Is it okay to take Pamprin if you think you might be pregnant?

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You should discuss this with your doctor, hospital or pharmacist.
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When are xrays okay to take when pregnant?

Xrays generally safe in pregnancy . The long answer has to do with the amount of potentially damaging radiation a fetus receives and varies widely depending on how many wee

If you think you could be pregnant is it okay to still take your birth control?

Answer . Hi,\n. \nIf you suspect you're pregnant you must stop taking birth control immediately and make a appointment with your doctor to confirm the pregnancy.\n. \nBC

Is it okay to take Motrin when you are pregnant?

I got the OK from my OB to take Motrin for my severe sinus headaches up to my 20th week. After that, because it does have some anticoagulant properties, it was off limits to m

Is it okay to take antacids when pregnant?

Answer: . Most doctors would say that its ok to take PeptoBismol. But they would strongly advise against anything else. They would also suggest that you not take more than

You had unproteted sex and you think you might be pregnant can you take emergency pill to stop be pregnanat?

What if you did get pregnant. A soul is waiting to live, can you put its hopes down?. If you are pious, I believe you should not for sake of the child's life and abortion..

Is pamprin good for guys to take for bloating?

the standard formulation of pamprin is exactly the same as excedrin maximum strength, the 'bloating' relief is from caffeine which causes a dieuretic (water flushing) response

Is it safe to take pamprin with ibuprofen?

Pamprin is not an NSAID. They should be fine in conjunction. Always consult you physician prior to use, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Is it safe for a man to take pamprin?

Absolutely. Pamprin contains acetaminophen, pamabrom (a diuretic to relieve bloating), and antihistamine. It does not contain any hormones or other substances which are not fo