Is it wrong to want to have a baby in high school?

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We can't let hormones run our lives. That baby will need food and clothes and someone to look after it during the days. And you will get a low paid job without a education and kids cost tons of money. For 18 years. Your parents are obligated to support you until you are 18 and not the baby and they also have the right to kick you out then. Daycare cost a lot. Is the future father in on it? His parents? One if not both need a well paid job. You will most likely not afford to move out once you are 18. Teen moms live at home with their parents longer (if they allow it). So unless this happens after you have moved out, is done without education and have a job, you need to discuss this with the 3 other people who will share this with you; your parents and the future dad. Wanting a child this young is not wrong but going ahead and get one without considering the consequences for you, your child, the father and your parents is wrong. It's selfish and you can start by not being selfish since that is the #1 thing a parent can never be. Money or the lack thereof is a boring subject but trust me, when it's reality it's even worse. And by then you have a child in it as well. If you like kids, start babysitting and save money. Get a education and job and make sure the father is on it so he doesn't leave his child without a dad. That is also your responsibility. To choose a good dad. It takes a lot to become a parent, not just having sex.
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