Is it normal to have implantation bleeding with a few pregnancy symptoms and then no symptoms at all but your period is 4 days late?

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At four days late you will only be getting a few symptoms. They will probably come and go as your body surges with hormones. I wouldn't worry unless you experience some bleeding.
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How long can implantation bleeding last and when does it start and what are the symptoms and can you still be pregnant if you have unusual bleeding for a few days before your period is due?

Answer . Hi,. I just read that Implantation bleeding can start around the 8th day after ovulating. Heres a great website to check out!. Answer Implantation bleeding can last for 1-3 days. 1 in 3 women get it and it can be also stringy/thick (MORE)

Can you be pregnant and have two normal periods which are five days late if you do not have any pregnancy symptoms?

Answer . From my past experiences, I had regular periods, then depending on what is happening in my life, it started to be irregular times of each month. It would start on the say...1 st of each month..then change to the middle, and back again. I don't know if it is true, but I believe it - When (MORE)

Are you pregnant if you were two weeks late for your period and a pregnancy test was positive and you had symptoms but then started bleeding 7 days later or was the test defective?

Answer . Honey, if it was a clear positive, trust me you are pregnant. But get to the doctor soon, hopefully you didn't miscarry.. Answer . On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of c (MORE)

Your projected start date is a few days away and you have some light bleeding now along with symptoms associated with pregnancy and PMS how do you know if you are on your period or pregnant?

Answer . \nIn my opinion, a pregnancy test would be the first step. They are fairly cheap and somewhat reliable.\n. \nHowever, If you wait the few days and you have what is a somewhat normal menses, then you may not have been pregnant.\n. \nIf you are pregnant and then have bleeding similar to (MORE)

So am i pregnant all pregnancy symptoms took 6 hpts all were negative got my period 9 days late but it was regular Still having symptoms my next period was on time but very heavy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI suggest you see a doctor immeditally\nyou could have had a late period because of stress and the next period could have been heavier just because you missed the last month. but if your period is always regular and then changes, theres a possibility of being pregnant (MORE)

What are the symptoms and signs of implantation bleeding?

Answer Here's a good site: Implantation is a incidence that occurs during pregnancy where in the embryo sticks to the wall of uterus. The various symptoms of Implantation are Suicidal thinking or behavior, other unusual changes in behav (MORE)

Can you be pregnant if you have had all pregnancy symptoms have been two weeks late with your period but have bled for the last 3 days moderate to light?

\nYes. That could be implantation bleeding from the fertilized egg implanting itself into the uterus. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly (MORE)

What if you had most of the pregnancy symptoms before your period was due and then the symptoms disappeared but a pregnancy test is negative and your period is nine days late?

Answer . you might be pregnant, but i doubt it. the symptoms were probably just pms, and if you were worried/excited that you might be pregnant, the stress could have delayed your period. if you dont get your period by the end of the week , take another test - if you are pregnant you may have ju (MORE)

What are the symptoms of implantation bleeding?

The symptoms of implantation bleeding are implantation cramps: small cramps inside the uterus, implantation spotting or bleeding: short brief spotting (a couple of drops of light or dark blood), a second temperature shift on the temperature curve, and a temperature dip at about seven to ten days aft (MORE)

Can a pregnancy test be wrong if a person is three days late on their period and have no symptoms of it starting?

Answer . Normally if the test says positive then most likely you are. If the test came back negative and you still haven't started then I would say that it could possible be two different reasons. Either your not far enough for the test to pick up yet (probably not so), or your stressing yours (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you still have your usual heavy period on time but having a few pregnancy symptoms i havent been late at all just a few days early which is always normal for me?

You cant have your normal period while pregnant no matter what anybody tells you. You can have bleeding during pregnancy, but it is usually way different from a normal period. If this bleeding resembles a normal period I would not worry too much if I was you. Though any way take a test those symptom (MORE)

Can you have pregnancy symptoms days after period ends?

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from thefirst week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your firstweek of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy mostcommonly include: . missed period . tender/swollen breasts . change in color of the breasts . fatigue . nau (MORE)

If your period is four days late and you have pregnancy symptoms what does that mean?

You are probably pregnant.... Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include:. missed period . tender/swollen breasts . change in color (MORE)

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and your period is 10 days late but a negative hpt result could you still be pregnant?

Many of the symptoms of pregnancy are associated with pms as well. Breast tenderness, cramping, etc. Nausea can be brought on by stress and a host of other things as well as pregnancy and pms. The body also doesn't adhere to a calendar and many things can effect the timing of your period; sicknes (MORE)

Are you pregnant if having pregnancy symptoms and was six days late neg hpt then bled some not like normal period with bad cramps and then spotting for a couple of days a week later feeling symptoms?

Well it certainly does sound like you could be pregnant. But if you are stressed about possibly becoming pregnant then you may be seeing symptoms of pregnancy that aren't really there or you may be experiencing PMS symptoms closely related to pregnancy symptoms that you usually have but you are just (MORE)

Positive test 2 days after missed period then 4 Negative urine and blood test but all pregnancy symptoms still 2 weeks late positive pregnancy test then negative could you have an eptopic pregnancy?

\nA negative test could also be the result of a phantom pregnancy. A phantom pregnancy is where you basically fool your mind and body into thinking it is pregnant. You will still experience pregnancy symptoms but you are not actually pregnant; it is al psychological Some women have even been able to (MORE)

Why do I have period like symptoms but no bleeding and late on my period?

Sometime period like symptoms are the same as bein pregnant. Most of the time women think the period is coming on but its just late that why the doctor always ask when was your last normal period. If your having cramping, sore breast tired craving anything more than usual. like you your menstrual al (MORE)

What are some pregnancy symptoms you may have 4 days late period?

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiti (MORE)

Is it normal to have normal period symptoms at 8 weeks of pregnancy?

If you have any kind of spotting at any point in your pregnancy it is crucial to go to the doctor (or emergency room). That's untrue you can have spotting during the 1st trimester of your pregnancy it isn't too uncommon, though if it doesn't go away I would suggest seeing the doctor.

What could be wrong if 4 days late period negative pregnancy test but have white clear discharge and pregnancy symptoms?

It all depends on what test you used. Many tests have a 99% accuracy labeled on the box when you go to buy them. Also, remember that if you are worried about being pregnant and your stress levels are high this could effect when your period starts. Some of the most reliable test kits out there are Cl (MORE)