Is it good for your gums to bleed when you clean your teeth?

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No. It means that your gums are unhealthy; you need to clean them more often, and to use mouthwash and floss if you don't already. --- When your gums bleed or are inflamed (look a little puffy or red) that is a sign of periodontal disease, such as gingivitis. To combat this, be sure to brush your teeth regularly, and use floss and mouthwash to assist in getting rid of the plaque that causes it. Another suggestion is to use water irrigation, which can go under the gumline better than a toothbrush or floss to get rid of food particles that were missed.
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Can an STD cause bleeding of the gums and your teeth to be sore?

Answer . \nAn STD is an infection and you can get one in your mouth if you go chomping on something that carries the infection, so you need a trip to the doctor pronto. Fortunately, they can be treated pretty well with antibiotics. Might not be a bad idea if you dragged your sex partner along fo (MORE)

Can bleeding gums be a sign of pregnancy?

Bleeding gums is a sign of pregnancy. Of course gingivitis is bound to affect us at some point in our live but pregnancy can make you more prone to it. Pregnancy hormones can cause your gums to swell and become inflamed, which leads to frequent, easy bleeding, especially when you floss or brush. (MORE)

Why do your gums bleed?

Normally this is a sign of a gum infection, don't be put off by the blood, keep brushing and go see you dentist

Why do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?

Answer . I can because this means you may have what they call gingavitas or other germs. You should brush your teeth more often plus use gentle brisils on a toothbrush. Or you may be brushing to hard.

How do you clean teeth?

Brush your teeth with toothpaste, brush lightly and in circles for about 1 minute. Then you should rinse your mouth out with water then rinse it out with Listerine, be sure to floss to get the germs from inbetween your teeth.

When do you have to clean your teeth?

You have to clean your teeth at least twice a day. Mouth wash is suitable to use afterwards, try not to have fizzy drinks before going to bed as the bacteria will wrot your teeth while sleeping.

Is chewing gum good for your teeth?

No its not its really good for your jaw muscle's But the sweeteners and acid can damage your enamel. It is good for your jaw muscles and can keep you alert. There are good things and bad things about everthing. Overall gum is not good for teeth. Some gum is good for you. Sugar free gum is better for (MORE)

How do you clean your gums?

Gums can be cleaned with toothpaste and a soft tooth brush. Gumscan also be cleaned at the dentist. Gums can also be cleaned withpurchased products made for the cleaning of gums.

How can gum bleeds?

there are many reasons but the mnost comman are. 1. gingevitese....(gum disease) soorry for mah spelling ah youngin. 2. brushing too hard

What disease is associated with bleeding gums?

Several diseases have bleeding gums as a symptom. The most common diseases would be periodontitis, gingivitis, or gum disease. It is important to rule these out before you go on to looking for more exotic causes of bleeding gums. See a good dentist. Pregnancy can cause bleeding gums, as can bi (MORE)

If your wisdom teeth were pulled will salt stop your gums from bleeding?

You have to wash your mouth out with salt water (about half a tea spoon in a glass of water I think), don't gargle with it - move your head gently from side to side to move the water around your mouth, lean over the sink and let the salt water fall out. Do NOT spit, especially in the first day or so (MORE)

Is it normal for your gums to bleed when you brush your teeth?

it just means that your brushing to hard . Answer: It is not normal. Most often, it means there is something wrong. You may have gingivitis or gum disease. This is the most common cause of bleeding gums. In very rare cases, it can be a sign of other more serious conditions such as leukemia.. Ch (MORE)

Why is your baby's gum bleeding from the tooth?

Vitamin C deficiency causes babies to have their gum bleeds. Give them Oranges to eat or Oranges juices to drink. Citrus fruits have higher amount of Vit C. But don't give them Lemon or Lime juices as they are quite sour and babies wont like it and might develop Citrus mania for the long run. Also t (MORE)

Does gum clean your teeth as people claim?

if it is orbit but any other kind could irratate your gums and your teeth. So if the doctor does not presrcibe it you should not use it but try using orbit it might help if you need it

Why do you have to clean your teeth?

Teeth get decayed when the bacteria (plaque) that lives in your mouth sticks to your teeth, feeds on the carbohydrates (eg. sugar, starch etc) that you eat and the produces acid. If the plaque is not brushed/flossed off of the tooth surface, the bacteria continue to make acid that softens the surfac (MORE)

Is bubble gum good for your teeth?

this completly depends on the brand. however bubble/chewing gum is incrediably bad for your stomach! as you are chewing you brin sends a meesage to you stomach sayign there is food coming down... in saying this a chemcal s formed in your belly.. however there is no food coming down, so the chemical (MORE)

Can your tooth..NOT YOUR GUM..bleed?

