Is it healthy for a 15-year-old girl to weigh 95 pounds and have a lot of muscle?

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If her weight is in proportion to her height and she is an athlete there is nothing abnormal about it.
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Is it healthy for a 14-year-old girl who is 5'8'' to weigh 97 pounds if the doctor says you are normal but the BMI calculator says you need immediate medical help?

\n. \n. \n14 year olds should not use adult BMI charts as they are still growing.\n. \nYour doctor knows you best and if you are healthy you are probably all right.\n. \nHave you just had a growth spurt and are waiting for your weight to catch up? Are you a fidgety person, never still, always o (MORE)

Is it healthy when you are 12-years-old and weigh 75 pounds?

Weight . If you're about four feet tall, then it should be OK, but I can't tell from your age. I looked on a weight/height chart and 75 pounds is of the edge. Unless you are about four feet or so, I strongly suggest that you see a doctor as soon as you possibly can, as it is incredibly dangerous (MORE)

Is 127 pounds a healthy weight for a 15 year old girl?

Answer . \nI believe that depends on her height and body frame and musculature, but 127 does not seem excessive at all. A persons overall health does not just depend on weight, it includes a healthy diet and regular exercise to stay fit and strong. Also this may not be what you asked, but a s (MORE)

If you are an 11 year old girl and are 4 feet 9 inches and weighs 70 pounds are you healthy?

Answer If your not sick then yes. Answer Does she get much exercise? Children usually have fast metabolisms because they are active so they tend to eat more because their bodies are in a constant state of growth. If you are concerned she might not be getting proper nutrition I suggest checking o (MORE)

Are 132 pounds healthy for a 22 year old girl?

Well, it depends on how tall you are. I'm 11 years old and weigh 127 but I am also 5'3 it also depends on your bone structure. For a normal highted 22 year old girl in America is around 120-145 in normal wight. Just check your BMI on one of those web sites.

Is 98 pounds healthy for a 10-year-old girl?

Yes. It is very normal. That is around exactly what normal 10-11 year olds should weigh. And anyways, you're too young to be worrying about your weight. Save that for the vain teenagers. . I'm actually not that positive about the answer above me. Maybe if your child (or you) is/are tall, maybe i (MORE)

If a 10 year old girl weighs 95 pounds is she overweight?


You are 15 5 feet and weigh 120 pounds is this healthy?

yes you are in the healthy weight range your BMI is 23.4 and the normal range is 18.5-24.9. you could lose a bit of weight if you would prefer to be more near the start of the normal range but even in that case it would only need to be about 10 lbs.

Is it healthy for a 5 foot 2 16 year old girl to weigh 91.4 pounds?

No it is not. This girl has a BMI of 16.7 which is consider underweight. Not many people know that being underweight can cause as much problems as being overweight or obese. The lowest weight for this girl to be consider normal weight is 101 pounds. Please gain 10 pounds.

Is it healthy to weigh 67 pounds and be 4.6 high and be 12 years old?

I would say yes . If you are very healthy then I would say its fine. Just don't over exercise! Just be sure to eat right!. Ur fine as long as u exercise daily (but not 2 much) and eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Last year i was 12, 4 feet 8 inches and 70 pounds and my doctor said i was very health (MORE)

What should a healthy 12-year-old girl weigh?

To find the healthy weight not only do we need to know the age but the height as well. . Yes, weight is related to height and body composition rather than age . Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail. Alternatively, for more information about weight in relation to hei (MORE)

If I am a 13 year old boy I'm 5 ft 10 in and weigh about 142 pounds have a lot of muscle but a lot of fat want to lose that fat fast and build more muscle what should i do?

You should see a doctor. I am just kidding, You sound normal In my opinion. Many kids are obese and insane from the poisons they are unwillingly fed and it is torture and the worst form of witchcraft. First to loose weight you must gain your health, this is not easy, as food and poison criminals abo (MORE)

Is a 115 pound 10 year old girl healthy?

That ALL depends on her height. If she is very tall, then yes, but in general, that is a little overweight. I am 11 years old, I am 5'3" and I weigh 104 pounds. New Person here: it does depend on height, i am 12 years old, I'm 5'6" and i weigh 110 pounds, but my friend is 12 years old, and is (MORE)

If you weigh 140 pound are you healthy?

Your healthy weight range depends on your height, age, sex, and general build. If you're four foot, and weigh 140 pounds, you're probably overweight; if you're six feet six and weigh 140 pounds, you're likely underweight.

How much do 5c weigh?

A US five cent piece weighs 5.00 grams, has a composition of 0.750 copper & 0.250 nickel and a diameter: 21.2 mm.

Is a 15 year old 5'6 that weighs 95 pounds underweight?

well, yah. it's kind of skinny. i weight more than that and am couple inches shorter, but i get called skinny. though sometime people say they love my body - this may have something to do with my boobs and curves, as they are big for my size. i am a 5'4 sixteen year-old who weighs about 98 pounds. s (MORE)

Is it healthy if a 9 year old weighs 117 pounds?

it is ok to weigh 117 pounds I'm a stud football player (fullback for the chargers) and I'm 13 but weigh 150 so don't worry but have your daily workout, Also try football out it is very fun and will have u lose weight instantly but remember i you must start somewhere in life so if your having a roug (MORE)