What do om symbol tattoos symbolize?

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OM symbolizes the Supreme God and his creation. Some people, hindus as well as non-hindus, like to have it tattooed on their body.
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What does an 'om' tattoo symbolize?

its a Hindu smbol that means absolute knowledge & all creation. It represents perfection. It represents an all powerful, all knowledgeable, supreme being. It also means divine

Why do hindu's have the om symbol?

According to Hinduism, Brahma (the creator), used the syllable ohm to create the universe. It also represents Brahman, which is the collective soul and collection of all gods

Buddhist symbol om meaning?

Om (or aum) is a syllable used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It typically translates to "sound", and it often referred to as the sound of God, or the sound of the univer

How is the Hinduism symbol om used?

OM as us hindus believe is a universal sound. When the world was being created by lord vishnu, lord Shiv and lord Bhrama then all you could hear was Ommmmm. Om was then used w

What does om symbolize?

You could be highly analytical about it and say that it is about this or that, but for the most part, it's a representation of Hinduism and of the relation between God and his

How do you write the om symbol in Hindi?

Make 3 and then put a tali of it in the middle joint and then put a symbol of moon and star on the top of the three check the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Om.GI

Why is the symbol om important to hindus?

Om is very important in Hinduism, since it is a very powerful word that energizes a person who chants it while meditating. When you say Om you could feel your whole skull regi

What does om symbol mean?

The symbol OM means GOD! Almighty! THE ONE! According to The Vedas the Ultimate Reality called Brahman in Vedanta is ony ONE. And this word 'Om" refers to THAT. Om is refer
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What is the significance of the om symbol?

In regards to religion, the om symbol is found in both Hindi and Buddhist texts. It is often used as a pattern for jewelry and on healing items. It is also used as an alpha s