What do you have to do when you turn 18?

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You don't have to do anything, but you can...

1. Buy tobacco
2. Change your name
3. Get a tattoo
4. Get a piercing
5. Buy spray paint
6. Work more hours
7. Sue someone
8. Be sued
9. Purchase liquid white out
10. Pawn something
11. Get married
12. Get divorced
13. Adopt a child
14. Be on Jerry Springer
15. Go on Cruise
16. Buy a lottery ticket
17. Get a hotel room
18. Call some "900" numbers
19. Go to a night club
20. Get a Sam's club membership
21. Skydive
22. Sign legal documents
23. Gamble
24. Get a blockbuster membership
25. Get a loan
26. Buy insurance
27. Donate blood
28. Enlist in the military
29. Rent a movie
30. Get a non-prepaid cell phone
31. Sign a legal contract
32. Begin earning credit
33. Smoke a cigarette
34. Chew tobacco
35. Move out of the parental units house
36. Get paid more
37. Go to an adult jail
38. Be convicted as an adult
39. Become an undercover cop
40. Work full-time
41. Become a flight attendant
42. Purchase Nicorette gum
43. Purchase "the patch"
44. Drive any time of day
45. Visit a porn site
46. Visit a porn store
47. Become a stripper
48. Work in an alcohol serving establishment
49. Work in bar
50. Get a bar tending license
51. Work at Wal*Mart0
52. Get a business license
53. Go to a strip club
54. Work in a strip club
55. Work in a night club
56. Vote
57. Pay a utility bill
58. Open a savings account
59. Open a checking account
60. Obtain a credit card
61. Enter a contest
62. Enter a sweepstakes
63. Buy a monkey (w/ a license)
64. Open an eBay account
65. Carry a weapon (w/ a license)
66. Order something off T.V.
67. Open your own AOL account
68. Write a check
69. Operate machinery at work
70. Become a mentor
71. Go bungee jumping
72. Work at a gas station
73. See a doctor on your own
74. Get a different type of driver's license
75. Rent a port-a-potty
76. Get the water bill in your name
77. Lease an apartment
78. Rent a house
79. Finance a car
80. Be a manager
81. Deliver newspapers for the Tampa Tribune
82. Sign yourself out of school
83. Work practically anywhere
84. Start your own business
85. Cash a savings bond
86. Buy nitrous oxide
87. Give a lap dance
88. Get a lap dance
89. Rent a post office box
90. Drive a company vehicle
91. Drive an ice cream truck
92. Buy a house
93. Breaks at work are no longer required.
94. Start a 401k plan
95. Apply for benefits at work
96. Receive more responsibility/stress/advantages
97. Pay taxes
98. Get a PayPal account
99. Make your own decisions
100. Have the freedom and independence you didn't have before
Note: These are all based on the laws of Florida at the time this was first written, your state or country's laws may vary.
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Can you get married before you turn 18?

Answer . \nIn some states you will need a parents signature.. Answer . \nAny person under the age of legal majority needs parental or legal guardian consent to marry in all states. There are a few states that waive the necessity for such consent if specific circumstances exist and all other l (MORE)

What are your legal rights when you turn 18?

Answer . \nIt depends on the state, in VA, you can buy cigarettes/fireworks/guns/pornagraphy/lottery ticket, you are allowed to carry but not consume alcohol, you may drive with as many people as you want in your car, you may vote

What happens when you turn 18?

I am not eighteen but my brother is about to become 18. When you turn 18 you are able to go on your own, your parents want you to have a job, preferably get your own house. Eighteen is the age where you need to live your life and stop leaning on your parents shoulder, its time for you to make your o (MORE)

If you are a citizen of the US what should you do when you turn 18?

go but a pack of ciggarettes just cuz you can and if u already have your license go from a jr license to a regular one and just have fun and hang out with those closest to you. Good answer, but don't forget to swing by the Post Office and register for Selective Service, and while you're at it, why (MORE)

What can you leagelly do when you turn 18?

You can buy cigarettes, join the military, get approved for a credit card depending on your credit, have a full time job with benefits as long as you have a highschool diploma or GED equivelent, get approved to move into your own apartment/house, just about anything you wanted as long as it's legal (MORE)

Can you buy cigarettes the moment you turn 18?

