What can you use instead of prednsone to cure nasal polyps?

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My doctor gives me a shot of kenalog approx. every 4 months to help treat my nasal polyps. It usually clears up everything for about 2 months and then slowly they come back over the next 2 months. I also use flonase daily and sinus rinse once or twice a day. It was definitely an improvement over the prednisone bursts and lasted much longer. Also, if you haven't been tested for allergies at all or in a few years, you should see if any allergies exist. I found that after 3 years I acquired quite a few more reactions and also now use antihismines where needed.
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What is a polyp?

A polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue projecting from a mucous membrane. Commonly found in the colon, stomach, nose, sinuses, bladder and uterus.

How long should you use a nasal cannula?

You should wash your cannula with soap and water at least twice a week, and replace it at least once a month. If you are sick with a cold or similar infection, you should replace your cannula immediately after feeling better.

When is who used instead of that?

Answer . The word who is used when refering to a person; eg: He is the man WHO helped us. That is the dog THAT bit the man.

When do you use 'were' instead of 'was'?

when the subject is plural. For instance: Nine thousand people were trying to buy the same ten things on Black Friday. I was trying to obtain a new laptop computer. Fred and Joe were trying to obtain a new PlayStation 3 console. So... if the subject is plural (more than one), use "were." Otherwise, use "was." There are a few exceptions, but that is the basic rule.

What are polyps?

It is a small benign stalk shaped growth sticking off of the skin or a mucus membrane..

How can you differentiate between the swollen mucus and nasal polyp?

swollen mucous membrane is painfull whereas polyps r non tender.polyps have special location bec they arise from the sinuses or choncaes whereas swollen mucous membrane may b anywhere.

When do you use is instead of are?

You use is when your talking about one thing and are when your talking about lots. For example Katie is in the garden and Jack and Jill are in the garden. There are lots of other places we use are too. You say "are you okay?" not "is you okay?".

Why does my nose burn after I use nasal spray?

Do you use it a lot? Or have you used it for more then 3 days? If you have it's probably because the lining in your nose is irritated by the over use. I would suggest taking a break from it, even if you haven't over used it. Try Saline nasal spray, it should help. I would try 4-Way Saline nasal spray, expessially If you have been over using, it really helps for the over use of decongestant sprays. However, if you haven't been using it for more then 3 days or using it too often, I would ask your doctor, and either way, lay off the nasal spray, it may be really damaging your nose.

Is tramadol in nasal spray form and what use?

Yes, it is used in the spray form for nasal surgeries and is quite good at relieving pain in this usage.

When do you use have instead of has?

Has is the present tense form of the verb to have. Has is used only for the third person singular (e.g., he has, she has, it has, etc.). Have is used for all other numbers and persons (e.g., I have, you have, we have, they have).

What can you use instead of Prednisone for nasal polyps?

I have been able to keep my SEVERE polyps under control with two doses of 80 milligram Oxycontin per day. I will be having my SECOND surgury very soon.. However, no " Doctor " will ever listen to why this works, or prescribe this Med. for any patient.. You will be assumed to be an Abuser. This powerful anti inflammitory ( and headache moderator) works. I am 52 years old, former Racehorse Trainer, and have NEVER!!! abused ANY medication!!! Hope this helps someone. It took me 5 years to find out by accident. Thank God....I get a little sleep, without waking up gasping for breath everytime my mouth closes in sleep.

What can you use instead of prednisone to shrink nasal polyps?

Neil Med saline wash works well. And I see my ENT doctor every 3 months for maintenance with prednisone. Consult with your physician.

When do you use 'were' instead of 'where'?

The word 'where' is used when describing at, in, or to what place. (definition from merriam-webster.com) some examples: Where are we going? Where is the car? Do you know where my brother is? The word 'were' is a helping verb, meaning it normally appears right before a verb. (not to be confused with we're, the contraction of we are) Again, some examples: We were going to the store. You were running in the hall. That's when we were watching television. Something else that might help you is thinking of 'were' as the past tense of 'are'. We are going to the store You are running in the hall That's when we are watching television. Subsituting 'are' for 'were' changes the sentence from doing it in the past to doing it presently.. ______________. Here is a basic response. There are other uses of the words. Were is part of the verb to be or it is a helping verb. When 'were' is used, it probably will be as a verb or a helping verb. I might say "We are reading", meaning that the act of reading is happening right now. Or I might say "We were reading", meaning that at some time in the past, we engaged in the activity of reading. . "Where" often asks a question about location, or says something about a location, or about some state of being. Where are the keys? I want to go where we went 5 years ago; that was great! "I hate being in a situation where I am asked questions I cannot answer." . Maybe a quick way to keep them straight in most cases is to think that the word WHERE has the word HERE in it; here is a location. "I'm right here. Where are you?" If you want something that is like a verb or helping verb, use WERE.

