What does smoking do to the fetus?

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All the things about smoking that hurt you (the mother) hurt the baby. The babies heart and lungs will be affected greatly. If you are a heavy smoker and the baby actually survives birth (most pregnant smokers give still-births*), the child will suffer from a weak heart resulting in many circulation issues accompanied with an increased risk of heart failure. The babies lungs will start out rotten and tar filled, resulting in easy infections, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, and countless other respiratory problems. The baby is most likely to be born underweight and will have to be incubated, a terrifying thing for any mother. The child has a high chance of being born with an addiction to nicotine (like is babies born to crack or heroin addicts), radically increasing the chances that the child itself will become a smoker.
Once again, what hurts you hurts the baby. You may smoke after the baby is born however second hand smoking is one of the leading causes of addiction and lung cancer in the United States.

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Can alcohol and smoking cigarettes and pot affect the development of a 6-week-old fetus and can it appear smaller on an ultrasound?

AS the Mother and the baby SHARE the SAME blood stream, everything that the MOTHER eats, drinks, or smokes goes right to the BABY.. Stop drinking alcohol right now. The same goes for SMOKING, of any product, tobacco or otherwise. If you don't the child will be stunted and small at birth and WILL HA (MORE)

What do you mean by a fetus?

A fetus is the term for an unborn baby from the eighth week of pregnancy until birth. Before this, he or she is called an embryo. . ANOTHER ANSWER. An UNBORN baby growing in a woman's womb is called a "fetus" until it is actually BORN. Then we call it a BABY!

What effects does smoking cigarettes have on the fetus?

Answer . It decreases fetal growth as it restricts oxygen and blood flow which helps nourish the fetus. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which is highly toxic and can cause miscarriage. Other effects are listed below: . Low birth weight . Cognitive deficiencies . Increase risk for SI (MORE)

Can smoking inhibit the growth of a fetus?

There are hundreds of different chemicals found in a cigarette, none of them good. A woman who smokes while pregnant is putting her baby's health and safety at risk. Smoking during pregnancy can result in: -Increased risk of miscarriage -Increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - (MORE)

How does smoking marijuana during pregnancy affect the fetus?

It doesn't. No medical professional will ever tell you it's ok to smoke marijuana, pregnant or not. There have been no controlled studies in the US because the government won't fund them. They only thing they have to work off of are situations where babies have been born sick and the mother had admi (MORE)

Is a fetus a baby?

Yes, a fetus is a baby. Not one hundred percent developed, however. One definition of a Foetus is an unborn or unhatched vertebrate in the later stages of development showing the main recognizable features of the mature animal.

How does a fetus develop?

It develops over a nine month period by following the instructions of it's DNA and drawing upon the resources of the mother for growth.

What is a viable fetus?

A fetus is viable when it can live outside of the mothers womb.. a viable foetus is where a foetus that could be taken from the womb and still be able to survive.

What do you do with the fetus after a miscarriage?

If you are at home it's a good thing if you being it to the hospital and if you are having it at the hospital they will take care of it. They usually send it to pathology and then it ends up in the can for human waste which is correct procedure according to the law. If it's a late miscarriage you ca (MORE)

Can a fetus have seizures?

Yes. In Korea, a 35 year old woman presented with right hydronephrosis and a single umbilical artery. Karyotyping was normal and targeted ultrasonography showed an otherwise normal fetus. After 28 weeks of gestation, the mother felt rapid, repetitive fetal movement and an ultrasound at 30 weeks of g (MORE)

Can smoking while pregnant hurt a fetus?

YES YES YES... can cause neural defects, low birth weight, miscarriage... Some people smoked during their pregnancies and had healthy babies.. a lot didnt... but either way... why risk it?

How does smoking harm the fetus?

The Carbon Monoxide will lower the amount of oxygen going to the baby thus causing potential respiration problems and a low birth weight. The baby will not be developed enough to deal with this and other toxins in cigarettes which can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or even sudden infant death syndr (MORE)

How does food get to the fetus?

