What do you call the tightening of the belly during pregnant?

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How can you tighten loose skin from belly after losing weight?

Loose skin around the belly following weight loss is a combination of both inner fat layers under the skin and extra skin. The amount of each is a function of how much fat you

Pregnant and having tightening pains?

It can be the body practising with Braxton hicks, or you need to rest. Lie down and see if it goes away. If it gets stronger or wont go away go to the hospital.

When will you get a belly when you are pregnant?

When you get pregnant you will gain weight. This weight will give you a large belly. Your belly will increase in size and the skin will stretch. Pretty early actually, especia

When does the belly begin to show if am pregnant?

Physically, women begin to notice around the 3 month mark. It is during this time that you begin to notice the curvature in the spine and the belly becoming a bit more extende

Why is your pregnant belly so itchy?

When you become pregnant your stomach stretches. The stretching of the skin makes your stomach itchy. Warm baby oil and vitamin E oil can prevent the itching and help prevent

What is a tightening of a muscle called?

Contracting. Contracture - is the permanent tightening of fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or skin that occurs when normally elastic connective tissues are replaced with