What are the chances of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation?

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Chances of Becoming Pregnant
There is approximately a 1.4% chance of becoming pregnant after a tubal ligation. The rate is a bit higher if the tubal ligation is done at the same time as a C-section and increases to 1.85% after 10 years because in some cases, the tubes repair themselves.

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  • A recent study (the Collaborative Review of Sterilization, or CREST, study) looked at 10,000 women who had undergone tubal ligation and found 143 failures (a failure rate of 1.4 percent). It can be higher when a tubal is done at the time of a C-section. The failure rate also tends to increase the longer it has been since one had a tubal ligation. The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.
  • Tubal ligation prevents contact between the egg and the sperm. There are several different procedures that can be done. One is called the Pomeroy. It involves a loop made in the fallopian tube that is cut out. The tie is made of a material that the body can absorb and when this happens, the two ends of the tube fall apart. It is possible that they re-attach, or the egg or sperm can cross the gap, resulting in pregnancy.
  • The failure rate for tubal ligation is about 1.4 percent overall. So, while the chances of getting pregnant are very low, they aren't zero percent. Women who have had a tubal ligation and subsequently get pregnant are at increased risk for an ectopic pregnancy.
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What should you do if you get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Answer . Assess the following immediately considering it most likely wasn't planned:\n. \nIs it a tubal pregnancy? most important...\nHave you been taking prescription/recreational drugs?\nAre you an alcoholic?\n. \nTalk to doc and be honest if you plan to keep it!

What are the chances of becoming pregnant 13 years after a tubal ligation?

\n. \n pregnant after 13 yrs \n. \n. \ni read that it is very possible to become pregnant ecpecially when your tubes have been clamped over the years the clamp can come undone or slide down making it possible to become pregnant so you should see your gynacologist and have them check and see w (MORE)

What are the chances of conception after tubal ligation?

Answer . I believe that risk of pregnancy after tubal ligation is less than 1% but there is always that 1% isn't there? I suggest that if you think that you are pregnant that you go get an at home test or make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test done to see what is going on hop (MORE)

What are the chances of being pregnant after you have had a tubal ligation if now you have a late period and you have pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and cramping?

Answer . \nEvery year the chance of pregnancy goes up a little but usually it's the longer you have had it done they are more likely to until (after about 10 years) if you suspect you are pregnant you should see your doctor because normally the pregnancy will have to be terminated because it is (MORE)

Is there any way to get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Answer . Yes. Accidental pregnancy - sometimes the tubes are not thoroughly severed and they grow back together. Or tubal pregnancey can occur.. To get pregnant, sometimes the operation can be reversed.. If you are wanting to fall pregnant, getting it reversed is the safest and easiest option, (MORE)

When there is a tubal ligation reversal what are the chances of becoming pregnant?

According to my research the chances are actually greater than ivf. May god bless you with a child as I feel your pain. I am in the same situation and actually starting my own business to save all proceeds for the procedure. After seven years I am going for a reversal because all my research (extens (MORE)

Why are the chances higher after a tubal for getting pregnant?

Answer . \nI had a tubal ligation done 3 years after my daughter was born. I had my period last month and I am now late this month. I have been tired, crampy and breasts are tender. I had my tubes cut and burned and now I'm wondering if it's possible that I could be pregnant? Also, if I am, coul (MORE)

How do you get pregnant after tubal Ligation?

Answer . If you want to get pregnant then, there is a surgical procedure to try and reattach the fallopian tubes. It's expensive and usually has a poor success rate depending on what method of inital surgery was used. IVF is usually used in the alternative.. Or, if you find yourself pregnant AFT (MORE)

How do you tell if you are pregnant after tubal ligation?

From what I heard you know the same of anyother pregnancy the symptoms are all the same although I think i am pregnant to I hd my tubes cut tied and burnt 6 yrs ago I really do think I am I took a pregnancy test and it was neg but I have heard that can happen I myself am really hoping to be as i can (MORE)

If you have a tubal ligation can you still get pregnant?

