Is it normal to have a sore back that feels hot like it is being stretched with stomach pains every so often if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having the pain for two weeks?

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Answer You need to go to the doctor. I wish you luck.
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8 weeks pregnant but have had really bad pains - like period pain - you are not bleeding but you are worried you have had a miscarriage Should you be worried about the stomach pains?

8 weeks pregnant with pain . Any bad pains during pregnancy are cause for concern - especially this early on. Contact your doctor, medi-center or emergency room immediately. Answer Hi I have heard that in early pregnancy you get period pains and It is OK they shouldn't be really bad one's (MORE)

I am thirty six weeks pregnant and have a lot of tummy and pelvis pain is this normal?

Answer . All through pregnancy the hormone progesterone is softening the ligaments to allow the pelvis to move slightly to accommodate the baby's head. Of course the progesterone affects all the ligaments which is one of the reasons pregnant women get backache. Sometimes towards the end of pre (MORE)

You are 4 weeks pregnant and having lower abdominal pains is this normal or is something wrong?

Answer . Hello, I have been doing a lot of research on trying to get pregnant and I am sure the pain that you are experiancing could be just your body getting ready for the growth over the next 9 months. I would still go to the dr. to get it checked out just to be on the safe side. Good luck and (MORE)

Im 9 days late for my period and have been experiencing lower abdominal pain which feels like period pains and have been experiencing this for a week or so have also been experiencing lower back?

I have been having the same problem. My period started Feb. 29th and went on into the beginning of March. It's now April 9th and I've had no period but had the cramps. Not so much the back pain and you may start to notice orgasms give mild to moderate cramping that feels like you will start your per (MORE)

Is stomach pain at eighteen weeks pregnant normal?

Being pregnant myself I can tell you it is perfectly normal if it follows these loose rules: 1. The pain is similar to period pains and is not absolutely agonising. 2. It's restricted to the sides of your belly, more in line with your hips. 3. It comes and goes. During this stage of preg (MORE)

Is severe lower back pain at 39 weeks pregnant normal?

I am also 39 and a half weeks and is having the same thing. My doctor told me it just from the baby pushing down so hard and shifting its body around. Also your body is just getting ready for labor. But it normal. Good luck.

Im only 17 weeks pregnant and Ive been having having pain on my left side. Is this normal.?

It could be. As the fetus grows and the uterus lifts up out of the pelvis, more strain is put on the round ligaments, and they can cause quite a bit of pain. You don't want to ignore any pain that might be associated with your pregnancy, so see somebody to be sure.. If it is the problem, they may s (MORE)

At 22 weeks pregnant is having sharp pains normal?

yes!! i am 20 weeks pregnant ATM and have the same pain. they only last for a few moments and can be on either side of the lower stomach..... it shouldn't be anything to worry about but if the pains do become unbearable please see your doctor!! yes!! i am 20 weeks pregnant ATM and have the same pain (MORE)

You are 6 weeks pregnant and am having a pain on left side of stomace is this normal?

Having pain, or any discomfort worth your being concerned about is definitely NOT normal. I would see a doctor and get an ultrasound if you haven't already. They can confirm that the baby actually traveled into the uterus from your tubes. They can confirm that everything is normal with your ovaries (MORE)

You are 15 weeks pregnant and have been having a constant pain in your lower right abdomen for the past 3 days is it normal?

It can be normal for you to have pains in your abdomen ecspecially the lower one because you could be experiencing cramps which is a normal symptom of pregnancy as your baby grows and your body adjusts you may experience cramping and mild spotting during a few stages of your pregancy.Each woman vari (MORE)

Is Back and stomach pain bad while 8 weeks pregnant?

Um not sure but i will try to answer this, My wife got Back & stomach pains whilst she was pregnant, she also had to pee a lot, she went to see a doctor and some various specialist about it, apparently it was normal from carrying around a child & what not, my advise is to go see someone if you are r (MORE)

33 weeks pregnant with 2nd child bad braxton hicks they feel like labor baby is really low bin having pains for 10 weeks they feel like not being able too breath and move what are they?

They are braxton hicks. I am having the same thing, turns out I have not been drinking enough water. When you are dehydrated your body releases more of the hormone that aids in labor...thus more contractions. I would not worry unless they are less than 10 minutes apart for more than an hour...or if (MORE)

You are 32 weeks pregnant and you are having tightness in the stomach and back pain?

It is false contractions.I had false contractions all the time.Count your contractions if they are two minutes apart each time then you need to go to the hospital but if you were haveing real ones you would know it. The real ones make you not want to breathe and it feels like someone is taking the j (MORE)

I am not sure if I am pregnant but if I am then I am anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks how would I know if I am I am having back pains and feel sick all the time and my stomach feels like its cramping?

That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.\n That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.\n That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.\n That looks suspicious (MORE)

If you are 2 weeks pregnant can you have back pain?

You could do, but it is most likely unrelated to the pregnancy, because back pain in pregnancy normally only occurs in later stages of pregnancy when the baby is heavy and causing a lot of strain on the body

Is having bad pains in your sides and in your stomach pregnancy symptoms and you feel like you need to vomit but you cant is these symptoms of being pregnant?

Well I am pregnant now and my morning sickness rarely involved actually throwing up, I just always felt like I was on the verge of it. And I did have stomach cramping when I was two weeks from ovulation. My OB said this is common during implantation. It felt like severe menstrual cramps and was righ (MORE)

I am 33 weeks pregnant I am having weird pains dizziness and lower back pain and my vagina feels numb My pains are constant they never go away my doctor neglects me What should I do?

1) Trust your instincts . If you feel like something is wrong, it could be. 2) Get another doctor. if yours is not listening now, he won't be any better once you're in labor. 3) Go to the Emergency Room , if you feel like there is something wrong, don't contact your doctor first - tell t (MORE)