What do you do if you want to get pregnant at 13 but you're really scared your mum will hit you?

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So you really want to be a parent at 13-14? You can look forward to feeding the child, changing it's diapers, having to spend nights up with a child who screams all the time or is colicky. You'll be too tired to dress up, put on makeup or go to the mall. And wherever you go, your child will have to come with you in a stroller. Want to go to a friend's house for 5 minutes? First, you have to get the child ready, placed in a stroller or the child's car seat, before you can head out the door. At first, your friends will pay you attention because you have a new baby, that will wear off as you have less time to spend with them and soon you'll be spending most of your free time at your home. The father of the baby most likely will either totally ditch any responsibility before the child's birth or he'll be a "father" for a couple of months, get bored of the responsibility and not hang around anymore. As far as school, your grades will slip because of the extra responsibility placed on you to take care of your child. If you want to go to college, more than likely you'll have to live at home and not in a dorm. You'll have to find daycare for your child if you plan on going to school or getting a job. As far as going to parties or dances, forget that for the most part, you'll be busy taking care of your child. As far as dating--guys your age don't usually want to deal with the hassle of someone else's kid, so you're not going to be asked out as much as other girls are. This is what you'll have to look forward to--you may love the idea of being pregnant and having a baby, but doing it now is going to take away a large chunk of the life you may want in the future. Answer You talk with someone you trust to discuss why at 13 you think your are "wanting" a baby. You are way too young for this responsibility and need to rethink this idea. Do you have the thousands of dollars it takes to just have a baby. The doctors visits you must do are 50.00 each time and that's if you don't need extra care or medical attention. Then the birth is 6-8,000 dollars and then after that the baby is about 300-400 dollars a month to take care of. This is not a game nor is this the way a child should be brought into this world. I hope you don't think the state is going to pay for this because they don't. Then you will piss your mum off and she will probably curse you every day. And what about the guy that gets you pregnant? Your mother can sue him for rape and so can the police, arrest him for having sex with a minor. You need to talk to either a guidance counselor at school, a doctor and or your mum. Why not babysit some kids to get the real taste of how it is to have kids around. They are beautiful and adorable but not 24 hours a day. They need food and baths and clothes and doctors care and attention that at 13 years old you neither have or can give properly. Any one can give birth but it takes a mature person to be a parent. You may think you are mature and you probably are for your age of 13 but you are no way mature enough to handle this. Please listen to me, you cannot and should not have a baby at this age. You will burden your self too early in life and you will not have a good life. You will miss out on lots of good memories that you should make for yourself that are age appropriate and you need a good job. For that you have to graduate from high school and go to college or get a good paying job so you don't have to live off the state or any man. This is a very big deal, not a joke and not a game. What if the child you have is born with a medical condition cancer, which can happen or a heart problem or a deformity. Are you ready for that can you handle that financial and emotional responsibility. I don't think so I am 39 and know it would be hard for me, so you couldn't handle it at 13. THINK, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer Read those two responses above (or maybe below) mine. They are wise and accurate. I think you are already pregnant. But if you are not, then do the young man a favor and tell him of your plan. Be fair to him. If he thinks its OK then the both of you need professional counseling with your parents. Be fair to the young man, but even more importantly, be fair to your first baby. At age 13-14, you would be sentencing you new baby to a lifetime of hardship. Is your life so boring that you need a baby to brighten it up? You're looking in the wrong direction. If you think a slap from your mum is the worst think that can happen, you shouldn't be asking the question in the first place. Answer I am not doing it because it is crime and greatest sin against God. Answer If I was your mother I'd have hit you by now! LOL Seriously, trust in your mother (or father) and remember that sex is not a dirty thing at all. Most parents are well aware that teens are thinking about sex at a young age now. Talk things out with your parents. They aren't you're enemies and they love you. They were young once too. Just tell them you've been thinking about sex a lot and peer pressure is great out there. If you can't talk to your parents (feel too embarrassed or they are divorced or don't get along with them) then talk to a sibling you can trust or a good friend. The posters on this board gave you some very good advice. NEVER let peer pressure or anyone talk you into giving up your virginity until you are ready. Did you know that there are actually some clubs formed by teens your age up to 19 that are trying to obtain from sex (not having sex.) Sex is a beautiful thing, but if you try too hard when you are young to be cool and keep up with your peers you'll miss out on some beautiful moments. Your sexual life should be private and it's no one's business. Smart people take it slow and easy when it comes to sex and those that might make fun of you are usually the ones that have been there, done that and wish they hadn't. Good luck! i think it would be great for u to be pregnant i am thirteen and pregnant it i love it. u get pregnant by telling ur parents that ur going to ur boyfriends house to study but instead of studying u have sex if u go to school together u can just have sex in one of the baathrooms-when u gt pregnant u dont tell ur parents till ur stomache gets big or when it starts to get big just run away then u wont have to tell ur parents anything hope this helps and good luck!
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Here are some signs that you may be pregnant... 1. Tender, swollen Breast 2. Fatigue feeling tired 3. Implantation bleeding Red spotted or pink or reddish brown staining 4. Nausea or vomiting 5. Increase sensitivity odors 6. Food aversions finding certain food use to injoy become repulsive to you 7. (MORE)

What should you do if you are 14 and you think you're pregnant but you think your mum will kill you What are my options?

because i no what it feels like to think you are pregnat, i would go to your loacal clinic and ask them for a free pregnancy test and if it comes out positive then tell some one you can trust and get some advice from you school nurse or something and then decide.. or you could try and tell your mum (MORE)

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You are 13 and want to get pregnant really bad is that normal?

