What can you do to start labor if you're 39 weeks and 4cm dilated and 90 percent effaced and you've had a few contractions 5 minutes apart but they stopped and castor oil and sex didn't work?

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I would suggest walking and lots of it. If possible up and down a stairs it has worked for a few friends of mine. Hopefully it will work for you. Answer An old wives tale is to scrub the kitchen floor. I don't suggest you actually do it but crawling on all fours might help. You have probably had the baby by now but this answer might be useful for someone else.
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If you're 36 weeks pregnant and you took castor oil and now your contractions are 5 minutes apart when should you go to the doctor?

Answer . Call the hospital now! If they are constantly 5 minutes apart you need to get there ASAP! Even if it's false labor it's still hard false labor--and they will eithe

I am 75 percent effaced half a centimeter dilated and 39 weeks roughly how long until I go into labor?

same as you! . Hang in there. I am exactly where you are and ready for the baby to be here. These contractions are killing me. There is no way really to tell when you will

39 weeks and 2cm and 60 percent effaced had membrane stripped when will labor start?

\nIt will start when it will start. Sometimes stripping membranes will speed up the process, but not in any predictable fashion.\n. \nWomen's bodies seem to be hard wired (g

39 wks with baby at plus 3 station 90 percent thinned out and 4 centimeters no real contractions will labor start soon if not what should I try castor oil I tried with another birth nada happened?

Why would you try to speed up a birth that isn't even past the due date yet?. Let nature take it's course...you will go into labor when the baby and your body are ready. Tryi