What Percent of people die in their sleep?

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I've read it somewhere that 53% of people die in their sleep. Also, per Peter Nuland's book " How We Die", 25% of people die in their sleep, and 75% of the deaths are violent.
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What percentage of people die in their sleep?

Scientific research has been done and although no specific reasons of death were a result, statistics show that 1 out of 8 Americans die in their sleep. Many times people die

Why do some people die in their sleep?

When you go to sleep, the body shuts down, and if you are older, your body can't generate enough power to wake back up. When you try to wake up and you can't move or breath fr

What percent of Bulimia people die?

10% of individuals suffering from bulimia will die from either starvation, cardiac arrest, other medical complications, or suicide.
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What percent of people die from marijuana?

Very close to 0%. Marijuana is not particularly toxic, and it would be at leasttolerably difficult to consume enough to "die from it".Characterization of marijuana as inheren