What are the names of the two different steroid drugs that may be administered to pregnant women diagnosed with severe Pre-eclampsia before they are 34 weeks pregnant?

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betamethasone and dexamethasone
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Can you go into labor at 34 weeks pregnant?

\nYou can go into labor at any stage of pregnancy and 34 weeks is quite a common time to do it. Babies born at 34 weeks, although not fully mature, usually do very well.

Can you be pregnant if you had sex two weeks before your period?

\nABSOLUTELY!! This is how it works. Your period starts. That's Day 1. Usually it's over by Day 6. Every woman has a certain time from the day she ovulates (that is, when

Do they drug test pregnant women?

yes I'm pregnant and they are testing me it doesn't make a difference because if a dipstick comes up positive on something an you know its wrong then you just ask them to send

Is it okay if you are 34 weeks pregnant to deliver?

That's a little bit early. Ideally, doctors like you to be at least 37 weeks pregnant before you deliver - in fact, anything between 37 and 42 weeks is considered ideal. Anyth

Can a women be pregnant for 45 weeks?

Yes, but the doctors would probably suggest inducing you at 42 weeks. My mum was pregnant for 44 weeks she just told the doctors if the baby was ready then he would come out.