What do you we need to get when we go to the hospital for delivering a baby?

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You do not go to the hospital. When the the end of the pregnancy comes (a few days) your sim will stop what she is doing and the baby will drop from the sky.
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What occupation delivers babies?

Obstetrician- a physician that specializes in the treatment of women, especially pre-natal care, childbirth and post delivery recuperation.. Midwife - a person skilled in the delivery of babies

How do you deliver a baby?

If you are not trained and the baby is coming so quickly there is no time to get help you will not need to deliver it, it will deliver itself.. Just keep the mother calm and in control and when you can see the head ask her to puff it out, make sure the cord is not round the neck then when all the b (MORE)

What should you bring to the hospital when you go to have your baby?

Answer . Bring comfortable loose fitting clothes to wear home, footie socks for when in labor, rubber soled slippers and a robe. If aroma therapy is an option some lotion that smells really good. For the baby an outfit and a blanket and a car seat. I found my own pillow helped also.

How are babies delivered?

Babies can be delivered at home or in the hospital if it's a complicated birth, such as a casearean. Babies are normally delivered through the vagina after a woman goes into labour, and once she is 10cm dilated, she helps the baby through by pushing really hard.

Do you need to help a horse deliver a baby?

Yes, a horse who is delivering a foal needs supervision, and usually a helping hand or two, for things such as the afterbirth (placenta), assisting the foal in his first breaths, and in case anything major happens (shock, breech, etc)- This is when it is a good idea to call your vet. However, the pr (MORE)

How long does it take to deliver a baby?

I started to get contractions at about 130am. and at 330am i went to the hospital cause they were 5 min apart. around 930am i was 3 and 1/2 cm and they gave me an epidural. i took a nap until 2pm. When i woke up i was 6 cm. they checked me again at 3pm and i was 9 and 1/2 cm. my daughter was born at (MORE)

Can cats deliver babies and how?

Just like a human birth she pushes them out-and then unlike a human birth she eats the sacs they were in and cleans them up-since kittens come in litters they come out one at a time to give mommy time to clean them up. If the cat is an inexperienced mother...say like a feral cat who you took in a (MORE)

Why do you need boiling water when delivering a baby in an emergency?

You really don't. It can be to sterilize things but honestly, it's just to give panicky bystanders something to do. They feel like they are doing something useful and are therefore not in the way. Notice the task is always given to the nervous person (father, most likely).

What is the name of people who deliver babies?

There are two types of professionals charged with that task. OB/GYNs who are doctors, and Midwifes who may or may not be doctors. There are then a variety of other people who - because of the absence of a doctor or midwife - deliver babies. In the final extremity, if she is all alone, the woman de (MORE)

Why do you need hospitals?

Medical crisis and pandemic outbreaks are always on the verge of spreading . When the world was hit back in 2003 by SARS , 800 lives were lost . It is with no doubt we need hospitals and not just buildings with facilities but experienced doctors and nurses which can handle modern machines . Here ar (MORE)

On Sims 3 how do you have a baby is it like Sims 2 or do you go to a hospital and have it?

On Sims 3 the mother is pregnant for 3 days and you have the choice of home birth or hospital birth, when she is about to give birth, if you click on her it has the option of 'go to hospital' if you click that, you will have a taxi or your own car to take you and your partner will also come with you (MORE)

How do you deliver a baby at home?

The best way to deliver a baby at home is to make arrangements with a trained midwife. It's extremely important to have a knowledgeable person in attendance. There are different kinds of midwife; a nurse-midwife and a midwife. A nurse-midwife is a trained nurse with the additional training to speci (MORE)

When mother had her new born baby the hospital would not let the baby go home because of mental health issues will she get her baby back?

I am sorry to anyone who is experiencing this, but i am sure the baby will be sent home as soon as it- or mommy- (who ever is having problems) is treated and seems stable enough to be at home. I know alot of moms go through post pardum depression, which can be quite serious.. and the babys still sta (MORE)

How is Bella's baby delivered?

caessarian way but vampire way.. Edward cut the belly so the baby won't kill Bella Edward is trying to keep Bella alive while delivering the baby who can only be delivered by biting the placenta so the baby won't bite her mother's just to get out of the womb.

What degree do you need if you want to be a nurse that helps deliver babies?

