Traditionally when a baby boy is born the father gives out cigars. What about if it's a baby girl?

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== == '''bunches of flowers are thrown to honer the new life.
''' '''Pink bubble gum cigars.'''
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Can a girl give custody of her baby to her parents if the father wants custody?

This one will have to go through a court of law and your parents (if they want custody of this baby) will have to fight your boyfriend for these rights. If the court sees that your boyfriend is too young, not dependable to raise this child then yes, your parents could very well end up with the custo (MORE)

How can you tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

The ultrasound technician will show you the baby during the ultrasound. You can see if it has a penis or not. The only way to know is if you go get an ultra sound. If you mean before birth, there is a test called an ultrasound that can be done when the mother is several months pregnant, that can tel (MORE)

How do you give birth a baby boy?

There is a 50% chance of receiving a boy. However it can not always be the type of gender that you would like. I suggest that you be grateful for what you would receive out of your womb as you do not have the power to choose what you get. No there is no reliable method of making sure your baby is (MORE)

What do you give a baby boy for his christening?

Since christening is a religious ceremony, some nice gift ideas area rosary or a baby's first Bible. If you do not want to give areligious gift, a nice picture frame or linen pillow is a goodchoice.

Who traditionally gives a baby shower?

Who Traditionally Gives A Baby Shower: . Anyone in the family or a friend can give a baby shower. Sometimes a mother, sister, aunt and then there is a girlfriend or two that may give a baby shower and perhaps even coworkers may give the young mother to be a baby shower.

How can you tell if the baby is a boy or girl?

well after the baby comes out, the doctors will check where their privates are, (if you don't know what i mean, i mean where they pee from). boys have different privates from girls.

Can a 14 year old girl who had a baby give the baby's father sole custody?

Why would you wanna do that having a baby is meant to be a joyful time if your 14 and don't want it have an abortion or go on the pill or r learn to keep your leggs crossed (no offence )but don't do that look after your baby your regret it when your older make the right desision Xx good luckxX (MORE)

Can a baby boy get a girl pregnant?

No. Boys do not begin producing sperm until puberty at an average age of 13. That said, the only way for a girl to get pregnant is by having unprotected sex. Do not attempt to have unprotected sex with a baby.

What makes the baby a boy or a girl?

Its chance but when your sim is heavily pregnant and will give birth at any moment save it and when she gives birth and you get a girl and want a boy go to the neighbourhood without saving and go back into the house and you might get a different gender. if you dont keep trying.

Can a baby see when it's born?

A baby can see when it is born, however it has limited vision and sees more blurryness for the first couple days or so.

How do boys make girls have babies?

You have sex with the girl, and if you dont know what that is it is when the boy releases sperm in the girls vagina, which causes her to have a baby.

How can you tell if a baby is a boy or girl?

one has a penis . and the other has a vagina . all you have to do is look in their nappy . if you are a stranger to the baby you say aw what's their name and they say ( ex. BOB) and you can say aw how cute.

Who do babys come from boys or girls?

The fact is that both play equal role in baby's birth. Neither boycan have a baby without a girl and nor girl can have a baby withoutboy. Even though in this modern era where artificial transplant isin place where a girl can conceive without having sex with a boybut the sperms of a male has to be us (MORE)

How do you know Baby is a girl or a boy?

whether or not it has a penis when it comes out. An ultrasound can usually eventually determine the sex. Also rumor has it boys are carried lower in pregnancy, but theabove is also true-LOL.

How do you know if your baby is a girl or boy?

If you are pregnant and curious what gender the baby will be, here is how to figure that out: . Go to your doctor, or make and appointment. . You will get a sonogram. . Then on the screen, you will see the baby. . The doctor will tell you the gender When you go for a scan at the doctors the (MORE)

What are baby names for boy or girl?

names that can be used for girls or boys are: Sasha Alexis Alex Cameron Caden Blair Dakota Dylan Erin Leslie Lindsay London Logan Lucian Jacoby

What does the baby kangaroo do after it's born?

Baby Joeys are born about 2cm long. The baby kangaroo, or joey, emerges from the birth canal, much as any mammal young does, but it is completely blind and hairless. Moving by instinct only, it crawls up the mother's fur to the pouch, where it attaches to a teat. The teat then swells in the joey's m (MORE)

Why do boys say baby to girls?

Guys usually call girls baby when they are attracted to them. It usually happens when you are dating them. If they don't call you that that's OK, usually flirty guys say that to make you feel important. Though if your dating a guy and his friend says that tell your bf to straighten things out!

How can you tell that a baby is a boy or girl?

By the color of the ribbon in the baby's hair or, if the baby has no hair, by the color of the clothing or blanket. If the baby is a boy, the color will be blue; if the baby is a girl, the color will be pink.

Can a young girl give her baby to the father after she give birth?

Every family situation is different and how parents care for a baby is a matter for serious thought. The father of a baby has the same rights and responsibilities as the mother. If it's appropriate, then the father can have the baby instead of the mother. If you need to be asking the question, you (MORE)

How will you know if its baby boy or baby girl?

If you have access to an ultrasound scan, generally by about theend of the second trimester the fetus is developed enough thatdistinct genitalia can be identified via ultrasound. There are alsogenetic tests that can be run - they are usually looking for severechromosomal abnormalities and fatal gene (MORE)