What do people use to commit suicide?

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While we cannot give specifics, the common methods use:

1. Medications or drugs
2. Poisons
3. Noxious gases
4. Sharp objects
5. Firearms
6. Explosives
7. Ropes
8. Heights
9. Water
10. Motor vehicles
11. Other people
12. Fire or heat
13. Dangerous reptiles or other animals
14. Infectious diseases
15. Bags
16. Heavy objects
17. Starvation and thirst
18. Allergens
19. Electricity

Should people commit suicide?

No.In some religions this is a sin. I believe that God created us for something great. When we commit suicide then we rob ourselves of the opportunity to fulfill this. Suicid

How many people committed suicide?

There are a great many people who have committed suicide in theUnited States alone. This number is in the thousands just in thepast few years.

Do people that commit suicide know who they hurt when they commit suicide?

In my experience, yes they do -- clearly. Sometimes, the pain caused is intentional; other times in spite of the survivors. I'd say that most suicides are very clear about who

Do people have the right to commit suicide?

They have the right to commit suicide as it is their life that they are taking. However, there may be a reasonable question as to the person's mental capacity or motivation fo

Are there lists of people who have committed suicide?

No. Statistics on 'births and deaths', including 'causes of deathe.g. natural, accident, suicide, homicide, the so-called NASHclassification, are normally kept in each state/c

Can people who commit suicide be buried?

Yes, of course he or she can be buried in any grave site at any cemetery. They can be cremated too. All the old myths, superstitions and false religious beliefs to not apply.

What percent of suicidal people commit suicide?

When you say "suicidal people" you probably mean people who are at risk of killing themselves. This risk might be low or moderate or high and it can change from day to day, we

How many people commit suicide using guns?

In America, the foremost means of committing suicide (arguably) is with guns -- mostly handguns. Men choose this method quite frequently; women somewhat less so, preferring p