There are three options to become a registered nurse as follows. diploma program (typically three years, not recommended for individuals who do not have an already existing degree) associate degree (two years as a full-time student once the student starts the professional phase of the program) (MORE)

How many babies ccan they deliver?

Syrian Hamsters can deliver 1-30 babies, but usually it's 6-10. On their second or third litter, a hamster may have less babies than in its first.

Where in a hospital do you deliver a baby?

When you choose to give birth in a hospital, you would usually give birth in a birth suite. The birth suit is generally centered around a bed, but would also contain equipment for helping in the delivery of your baby such as birthing ball or birthing stool. It may also home medical equipment used fo (MORE)

Why do astronauts need to go to the hospital?

Most astronauts have to go to the hospital anyways for a check up before they leave for space. Some astronauts get hurt or injured n space and may need to get tothe hospital when they return. When astronauts get back they have an examination too. Astronauts are highly trained, but they are still hum (MORE)

What happens when a baby gets delivered?

Let's see, a woman who is in labor pushes the baby out, usually with the excited dad coaching her on. Once the baby is out of the womb unless there is a very short cord the midwife or doctor lifts the baby up for mom to place against her breast and a Nurse will start drying the baby off with a warm (MORE)

How do i know when to go to hospital to have my baby?

. Your water may or may not break until you are fully dialated that's something you see in the movies. If your water breaks then yes, call your doctor. Don't call your doctor every day, you will see them once a week. Your body will know when it's time to go, but to not get sent back home you should (MORE)

What do you need for a baby to go camping?

When going camping with a baby the most important thing is to be prepared. Ensure you bring along the following items and your outdoor adventure will go a lot smoother. . Compact Cot/Crib . Diapers/Nappies . Baby Wipes . Diaper Rash Cream/Moisturizer . Sunscreen for Babies At least SPF 15 (MORE)

Will you get arrested if you go to the hospital to have a baby with a felony warrant out of state?

I would not think that it is common practice for a hospital to check warrants on its patients. Legally speaking it is illegal for a hospital to have access to NCIC (the national warrant database) as this is only accessible by law enforcement agencies. Generally hospitals are not concerned with the c (MORE)

What happens if your a runaway and have a warrant and go to the hospital and have a baby?

You have the baby. Hospitals do not routinely notify the police or do background checks on admissions. The only problem would be if you give someone a reason to become suspicious and notify the police. Added: AND . . one of the suspicious circumstances would be if you showed up at the hospita (MORE)

Does your child need to go to the hospital if she got bit by gerbil?

That actually depends. Does the gerbil look sick? Has it been acting strange lately? Does your child have an allergen to rodents? Is your child allergic to anything that might be in the food? If you answered yes, then I would suggest taking her/him to the doctor, just to be safe. If the gerbil looks (MORE)

What do you do after your done delivering a baby?

You start by figuring out how you are going to care for this child for the next 18 years. You are going to remember all the smart alec things you have said and done to your parents and hope you are strong enough to deal with it when that sweet little child turns into you. Your a mom now. Forever and (MORE)

Do you need to go to hospital with a burst blood vessel in the eye?

Yes, of course. The burst of a blood vessel could be the cause of a increased pressure (perhaps Glaucoma) or it could indicate a blocked blood vessel. You should seek immediate medical attention to prevent internal bleeding, and any further damage to the eye 2nd Comment: The above is true, bu (MORE)

Can a male doctor deliver the baby?

YES he can help u if in emergency and female medical rep is not available your are safe with him . Need not shy from doctors In most countries they make no difference in male or female doctors as long as they are qualified. In many countries it's also not the doctor delivering the baby unless s (MORE)

How did early humans deliver babies?

Depends on what you mean by early but before hospitals it was done at home just as it is in many parts of the world still today. The family helped.

How do dolphins delivers their baby?

Pretty much the same way a human gives birth to their baby except the tail (or fluke) of the dolphin comes out first instead of the head. That way the calf does not have to wait for the rest of its body to come out to breath air.

How old do you have to be to deliver a baby?

Perfect age is 27 years old. At that age your body is fully mature and you are old enough to raise a child. Parenting is a tough job and it takes the ability to be able to raise a child and the experience to know what to do.

Do i need to go to the hospital?

Based on the symtoms you provided in the answer area (which havebeen removed) then the answers is seek qualified madical advice assoon as you can please. In addition tell a parent or close fried aswell so that may accompany you. Its important to get these symtomschecked