Why do you use his and her instead of their?

i think I'll let you answer the question yourself by giving you some examples of usage. this way you'll be proud of yourself because you figured it out on your own! and yes, you're already smart, because only a smart person would ask a question like yours ! :) here are some examples that may help answer your question: THEIR john and Mary have been happily married for 10 years. THEIR children go to elementary school. HIS AND HERS bob and Barbara met at a singles' party and soon became fast friends. they both were divorced and had children from their previous marriage. if bob and Barbara decided to get married to each other, what about the children? will HIS AND HER children get along? best, mike

What is an example of a sentence using the word nasal?

My nasal passageways are blocked due to influenza.. The consonants "m", "n" and "ŋ" are nasals. . Read more >> Options >> http://www.answers.com?initiator=FFANS . http://www.answers.com/main/images/hook-bottomL.gif) ; width: 70px; height: 29px; margin-left: 25px; position: relative; top: -15px">.

What is a nasal polyp?

a nasal polyp is a soft body tissue formed into a ball form. Nasal polyp's are usually found in the nose or in the colon. Nasal polyp's can be removed by surgery or laser surgery. Polyps can cause blockage in your nose if it is in the nasal area.

When do you use me instead of i?

The answer below mine is a joke - or at least intended as one; whoever wrote it didn't take the time actually to be funny. I and me are personal pronouns. Myself is a reflexive pronoun, and I'll throw in some tips on that for free :-) You use "I" when you are the subject of your sentence. For example: I went to the store with her. You use "me" when you are the object, either of a verb, e.g.: I love the roses you sent me. Or a prepositional phrase: She shared her deepest secrets with me The prepositional phrase is one area where a lot of people are tripped up. Prepositions are the words we use to indicate direction (to), position (on, with), time (before), etc., A prepositional phrase starts with the preposition and in most cases ends with the object. So in the sentence: She shared her deepest secrets with me The prepositional phrase is "with me;" You use "me" in this sentence because it is the object of the preposition. You never use "I" when you are the object of a preposition. An example of a common mistake is: If we kill the farmer, we can split his crops and animals between you and I. "Between" is a preposition, so in the prepositional phrase "between you and I" "you and I" is the object (or compound object to be precise, more about that later), so you would use "me." Many people say "between you and I" because it somehow sounds like it should be right. It's not. The same goes for: Rodrick Hornytoad came to the movies with she and I. Both "she" and "I" are incorrect here. It should read "with her and me " Myself is a reflexive pronoun (it's also an intensifier*, but we won't confuse the issue here). Example of correct use: I cut myself very badly as I was killing the farmer. "Myself" refers to "I" and is used to show that you have done something to yourself. Example of incorrect use: Sheila and myself adamantly denied killing the farmer. * I killed the farmer myself is an example of myself as an intensifier. It emphasizes that you were the one who did something. If someone had just asked you who helped you kill the farmer, then "I killed the farmer myself" makes it clear that you had no help killing the farmer. PITFALLS AND PREVENTIONS: In Latin every noun (not just pronouns) has a case ending to determine its function in the sentence. But unless you're taking Latin in school, you don't have to worry about that. In English, personal pronouns (I, me, myself; you, you, yourself; he, him, himself; she, her herself; etc.,) have case endings, but personal nouns (e.g., someone's name) do not. Roderick gave me the knife. I gave the knife back to Roderick. It doesn't matter if Roderick is the subject of the sentence, as he is in the first sentence, or the object, as he is in the second sentence. We still call him Roderick. So why don't we do the same with personal pronouns? Why don't we just use "me" for everything? Yes, it would sound funny to us, but is there a logical reason why we can't, or is it just a quirk of the language? - would our meaning be any less clear for example if we said, Me went to the store with Jane. instead of I went to the store with Jane. Of course not. In both sentences I understand that you went to the store and you did so with Jane. Neither packs any more meaning or precision than the other. There is, however, one situation I can think of (which doesn't mean there aren't others) where the use of different personal pronouns is necessary. Read the followings sentences and tell me which is correct. My mother has always liked Roderick better than I. My mother has always liked Roderick better than me. It's a trick question, because they're both correct because they mean different things. The first sentence means that mother has always liked Roderick better than I like Roderick. The second sentence means mother has always like Roderick better than she likes me. 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Which, unless you're in Jamaica and you've just shot the sheriff (but not the deputy), just doesn't sound right. I hope I haven't left anything out or left you more confused than you were at the start:-) you use i if you say something like "i went to the shop or i had fun on Friday" and you use me when you say something like this "it was fun when me and you went swimming"or"rebecca,kymberly,Erin and me is going to swimming , do you want to come with us?" stuf like that i am oly 13 but i really like English so i am realy good at this

When to use of instead of for?