It depends on the store, actually. Some stores have a calendar and the calendar says IF YOU WERE BORN AFTER THIS DATE and then that day's date, which means if it is your birthday you'd be buying them a day after. Some stores make you to wait 14 days after turning 18!!

Can you move out when you turn 18?

Yes you can move out when you are 18 years old. However, mostapartments are run by property management companies that usuallyrequire a satisfactory credit score. So, know your credit score andwhat the apartments requirements are for leasing before you put inan application and pay the application fee (MORE)

After turning age 18 what new things can you do?

Gamble (in some states), Smoke or by smokes, Vote, Have Sex, Open a bank account without parents, Get a loan without parents, Without emancipation [or something of that concept] you could live on your own, Get a tattoo (in some states), Don't have to get your driver's permit and can go straight to y (MORE)

Your daughter has turned 18 and her boyfriend is abusing her?

If your 18 year old didn't listen to you first time round, then leave it, all you can do is support her and never get angry at her for it, it will just make it worse. you have to be ready for when she does realise the truth and decides to leave him. it's all you can do that won't damage you and your (MORE)

What is legal when you turn 18?

You can: Buy cigarettes Go to some strip clubs Go to some dance clubs Vote Join the military And some other things I can't think of.

Will your DUI go away when you turn 18?

it will stick with u. Added: The first answer IS correct. Regardless of your age, your drivers record is a lifelong compilation of your driving history and it never 'goes away.

Are you a free man when you turn 18?

\nwell it still means that you have a liitle bit until you go to college probably butt it should mean that your trustfull and not some wacky 18 your old

In which book did Bella turn 18?

In New Moon Bella Turned 18 and they threw a birthday party for her, which she didn't even want to attend because she hated the fact that she was becoming older than Edward.

What can you do when you turn 18 years in California?

I'm trying to figure out the same thing heres what I have so far.. Buy tobacco and other paraphernalia Buy lottery tickets Pawn things get a hotel room get a costco membership gamble skydive no driving license provisions Go to a strip club Vote Buy a shotgun goto jail of cour (MORE)

When you turn 18 does your criminal record clear?

Perhaps, it depends upon the laws of the state in which the juvenile committed the crime(s) and the classification of said crime(s) (misdemeanor and/or felony). In all states a juvenile's record is sealed by the court when the person reaches the state's age of majority rather than being totally exp (MORE)

Do you need a new passport when you turn 18?

if your child passport expires nov 2012 but you turned 18 do you need a new passport or is the the child one good until it expires Usually Yes if the person is in possession of a Minor's passport.Since he/she is no longer a Minor, then you need to get a new FirstAdult passport.

Do x-18's have turn signals?

well... it really depends if you buy them for it. My friends came with 'em for no charge.But when i bough mine it came with NONE! at all.

When you turn 18 do things seem different?

Yes, most people who turn 18 are no longer minors and they will feel different. They are now young adults and their visions of the future have changed; they may go off to college; join the Armed Forces or travel if they are lucky enough to be able to afford it. Some of their friends they have known (MORE)

18 How did the Roman Republic turn into a dictatorship?

It was an extended process. In the first instance the Roman Republic had a specific legal role for a 'dictator', typically one elected for a six month period and was periodically installed in times of military emergency or domestic upheaval. The process of 'subversion' of the Republic finally resul (MORE)

What are you held responsible for once turning 18 that occured before turning 18?

Before reaching the age of majority, the law recognizes that adolescents and teens do stupid things due to their immaturity. Therefore, the Young Offenders Act was created to address this. Essentially, it is a double standard in the law whereby the underage offender is treated less severely for thei (MORE)

Does Harry Potter turn 18?

Yes, he does turn nineteen. The main story of Deathly Hallows ends on 2 May 1998, nearly three months before Harry's eighteenth birthday. However, in the epilogue he is 37, so he must have been 18 at some stage.

How many Transformers turn into 18 wheelers?

The only major character who does is Optimus Prime and he onlyturns into the cab but he often has a trailer with him the purposeof said trailer depends on the series you are watching/reading.