It's your hormones playing a trick on you. Many girls feel that way but to actually get a baby and take care of it is the hardest job in the world and you have to do it alongside school while losing your friends etc. Your childhood you never get back so enjoy it, it's pretty much the only time in li (MORE)

What do you do if you got pregnant from your boyfriend but you're scared to tell him?

Answer . Just tell him why would he be mad? I'm a guy... . Answer . Your fear has nothing to do with the issue. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable, but he has to know. In addition, he is equally responsible for the event, and he needs to own to the reality of that. That being said, I cou (MORE)

I am 13 and i really want to have sex. is that normal?

That is totally normal. It can be normal to desire sex at this age because once you start Puberty you will develop sexually. Please don't do anything about it though other than masturbation as you could get into trouble and it is illegal until you are 16 (as you are probably aware).

Can your mother hit you while you're pregnant?

It depends on how you are defining the word hit. Are we talking about a slap on the wrist or a punch to the stomach. In any case, if you legitimately feel you and/or your unborn child are in real physical or psychological danger as a result of your mother's actions, then you really need to report th (MORE)

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Is it wrong to want to be pregnant if you're 15?

It is probably not a good idea. Having a baby is about offering something to someone else's life (your babies) it is not about making something right in your own life. The question that needs to be answered is "why would you want to be pregnant at fifteen?" Whilst some girls will want to play the mo (MORE)

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What if you are 13 and pregnant you want to keep the baby but you are scared and confused?

Take some time and talk to your parents and a doctor. Raising a baby, especially at your young age, can be quite a challenge, and you need to be ready for it and have support from other people willing to help. If you don't think you can do it, then adoption is another viable option, and doesn't mean (MORE)

Mum left dad but you want to stay with dad you are 13?

Normally there is a court hearing in divorce cases. At your age, you may or may not be asked for your opinion. Until the judge decides what happens you have no idea what will happen to you and neither does anyone else.

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It has been said that tickling makes you happy. Ask your older brother or sister to tickle you. Here are some of the best spots Neck Feet Stomach Knees Under arms Hips and lots more!! I hope that helps.

Your mum has stopped talking to you because your girlfriend is only 17 and you'r 30 you love her and she's now pregnant how do you make your mum understand?

well in the first place you shouldn't even have a girlfriend that is what like 13 years younger than you but that's still okay because i heard a celebrity couple is like 20 something apart from each other so you have to tell your mum that it was YOUR choice and this girl you are with you are deeply (MORE)

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What do you do if you're 13 and pregnant?

well i am guessing the person who asked this is 13 because why else would u ask this if i were u i would tell the dad of the baby and a close freind than eventualy tell your parents if you are to afraid to ask a freind or send a e mail or write a note if they are your family and they love u they wil (MORE)

How do you tell your mum you want sex really bad?

Hi mom I have something to tell you... Listen to her response well you see I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say it, I really want to have sex... Allow response and let the conversation go where you will

Im 13 and you want to get pregnant?

It is illegal for you to have sex with anyone. And since your parent will have to share this child with you you should ask them what they think about it. At 13 you are not made for having a baby yet, not emotionally or physically. Where will you get money to daycare, diapers, formula, doctor appoint (MORE)

What do you do if you are 13 and really want a baby?

You need to firstly stop and think these two thoughts: . Is it worth having a baby right now? . What are the consequences later? Thirteen year old girls are still developing, and so having a baby at that age is not recommended at all because they are not finished growing . Girls who (MORE)

I'm 13 and scared that I might be pregnant What should I do?

Firstly, you need to take a pregnancy test to see if you're actually pregnant or not. You can buy one at the chemist or supermarket or get one done at the doctor's. If it's negative, you really need to think about what you're doing. Sex at 13 is illegal in the majority of countries. You need to sta (MORE)

What should you do if you're pregnant at the age of 13?

That is a tough one. I wouldn't abort at all....the best decision in my opinion would be adoption. At 13 you are way to young to have a baby, got whole life ahead of you. tell you parents, encourage them to take you to a medical doctor immediately, Immediately go to a trusted adult like your mom, (MORE)

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suicides never the answer =) Further to the above: Ther is an inbuilt desire in all of humanity to live. If you as you say "really want to die" then it's clear that you would benefit greatly from discussing all of this with a compassionate and expert listener such as your best friend, your doctor/s (MORE)

How do you tell your mum that your sister is pregnant at 13?

Honesty you should not be having sex at 13 but if you do become pregnant you need to sit her down hold her by the hands look her in the eyes and tell her that her little girl is having a baby and that you can not do the alnoe but you also need to know that yeah you could have held it off but still i (MORE)

What can you do if your under 13 and you want to run away but your to scared?

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