If used as a conjunction of preposition then as a result as, as long as, as things go, by reason of, in that, in the interest of or in view of

Can you use a nasal spray with warfarin?

Yes. Check the related link for more information regarding safe medications to use while on warfarin.

When to use an instead of a?

When the first letter of the next word starts with a vowel or the letter H. But of course there are exceptions.... a humble opinion.

Can you take your nasal drainage specimen and find a cure for the common cold?

No scientist has been able to so far, but should you try and succeed, you will surely be well rewarded! For information about treating a cold, see the related questions.

What can you use instead of You will?

The contraction form is you'll . Another way of phrasing you will is to say that you are expected to or you should .

When to use this instead of that?

Google it. Seriously. But in case you haven't yet, use "this" when referring to something that is close or you are currently talking about, and use "that" when referring to something more faraway. "That" can also be used like in this sentence: The machine was one that added numbers. It's a bit hard to explain.

Can a nasal cannula be used on trauma patients?

You could unless maxfax trauma is present. You wouldn't use nasal cannulae in trauma patients as well, you would probably give 15L/min O2 via a non-rebreather mask until stabilised, sats aim for 94-98%. (British Thoracic Society guidelines)

Can vasomotor rhinitis affect the lungs causing asthma instead of nasal symptoms?

I don't know much about it, but I have recently discovered that I think my husband has it. He has had severe sinus problems all summer and he is not really allergic to anything. He was in the hospital with asthmatic bronchitis (has never had asthma before that). Since then he has asthma like symptoms and needs a breathing treatment and an inhaler to handle it. He is super sensitive to perfumes and cannot be in enclosed buildings with lots of people. It is a real bummer and we wish we had more answers. I would lean toward saying it can affect the lungs too as it has with him. After all, it is all related. Hope this helps a little.

What is the best cure for mucus in the nasal passage?

First, try eliminating dairy from your diet, milk creates mucus. Second, use a nasal rinse to remove mucus. Buy a Nettie Pot or similar product from the drug store and use the prepackaged saline mix with water in the Nettie pot to flush the sinuses. The Nettie pot is like a tiny teapot, you press the spout up to your nose, tilt your head and let the saline solution flow through. It's a little uncomfortable at first but the mixture will flow through and come out the other nostril When you finish do the other nostril and gently blow your nose.

Can oxytocin injectable be used as a nasal spray?

No. Why the heck would you want to, anyway? Last time I checked, babies aren't born from the NASAL canal!

What can you use instead of 'in this'?

http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/in+this if that website doesn't do it for you, then in which context? help us out here...

Where can you get polyp?

A polyp can grow on any mucous membrane. This includes the vocal cords, colon, stomach, uterus or nose.

How do you use nasal in a sentence?

The man who had been punched in the nose spoke in a pained, nasal voice.

What is a cure for nasal congestion apart from allergy shots or antihistamines?

Steam is very good for nasal congestion. The beneficial effect of chicken soup is related to the fact that if the soup is very hot, you will be inhaling the steam as you eat the soup. Of course, soup also has nutritional value. But steam is good from any source. Take a hot bath and inhale the steam.

Does sinuswars13 really treat nasal polyps?

The answer is YES. I had polyps so bad that I literally couldn't breathe thru either side of my nose. Up all night clearing my throat, and trying to fall asleep despite that I could only breathe thru my mouth. Complete misery! I ended up going to an ENT, was scoped, and diagnosed with nasal polyps. After steroids, antibiotics, sprays, and a second trip to his office, surgery seemed like the only solution at that point. In a desperate attempt to try one last thing, I ordered a remedy from sinus-pro.com. It helped tremendously! I now have been taking the Sinuswars 13 remedy, and have been feeling great as well. They really do work! I had a polyp so big that when I blew my nose, you could see the bulge in my left nostril from the outside of my nose. It's not visible whatsoever now, and I can breathe much, MUCH better. Just follow the directions and be patient. It didn't bring relief overnight, or even in just a couple days, it took a couple of weeks for me to feel some relief. Hope this helps everyone, because I know first hand that polyps can cause an uncomfortable interruption to everyday life.

Can I use pickling salt instead of curing salt?

It depends on the recipe and the curing salt. Pickling salt is simply sodium chloride. Some curing salts contain sodium nitrate. In a recipe, when in doubt, stick with the called for ingredients. Although, it never hurts to experiment.

