What are the harmful effect to a mother and her baby if the mother's blood count is low?

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Weakness, dizziness and loss of consciousness for the mother, intrauterine growth restriction and brain damage do to low oxygen levels for the baby. Keeping your iron (RBC) level normal during pregnancy is very important for fetal health.
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What low blood count dangerous?

Answer . The exact number depends on the person, their size, weight, and age. It's based on the concentration of blood cells within your blood stream. If the percentage falls too low, oxygen can not be delivered in adequate levels to maintain body functions and your organs will begin to fail.

Harmful effects of test tube babies?

it can be harmful to have babies this way. It is still notdetermined if this is a safe way to have babies and if there areany long term effects.

Is a low protein blood count serious?

A low protein count in a blood sample can be an indication ofunderlying problems. A follow up with a doctor should includequestions about the cause and remediation to correct the issue.

What causes a low lymph blood count?

I wish someone would tell me because mine has been low for months and apart from a suggestion that I have an HIV test to rule out AIDS (thankfully negative), none of the quacks I have seen seem to know what the problem is. I have ever increasing reason to believe that the vast majority of doctors ar (MORE)

What are the treatments available for a low red blood count?

I suppose you have been diagnosed with anemia after having laboratory blood tests. The treatments available are. 1. Ayurveda: You hace lauh bhasm (powder), lauh sav (syrup), etc. 2. Homeopathy: Ferrum Phos, Ferrum Mettalica, Silicia, etc. 3. Allopathy: Ferrous/Ferric, along with vitamins and prot (MORE)

Is 3.0 a low white blood count?

White Blood Cell Count (WBC) 4,300 - 10,800 cells/µL/cu mm. The above is norm - i.e. 4.3 to 10.8. Therefore 3.0 is slightly on the low side - BUT not majorly low - this figure can vary due to size weight and a large set of variables. Only your GP or MD will be able to answer this question corre (MORE)

What does a low blood count of 6 mean?

"Blood count of 6" refers to a hemoglobin of 6. For females, the normal range of hemoglobing is 12-15 and this can vary slightly from one lab to another. For males, the normal range is 13.6-17.5 and again this can vary between the labs. A hemoglobin of 6 for either male or female is low. Hemoglobin (MORE)

Is a low sodium the same as a low white blood count?

No. While "Table Salt" is white, the amount of sodium Na+ in your blood has nothing to do with WBC in your plasma. White Blood Cells (WBC) are immune cells that fight infection in the body. They are not the same thing, but can be linked since low sodium in the plasma can be associated with renal (MORE)

What harmful effects does blood drinking have?

If you have drink a blood..it may cause to become a vampire..!!but it will take time for you to wake up..!!because you can be alive or dead..but please don't waste your life for drinking blood!!

White blood count low?

are you asking what happens when your white blood count gets low, your white blood cells are what fights off illnesses like the flu.

How can Jehovah witnesses abstain from white blood cells if they pass from mother to fetus and vice versa and from mother to baby in mother's milk on a natural way?

it is obvious that a baby needs to go through all of that what is meant is that after that we take no transfusions. Answer 2 : The watchtower allows secondary blood fractions because they can pass the barrier of the fetus and mother. For the same reason they forbid the primary blood fractions in sp (MORE)

Do you give fluids for low blood count?

Adding fluid to the blood volume would increase the low ratio ofred cells to fluid volume. Generally, the first treatment is totranfuse red cells into the system. Then the source of the problemmust be addressed, which may be a bone marrow disease.

How low blood pressure is harmful?

Yes, it can be if you do not seek medical attention. If you are blacking out it can be VERY harmful, you could actually pass out and hit your head on nearby objects.

3 mo old baby has a low blood count mother is negative blood and father positive can this be the cause of the low blood count?

This can be a cause if the baby had a low blood count from birth or very shortly after, especially if this is not the first pregnancy. Hemolytic disease of the newborn can be caused by the mother's antibodies attacking the baby's red blood cells if the baby if Rh positive and the mother is Rh negati (MORE)

Red blood count always low why?

Reed blood cell count can be low because of bleeding, lack of iron intake or an issue with your bone marrow. You should consult your primary care physician about this and ways to correct the problem

What causes you to have a low platelet count in your blood?

A low platelet count, or what is called thrombocytopenia, can have many causes. There are conditions such as ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura to more benign causes. Further testing may be needed, depending on how low your platelet count is. Consult your physician.

What does in mean if you have low red blood count?

a low red ount means that you have fewer numbers of red blood cells (RBC) per volume of blood than is normal.. "normal" will vary slightly from lab to lab, based on the equipment used, but normal ranges are listed below. If you have a level lower than the range listed, the main concerns a Doctor w (MORE)

Is a 2.4 white blood cell count too low?

Yes, I just received news I had a 2.4 reading on my white blood count and the average is normally between 4.8-10.8. It could be a medication you are taking, poor diet, or something else more serious (cancer etc.). I'm not a doctor, but you should really consider going to see one if your that low.

Low white blood count?

Are you asking what a low white blood cell count indicates? If so, a low white count usually means the patient has cancer or a serious infection.

What causes low red blood counts?

there are many causes of low red blood cell count. In general, it may be caused by underproduction of red blood cells, bleeding, hemolysis and even not enough number of normal hemoglobin.

Why do babies need the blood from the mother?

Babies do not 'get' blood from their mothers. There is a separation between the mother's blood and the baby's blood. Mixing of parental and fetus' blood is a potentially a fatal condition if the blood types are not the same. Fatal for the baby, for sure, and potentially for the mother as well. What (MORE)

Can aspirin cause low red blood cell count?

Aspirin can negatively impact the red blood cell count in two ways. Aspirin thins the blood, lowering the count. Aspirin being an acid can also cause bleeding ulcers in the stomach. The resultant blood loss will lower counts.

Is 1.2 low for a white blood cell count?

Yes. I am currently in hospital (I have CF) and expecting to be released tomorrow though they said it may not be the case as I have a low blood cell count of 1.2. However, they didn't say there was no chance in going home so it can't be too low, I hope!

Is 2.6 a low white blood count?

I am not a medical person but but for me whose white blood cells is 2.6 is quite awakening already. It lower my immune system to fight diseases and the effect to me is alarming. It weakens my bone from head to toe and causes me much pain. May I I have your immediate opinion.

What does having low blood count mean?

Having a low blood count means your blood is low on one of it's cell types. The symptoms are different depending on which, for example a low red cell count makes you anaemic and a low white cell count makes your immunity system drop.

Can a baby have the mother's blood type?

Yes, a baby can have the mother's blood type, or may have a different blood type. The blood type is determined by chromosomes from the mother and the father, but the resulting blood type may be just the same as one or the other parent by coincidence.