Is progeria treatable?

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No cure has been found for progeria yet, the cause has been found though..
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What is progeria?

Answer a disorder that rarely happens to young kids and has them age 8 to 10 years for every one year they are alive. so by the age of 9 kids can look like they are old. the

How is progeria diagnosed?

Progeria is diagnosed by skin changes, abnormal growth, and loss ofhair. A genetic test for a mutation in the genes can also becompleted.

Who does progeria affect?

Progeria is a very rare genetic disorder. It presents in about 1out of 8 million live births. Since it occurs from a new mutation,it is very rarely inherited.

Who is likely to get progeria?

Progeria is so rare that scientists have not been able to determinewho is likely to get it. They believe it has a genetic component,but they have not been able to identify the

How do you get progeria?

It accrues by some thing by the cells divide and when they split something goes wrong with all the cells division so yea there's your answer.

How is Progeria detected?

Simply by sight. If the child is skinnier than normal, it is possible he/she has Progeria. If he/she has no hair, isn't eating a lot, super skinny, not growing at normal speed

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How does progeria happen?

Progeria is an fatal illness that is caused by a genetic mutation.It causes children's bodies to age far more rapidly than theirpeers. This might result in a ten year old chil