What do doctors do to determine whether you are pregnant?

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Usually they will test your urine to see if you are pregnant. If it is more than a week before your period, they may do a blood test instead. Sometimes they may do a blood test anyway to get a general picture of your health at the start of pregnancy. You may also be weighed, and your blood pressure taken.
There is also the option of doing a home pregnancy test. Kits are available in most areas from a chemist or some supermarkets. They are very easy to use - you just dip the tester into a small amount of urine or place the test stick in the flow of urine. In this way, you can be in the privacy of your own home when the all-important discovery is made and be the first to know.

They will also do an ultrasound. To confirm the presence of a baby.
A doctor will do either a urine test or blood serum test for a hormone called HCG which is normally only present in the human body during pregnancy.

its include 4 things
  • history

amenorrhea,nausea,vomiting,gernerlized malaise and breast tenderness
  • physical examination

enlarged uterus on bimanual examination,breast changes,softening and enlargement of cervix(hegar sign),bluish dicolaration of cervix(chadwick sign)
  • laboratory examination

beta HCG,progesterone,early pregnancy factor
  • utrasonography

transvaginal ultrasonography is more superior to transabdominal ultrasonography
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