Is it normal if you are 6 weeks pregnant and have had nausea for the past week but none today?

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Can nausea occur at 4 weeks pregnant?

Answer . I'm afraid so! I started feeling as sick as a dog at just 3 and a half weeks. My doctor assured me it was perfectly OK and happens because of all the hormone and physical changes. I had other symptoms of pregnancy too, such as faintness and terrible headaches, again I was assured that al (MORE)

Is it normal to bleed after 6 weeks being pregnant?

Answer . Any bleeding during pregnancy is abnormal and it could be the first sign of a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or other serious condition. You need to see a doctor immediately, preferably a gynocologist. An ectopic pregnancy is where the embryo implants outside the uterus, usually in a fa (MORE)

Is a HCG level of 400 at 6 weeks pregnant normal?

Yes, 400 an be normal for 6 weeks. Anything between 50 and 8000 is normal for a 6 week pregnancy, if you are worried, go to your nearest EPU and ask for a blood test to be repeated two days later to see if it's doubling. x

You are 6 weeks pregnant and am having a pain on left side of stomace is this normal?

Having pain, or any discomfort worth your being concerned about is definitely NOT normal. I would see a doctor and get an ultrasound if you haven't already. They can confirm that the baby actually traveled into the uterus from your tubes. They can confirm that everything is normal with your ovaries (MORE)

6 weeks pregnant and showing is this normal?

As early as your first month you might look exactly the same to the outside world, or your bigger boobs and/or thicker middle might have people asking you if you're pregnant almost instantly.

You feel nausea in the first and second weeks are you pregnant?

The first two weeks of pregnancy in the 40 are actually before conception, so no. Implantation can take up to 7-10 days after ovulation (conception) so you wouldn't have any signs then either. Symptoms usually start 4-5 weeks after your last menstrual period, but sometimes a few days earlier.

You are 6 weeks pregnant but you have pain?

it depends on what the pain is... i personaly had lower adominal pains that turned out to be sensitivity to the womb widening. id surgest a trip to the a&e would be the safest thing to do.

Is Nausea normal at 40 weeks pregnant?

I am 38th Week pregnant. My due date is 23rd November. I am still getting vomittings daily. Doc has adviced me to take Rekool D and I have been taking that from 1st trimester and now the capsul has stopped working on me. I am still doing vomittings daily and it is getting very painful. Usually (MORE)

What are the symptoms if 6 weeks pregnant?

There can be many symptoms , through out your pregnancy if you are 6 weeks than this means that you are a month and two weeks. Some symptoms may be.... Nausea and morning sickness Food cravings and food aversions Extreme fatigue Tender, tingling, aching breasts Darkening of (MORE)

Can Headaches and cramping at 6 weeks pregnant be normal?

Cramping during pregnancy, unfortunately, can mean multiple things; some are okay and some are not so good. It can be gas, constipation, your uterus growing; signs of an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and the list can go on and on. If the cramping continues and it concerns you too much you should c (MORE)

Worried not feeling nausea at 8 weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms are different for every person. Some women notice less symptoms in their 2nd, 3rd and so on, pregnancies and some women never have morning sickness, tender breats, etc. If you feel that there is cause for concern it is best to consult your doctor who has your medical history to gi (MORE)

Is it normal to have a bump at 7 weeks pregnant?

It is common to have a small bump, because at two months the uterus will start to expand as your little embryo grows. However, some women do not yet get their bump, but that is normal as well, as everyone's body is different. Im almost 8 weeks and my bump is noticable to my family and friends bu (MORE)

Is it normal to show when you are 6 weeks pregnant?

Not normal but its ok. U might be farther along than that, or the baby might just be bigger. I showed early and had my baby 8lbs 9 1/2 oz at only 37 weeks! He was big! But that means healthy, so no worries :)

Can you use a normal stethoscope on a 6 week pregnant woman belly?

You can try, but at such an early stage it probably wouldn't pick up much- the 'baby' would be an embryo rather than a developed foetus, so the stethoscope wouldn't be sensitive enough to pick up anything like foetal heartbeat, etc. It's best to wait until later on in pregancy before using a convent (MORE)