Symptoms of gallbladder attack in stroke patient?

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A stroke patient will show the same symptoms of a gallbladder attack as anyone else would. Some symptoms include abdominal pain, heartburn, vomiting, nausea, and fever.
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What are symptoms of a gallbladder attack?

The symptoms of a gallbladder attack are usually sharp stabbingpains. Although the gallbladder is located on the right side of thetorso, the pains often radiate throughout the

What are the the symptoms of a stroke?

The symptoms of a stroke follow from FAST: Face- the face will have drooped on one side, the person may not be able to smile, the mouth or eye may have drooped. Arms - the p

What are the symptoms of gallbladder infection?

Specific symptoms may vary based on what type of gallbladdercondition you have, although many symptoms are common among thedifferent types of gallbladder problems. But most ga

What are the symptoms of gallbladder disease?

Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gall bladder.. Cholecystitis usually presents as a pain in the right upper quadrant. This is usually a constant, severe pain. The pain

How long does gallbladder symptoms last?

Gallbladder symptoms can come and go or be constant. You should check with your doctor to see if they can do an ultrasound of your abdomen to see if there are gallstones. If n

Is taking aspirin good for heart attacks and stroke patients?

Aspirin is generally recommended to reduce the sorts of inflammation typically associated with the hardening of the interior lining of the arterial vessels that lead to the he

What are the symptoms of gallbladder cancer?

When symptoms are evident, the most common is pain in the upper right portion of the abdomen, underneath the right ribcage. Patients with gallbladder cancer may also report sy

What percentage of patients only have one gallbladder attack?

One-third of all patients with gallstones never experience a second attack. For this reason many doctors advise watchful waiting after the first episode. Reducing the amount o

What symptoms are common in patients with gallstones in the gallbladder?

Most patients with gallstones in the gallbladder don't show any symptoms at all, or if they do the signs may be non-specific. Gallstones cases like this are known as silent st

What are the main gallbladder attack symptoms?

The main symptom of gallbladder disease is intermittent pain called biliary colic, which occurs either in the mid- or the right portion of the upper abdomen. This symptom is t

What are the differing symptoms between heart attacks and strokes?

A heart attack will not cause a person to have slurred speech or facial drooping which are tell-tale signs a stroke is happening. Usually a Heart attack is indicated by pain i

What are some symptoms of gallbladder disease?

Symptoms of gallbladder disease include things that release gas or air from your bodies, such as burping or belching. Other symptoms include heartburn and constipation, these