What countries grow most opium poppies?

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Burma, Afghanistan, Laos, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, and India, primarily.
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What is opium poppy?

The opium poppy is a type of plant in which opium and poppy seedscome from. Opium is where many narcotics like morphine, are takenfrom.

Can you grow opium from poppy seeds?

In short, yes. With poppy seeds you can grow the opium poppy plantbut, that will not give you opium right away. Once the plant hasgrown you must extract the opium from the pop

What drug is derived from the opium poppy?

Crude opium is mostly morphine. It also includes codeine, thebaine, papaverive, and others. The morphine can be further processed with acetic anhydride to produce heroin

Is it legal to grow opium poppie plants?

Ah, no!!! U must be high just for asking that question!! Have u not seen on T.V., the gov't destroying acres upon acres of this stuff!! You WILL test positive for opiates if

What country did the poppies grow in?

The poppies grow in Flanders Field - this came from the war poemwritten by John McCrae. Flanders is the Dutch speaking partnorthern of Belgium

Steps on how to grow opium poppies?

Although possession of opium poppy seeds is not illegal in the United States, growing opium poppies is illegal. Since WikiAnswers goes by the laws of the United States, we

Is it legal to grow opium poppy plants to sell the dried pods and seeds in Ohio?

Poppies (Papaver somniferum) are specifically scheduled under U.S. Law. The U.S. Controlled substances act, schedule ll lists "Opium poppy and poppy straw" as a psychoactive n
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Can you grow opium poppies in Idaho for cut flowers?

You can grow opium poppies in Idaho, but they make terrible cut flowers. Some varieties, like Papaver somniferum var. paeoniflorum "Red Bombast" make a better cut flower than

How do you remove the opium from opium poppy?

you grind the seeds and dissolve them with acetone the us government kows this but chemical companies like dow, dupont ,union carbide and all the drug companies have huge