Tubal Ligations and Pregnancy Yes, but not naturally. The tubes are blocked and cannot allow eggs to from the ovaries to the uterus (womb), so natural conception is not likely but is positive there is a 1.4-2% chance low but not impossible Artificial methods will work and are used for women with (MORE)

Can you get pregnant after a vasectomy and tubal ligation?

I've been pregnant after a tubal, many times infact! Apparently one of my tubes must have repaired it's self. I made my husband get a vasectomy because we kept losing the pregnancy shortly after finding out, ever since then i'am worried that I'll be pregnant again, not that i wouldn't want it (we ha (MORE)

Can you get pregnant after a tubal ligation and a vasectomy?

NO! Yes you could... only if the man whom had the vasectomy didnt have a sperm count done when he was suppose to after the surgery till the count hits 0. And if the female that had the tubal ligation, her tubes re-attach, then she can get pregnant. But the chances are very slim to none.

Can a doctor get sued if you get pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Of course, and most likely he should be sued. But it is not a guaranteed win. The medical profession acknowledges that some tubal ligations reverse themselves somehow without it being the fault of the doctor. More than likely it is the doc's fault, but it is not so in every case.

Can you have a tubal ligation while pregnant?

No. there is no way of performing the operation without risk to the unborn baby.. Many are performed during c-sections or immediatley after birth or months after birth.. its a very serious operation that has a very low reversablitly rate, and should be considered permanent.

What are the chances of a fifty year old woman who's had a tubal ligation getting pregnant?

I think it comes down to whether or not the woman is still fertile, as many women start going through menopause at/before this age. HOWEVER... stastically speaking, theres more chance that the tubes can re-heal themselves as stats show women become slightly more probable of falling pregnant after 10 (MORE)

What are some reasons for getting a tubal ligation?

For those women who have already had the number of children they wish to have, a tubal ligation is a good method of permanent birth control. . Other women who are approaching menopause, but are still capable of getting pregnant, may choose to undergo tubal ligation as a way to prevent an unwanted p (MORE)

Can you get pregnant two years after a tubal ligation?

What a Tubal Ligation means is cutting and tying off of the tube between sperm and eggs inside a woman. The ligation means you should not be able to fall pregnant because being pregnant is the mixing of sperm and eggs

What are the chances of becoming pregnant after a tubal ligation done during c-section?

I had my daughter May of 2008 by C-Section& had my tubes tied at the same time. I found out the hard way I was prego June of 2009! Very scary! I almost lost my life! Doctor said my extreme pain & major loss of blood was due to a misscarriage. I was shocked, scared & confused. The pain is worse then (MORE)

Can you get pregnant 8yrs after tubal ligation?

The more time that passes after a tubal ligation the (slightly) higher the risk of regeneration of the fallopian tube/s. It is extremely rare but it can happen. Because there is scar tissue from the tubal ligation, there is also an increase chance of a tubal pregnancy. If your period suddenly sto (MORE)

Can a woman get pregnant after she has a tubal ligation?

It's possible but unlikely. Normally tubal ligation is an effective means of sterilization, but there have been cases where women have gotten pregnant anyway after having one. No. It can happen in rare cases. 1/1000 get pregnant and then it's often ectopic. The chance of pregnancy following tubal (MORE)

Can you get pregnant 8 years after a tubal ligation?

As a rule, no. HOWEVER, I do happen to know of a couple who: the man had had a vasectomy, the woman had had a tubal ligation, yet they managed to get pregnant, because the sperm cell made the leap. However, those were extraordinary circumstances. Consult your doctor for all the facts.

Is it safe to get pregnant after tubal ligation?

After a tubal ligation the egg usually can't be fertilized since the tubes where either cut, clamped, or burnt shut. However the procedure can be reduced and normal child bearing resumes. Also however there is a slim chance for the tubal ligation to not work completely and the egg become fertilized (MORE)