What is a nasal passage and how did the lambeosaurus use it?

It Is A Big Dinosaur That Is White And Lambeosaurus have used its bones to make necklesses

What medicine is recommended for effective cure of post nasal drip?

Antihistamines such as Allergy medications (benadryl, zyrtec, cleratine, allegra, etc) do help temporarily by shutting down the mucus production. I've had post nasal drip for over 5 years now, it makes you cough in the mornings and sometimes gets pretty uncomfortable. I use antihistamines however I pretty much would have to use it all the time lol so I found that sinus flush have been working for me. You go to Amazon, or to local pharmacy (cvs, wallgreens, even walmart) and you buy either nasal irrigator or what I found works better nasal syringe. You fill it with warm water, and slowly squeeze the water in one of your nostrils, (make sure it doesn't leak from the same nostril). Squeeze the water slowly, you will feel as the water fills all your sinus cavities and after a couple seconds as you squeeze starts dripping from the other nostril -that's what you want because it means it reached all the sinuses and now flushes all the bacteria and mucus out. Now there is that moment when the water goes up your nose to the sinuses, that moment sucks cuz always gives me a headache (it's the same feeling if water gets up your nose in the pool or lake), but when you get past that its ok (you can adjust your head tilt, I found that it depends on your head position). Make sure the water comes out thru the other nostril.... As much as the allergy pills help you temporarily, you can use it as a adition to those. I have been using it once a day or once every few days for about 5 minutes from one nostril to another, and so far don't have to take allergy pills at all, my sinus feels very clear and less dripy, no cough in the mornings either. It didn't eliminate completely the nasal drip but reduced it so I don't notice that and no flem or the bacteria in there anymore cuz they all com out with the water.... So far it works well :)

Is it true that herbal and natural remedies should be used to help cure a horse's fears instead of a forceful way?

False dichotomy. Gentle treatment and patience work wonders with horses. I do not know why herbal and natural remedies are mentioned here. Not clear.

How are nasal polyps diagnosed?

A physical examination will identify most polyps. Small polyps located higher up or further back may be hidden from view, but they will be detected with more sophisticated medical instruments.

How are nasal polyps treated?

Most polyps can be removed by the head and neck surgeon as an office procedure called a nasal polypectomy. Bleeding, the only complication, is usually easy to control.

What are nasal polyps?

A polyp is the medical term for any overgrowth of tissue from the surface of a body organ.

What is the prognosis for patients with nasal polyps?

Polyps may reappear as long as the allergic irritation continues. In addition, one study of patients who had undergone nasal polypectomy reported that 60% had a recurrence of nasal polyposis, and 47% were advised to have revision surgery.

Who gets nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps tend to occur in people with respiratory allergies. Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is an irritation of the membranes of the nose by airborne particles or chemicals.

Can you use nasal oxygen with cpap mask?

If you are currently on oxygen therapy your physician may add it to your cpap machine via a shuttle/shunt that is connected to the tubing. Thus eliminating the need to wear the nasal canula and the mask together.

What is the cpt code for surgical right nasal cavity endoscopy with polypectomy for nasal polyps?

31237 is the CPT code for surgical right nasal cavity endoscopywith polypectomy for nasal polyps.

What is the use of nasal cavity?

The nasal cavity conditions the air to be recived by the other areas of the respiratory tract.

What benefits does using nasal spray have?

Nasal sprays deliver the medication deeper inside the nose to help alleviate congestion faster. However, there are reasons to avoid their use in young children.

What are the advantages of using a saline nasal spray?

The advantages of using a saline nasal spray are that it is more natural than a chemical based spray. A saline nasal spray works to clear out the nasal passages and provide quicker and long lasting relief.

What product can be used to treat nasal congestion?

Nasanex and Clairiton are both brand name products which are over the counter nasal decongestants. Sudafed and Dimetapp are both prescription medications which can also treat nasal congestion. The Neti Pot is a non-oral treatment. It's a device which is used in the nasal passages.

What are some common nasal polyps treatments?

Nasal polyps occur once there is an infection in the nose. Some procedures to remove are simple flushing. However, sometimes more evasive scraping the polyps off while under a mild sedative.

What are the cures for cervical polyps?

Cervical polyps are a common condition and are not usually life threatening. Most OBGYNs can remove them easily during a pelvic exam, using by pulling them off or simply cutting them with forceps.

Can I use instead of and instead of for inequalities?

You may have typed some symbols that this website can't reproduce.Without seeing them, we can't give you a definitive answer. Pleaseresubmit your question with them written out.