Is it proper to wear pink to a funeral?

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People need to dress in such a way that respects the dead person and his or her family. Another point of view: These days it is much more acceptable for people to wear more colorful clothing to a funeral, just as people are now wearing jeans to church. While I wouldn't wear anything that isn't appropriately modest for the occasion, and although I personally prefer to wear darker, more conservative clothing to funerals, I wouldn't think less of a person who wore pink to one. It's just a matter of personal preference. A Third Point of View: To wear pink, or any other pastel or bright color - the colors of rejoicing - to a funeral would be an effective way to communicate to those present that you are delighted at the death of their loved one. It would be hard to imagine anything in worse taste. MY opinion: -if you want to impress someone you have to think in two ways: 1. black and conservative or 2. trendy and stylish so wear a black sexy dress and add your own touches such as add a cardigain or a cute dark belt that way to a stylish and not wearing pink
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What is proper funeral etiquette?

Some basic rules for funeral etiquette: . Most important is to show up, it shows you care. . Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party. . Proper demeano

What do you wear to a funeral?

For men, a dark suit, nice shoes (not sneakers, leather preferably) and a plain tie, preferably dark colored. For women, a dark dress, not too tight and not short, high heel

What is the proper Hindu funeral etiquette?

1. Dress-code. In Hindu tradition one dresses down for a funeral.The traditional colour of mourning is white so one should attend acremation dressed in simple white clothes -

Is it proper for a son or daughter to wear their military service dress at a parent's funeral?

Answer Absolutely, as long as the parents respected and supported the child's choice to enter. If the parents were against the child's entry into the service, it is highly in

What is proper etiquette at a Sikh funeral?

At a Sikh funeral, after cremation, guests are to return to thefamily's home. Prayers are read and hymns are sung. Neighbors andfriends are expected to prepare a meal for the

What is the proper Buddhist funeral etiquette?

Here is an example of a Buddhist ceramony; . A funeral is an opportunity to cement social bonds and to revitalize the Japanese economy through vast expenditures on wall-to-wa

What do you wear at a funeral?

For a guy, a suit coat, white long sleeve shirt and nice pants with dress shoes, a belt and maybe a tie. For a girl, wear a black dress or a white shirt and longer black ski
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Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer

What is proper funeral etiquette for a military funeral?

The funeral service for a deceased member of the military must follow strict rules and guidelines. Some of these guideline are the draping (covering) of the casket with the f