeds in them. This is mostly by breeding plants in such a way that they make an extra or two extra alleles on the plant genome, allowing fruits, like those Christmas oranges we love to get around Christmas time, with no se (MORE)

Is it dangerous to eat moldy fruit?

Answer . If you ate enough of it I'm sure it would make you sick, but certainly won't cause death. A little mold on food never hurt anyone.

Is there going to be a 'Fruits Basket II'?

As of now, there is no season II of Fruits Basket. There are several reasons:. First off, all of the previous voice actors from the first season are retired, and it would be difficult to persuade them after all these years to them to do a second season.. Second of all, there's a bit of a disagreem (MORE)

Why does fruit go brown?

The question is why fruit go brown why not green , blue or red , the brown colour is for ferric oxide so iron present in fruits becomes oxidized by reacting with atmospheric oxygen.

What fruits are dangerous for rabbits to eat?

Most of the fruits that should be avoided entirely for rabbits are the same ones that humans shouldn't eat: holly berries, for example. See the related link below about toxic plants for more info. Other fruits are dangerous for rabbits not because of the fruit, but because of other parts of the pl (MORE)

Why are fruit flies dangerous?

No, fruit flies don't carry any pathogens harmful to humans. When I was younger we used to make our own vinegar with the help of fruit flies. When we were making wine we'd set some open bottles off to the side. The fruit fly would enter and lay her eggs. While she was doing that, she'd inadvertently (MORE)

Fruit without sugar content?

Fruits Lowest in Sugar . Small Amounts of Lemon or Lime . Rhubarb . Raspberries (more about berries on low carb diets) . Blackberries . Cranberries

Why is it dangerous to go into the sun without any protection?

In short, sunlight is made of light waves. These light waves are of various energies. The small band of energy we can see is called the visible spectrum. These waves are not dangerous to us. There are light waves that are slightly higher in energy these are known as Ultra Violet(UV) rays. These rays (MORE)

How many fruits go with apples?

you can use grapes, cantelope nad honeydew things of that nature..try to avoid tropical fruits because i wouldn't call apples "exotic" or tropical.

What are fruits going from a to z?

a apple, b banana, c cantalope, d date, e elderberry, f fig, g grape, h honeydew, i , j jujube, k kiwi, l lychee, m mulberry, n nectarine, o orange, p pear, q , r rasberry, s strawberry, t tamarillo, u ugli, v, w watermelon, x , y , z. these are the common names not including regions like Indian fi (MORE)

How do you get different fruit without going to someone else's town on animal crossing?

send a letter to an animal in your town with a piece of fruit in it it doesnt always work Here is another answer: Send a letter to another animal in your town by writing the words: "Your so cool!" and "Fruit". And give a gift of your main fruit of your town and soon, they will send another fruit ba (MORE)

Can a fig tree have leaves without fruits?

Yes if the weather has been a little too dry a fig tree, especially a red turkey fig which is the predominate fig tree in the deep south, can go the whole season and not produce a single fig. It takes a good rainy season to make figs. The rainier the better up to a point. When you start getting too (MORE)

How can love be dangerous without cheating on people?

You have to remember that there is someone else out here who would love nothing more than to have your partner. You can't forget that about each other and you must realize that the time you have with that person is "limited in the flesh", so go out and live, act spontaneously, say whatever you're tr (MORE)

What fruit go in jungle juice?

passion fruit, orange or something similar, mango, guava, pomegranate, kiwi, lychee, lots more but dont mix them all together because it will probably taste vile! Just pick a few

What fruits go well together?

Very nearly any fruits can be combined. The following are common combinations: strawberries & pineapple & bananas apples & grapes (& walnuts) apricots & pineapple & mango peaches & plums & cherries pineapple & cherries strawberries & rhubarb (a vegetable) melon (balls or cubes) & berri (MORE)

What are the dangers of going into space?

We humans evolved here on Planet Earth; we are the way we are because we're HERE. Going out into space means that we'll have to take our environment with us. That environment includes air (not too much, not too little, and with the right proportions of oxygen and other gasses), water, and food. Th (MORE)

Is it dangerous for an American to go to Taiwan?

it is not dangerous for americans to go to taiwan.Taiwan is a verynice place,have cheaper things and cutest clothes,and many chineseand taiwanese food to eat like stinky tofu,boba milk tea,sping roll,also ,my favorite food------hot pot!

Is Mexico dangerous to go to?

It depends. Northern Mexico and its border cities are very dangerous and is not recommended to visit them for whatever reason. Such cities include Juarez, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Chihuahua or Reynosa. On the other hand, central and southern Mexico, including its resort cities are pretty safe to (MORE)

Is it dangerous to go to the Sonoran Desert?

It is only dangerous if you go unprepared with sufficient water andproper clothing and footwear. Also, you should be aware of commonsense safety precautions you need to follow when hiking in thedesert.

What fruits go well with chicken?

There are many fruits that compliment the flavor of chicken, mostlytropical and citrus fruits. Some of these fruits include pineapple,mango, orange, and lemon.

Can a fruit in the plant live without food?

Plants need water, sunlight and nutrients from the soil. Without all three of these, they will not grow. Potted fruit plants have restricted growth because the roots can't absorb natural nutrients from the soil.

Are dogs in danger of going extinct?

No. Dogs are very loved and well treated animals. Their owners are very loving. In some cases, owners or other "top dogs" can be abusive but these cases are ending constantly as the nation try's to end animal abuse and killings at the pound. You can donate money to try and help stop the abuse if you (MORE)

What are Fruits without seed are called?

They are called Seedless Fruits. Here is a list of some: bluebarries kiwi seedless oranges peaches- nectarines green grapes mango papaya plumb raspberries blackberries strawberries honeydew melon cantelope banana guava apples pear canary melon Hope this Helps!

Which fruits go best with raspberries?

Raspberries pair best with other berries like whole blueberries, blackberries and sliced strawberries. Because of their mild flavor, they also go very well with nearly any fruit, including kiwi, mango, pineapple, orange, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, sliced apples and bananas. Raspberries are (MORE)

Why would snakes be dangerous without a rattle?

Rattlesnakes do not seek to attack humans. They use their rattles as a signal to warn animals, including humans, to not come closer. Without the ability to rattle, they couldn't give humans a warning before they might feel threatened enough to strike.