What are the chances of viginal birth next time if you had a c seccsion first time?

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There are two major types of C-Sections. With the older style (classical incision), the uterine incision is from top to bottom. With the newer style, (low cervical transverse) the incision is made horizontally across the lower part of the uterus (a bikini cut). With the low cervical transverse, the chances of a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) is very good. With the classical incision, VBAC in contrindicated. The reason for this is that the upper portion of the uterusis the area that works the hardest during labor and has the greater stress. It also contains many more blood vessels. The previous incision weakens the uterus in this area and makes it much more likely to rupture. Because of the quantity of blood vessels, the amount of bleeding in the event of a uterine rupture makes it life threatening. The lower risk of rupture and the lower risk of excessive bleeding make VBAC after a transverse c-section make it a viable option.
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