Yes it can bleed from the soft tissue inside the tooth which is called the "Pulp". The dental pulp is a collection of nerves and blood vessels which can bleed if damaged. For instance if you fall over and accidentally break your front tooth exposing the dental pulp then you will see it bleed. Simila (MORE)

Do your gums bleed when you are pregnant?

Your gum should not bleed when your pregnant. That could be a sign of malnutrition due to diet. Your baby will take from your body what it is not receiving through your diet. It' be best to consult a physician immediately.

How can you get clean teeth?

You can get clean teeth by simply ordering this natural toothbrush. At this site you will find so much information about this amazing organic method of cleaning teeth and massaging gums. No Toothpaste Required!!!! Smile**Smile**Smile**Smile**Smile**Smile**Smile**Smile**Smile* (MORE)

Will calcium help your bleeding gums?

If your gums are "bleeding" then you need to consult a periodontist, who specializes in gum disorders. As far as "calcium" --- I've not heard that it "stops" gums from bleeding. If you want to try a "home remedy", place warm (not hot) tea bags on your bleeding gums. If that fails, then see your near (MORE)

How and why can warfarin causes bleeding gums?

the warfarin doesnt help, but the main cause of bleeding gums is gum disease, brush your teeth 3 tmes a day and use little brushes inbetween your teeth twice a day, your dentist can advice you.x

How long will gums bleed after teeth being pulled?

it depends how premature or how ready it is to be pulled out. if it is extremely lose and theres only one thred of skin still hanging on then it will not as bleed as much but if you have about one whole side of it was hanging and you pulled it out it will bleed way more. but if you lose your tooth i (MORE)

Who clean teeth?

I believe they are called dentists. Most often a dental hygienist would do the cleaning.

Were there bleeding gums in hiroshima bombing?

That did occur to victims of the nuclear bombing. The important symptoms reported by the Japanese and observed by American authorities were lose of hair, bleeding into the skin, and other hemorrhagic manifestations, inflammation of the mouth and throat, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

Is gum bad for your teeth or gums?

there are different types of gum out there that are actually good for your teeth. No, as far as I know chewing gum is not bad for your teeth, or you gums..,

How do you stop your gum from bleeding?

Bleeding gums is almost always due to bad mouth hygiene. Not properly brushing your gums over a longer period can cause infection. Brushing your infected gums can cause them to bleed. By regularly brushing your gums, you can prevent infection, and bleeding

Does dogs gums bleed when they get new teeth?

When puppy's lose their teeth is might bleed. If an adult dog loses his teeth and it bleeds, he may have gum problems and might need to be taken to the vet. Rawhides can make dogs lose their teeth, but Rawhides are not suggested for dogs anyway because it could get stuck in their stomach or throat (MORE)

How do you stop gums bleeding?

Gums bleed mainly for two reasons. Either you have a disease called scurvy, caused by severe deficiency of vitamin C (eat some fruit), or more likely, you have periodontal disease and you need better oral hygiene, and very likely, should see a dentist and have your teeth cleaned.

Is cinnamon gum good for your teeth?

It's good for your teeth in the same sense that all sugar free gums are: they boost saliva flow, which in turn cleans your teeth. Cinnamon has been known to strengthen your gums (the ones in your mouth, not your wrapper), but I doubt that most cinnamon gum uses a lot of authentic cinnamon, think alo (MORE)

I meticulously brush my teeth about four or five times a day and I don't understand when i brush parts of my gums hurt and bleed what do I do?

Don't brush that much in a day. 2-3 times is more than enough. You're definitely doing more harm than good by brushing so much and causing irritation. If you MUST brush that much, (which really, you need to stop being so anal because that is such over kill.. replace 2 brushing sessions with mouth wa (MORE)

Is Mentos gum good for your teeth?

well you will have to check on line to find that answer i have been searching and i never found the answer so you can you common sense to answer that question

What causes bleeding gums and what is the treatment for it?

Sometimes it can be brushing your teeth/gums to rough, when thishappened to me I was advised to use: . Bonjela . Sensitive toothpaste . Using my brush more lightly Hoped this helped New Answer; Brushing and flossing alone cannot completely remove all of theplaque and biofilm from a per (MORE)

Why am I bleeding gums when brushing teeth.?

The commonest cause of bleeding gums is - gum disease. If you'rebrushing regularly - every day, you shouldn't suffer from gumdisease. Make an appointment with your dentist for more specialistadvice.