The fetus gets all its nutrients, including the air it breathes, from the umbilical cord. This tube is attached to the fetus through the belly button and an organ called the placenta through which the nutrients are transferred from other parts of the body to the womb. Anything and everything the mot (MORE)

Can smoking while pregnant harm the fetus?

YES smoking harms a fetus, it can cause very low birth weight, miscarriages, and birth defects, if you are pregnant and are smoking you should stop immediately, if you need help quitting talk with your doctor he/she can help

What does tar do to a fetus of a mother who smokes?

Smoking is bad for a pregnancy. It is very risky for the fetus. Materials that the mother takes in can pass through the placenta and affect the baby's growth, health, and development. Smoking while pregnant can cause the following:. fetal brain damage . growth retardation/low birth weight . lower (MORE)

How is the fetus affected if the mother smokes tobacco?

First Answer The foetus is exposed to the same chemicals as the mother through the blood, so the baby can be born addicted to nicotine for instance. Smoking also affects the oxygen level in the blood so smoker's babies tend to be small and may have developmental problems due to oxygen starvation in (MORE)

What does smoking pot do to the unborn fetus?

ive been told by the doctor i was seein when i was pregnant with my son that pot doesnt have any affect on the baby. she said that the studies they do are pot and alcohol combined not just pot. so i smoked pot all through my pregnancy with my son, he is almost three and is way to smart for his age. (MORE)

What does a 21 week old fetus look like if you smoke?

Usually the same as if you didn't, some can be smaller then the norm. The effects of the smoking can be seen in the placenta and when the child grows up with an increased risk of asthma and allergies for instance.

What does the fetus have to do with pregnancy?

The fetus is what they call the unborn baby after 3 months of growing in the uterus. At that time it is now considered an unborn child or fetus instead of a blacocyst or mass growth of cells.

Is a fetus alive?

Physically the heart is pumping and the tissue is alive but emotionally and mentally, no.

How do smoking and drinking affect the fetus growing?

A.) All the things about smoking that hurt you (the mother) hurt the baby. The babies heart and lungs will be affected greatly. If you are a heavy smoker and the baby actually survives birth (most pregnant smokers give stillbirth's, the child will suffer from a weak heart resulting in many circu (MORE)

What are some effects that smoking has on a fetus or newborn?

I you smoke, so does the baby, so if u smoke for a long period of time(maybe even short) it can 1. Make the baby come out addicted to the drug and needing it. 2.Cause the baby to die. 3. Some vital body parts may not develop properly or not at all. If you take the drug so does the baby/bab (MORE)

What is fate in a fetus?

The fate of most fetus is to be born and become humans, or other life forms that start out as a fetus.

Where does the fetus get their blood?

The blood is "grown" by the fetus along with the organs and bones. The fetal blood supply is separate from the mother's. The two blood systems interact through the placenta - oxygen and food pass though to the fetal blood from the mother, waste products flow from the fetus to the mother.

Do you have a funeral for a fetus?

Something similar would be a funeral mass, etc peformed for a still born child, which might be considered a Fetus. The child is baptized, and as that implies, given a Christian name- and must be buried in consecrated grounds at church-approved cemeteries. There is usually a juvenile section in the l (MORE)

Does a fetus have a soul?

Answers to this questions are unfortunately going to be more opinion then actual answers. Because, let's face it, not everyone believes the same things. Some believe that as soon as the two "parts" come together at the moment of conception, that the resulting genetic material has a soul. Others beli (MORE)

Can quitting smoking kill a fetus?

It Depends on how much you smoke, well i should say that it wont KILL your fetus but it could make you have delivery problems. In depends on how much you smoke in the terms on if you should cut back or completely stop. If you smoked alot the best advice is to quit as soon as you find out! If you kee (MORE)

What are some effects on a fetus while smoking tobacco?

The baby could develop a nicotine addiction, the carbon monoxide in the smoke can stop the transfer of Carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood ( the mother and child have same blood stream) so the baby could hAve a lack of Oxygen

What is johnny fetus?

Johnny Fetus is a game that you have to play with your xbox 360 remote (I dont know how to play) but what you do is if one fetus gets to much food it explodes and a fetus is kinda like when you have not been born yet and in your mothers whoom except with other creatures

When does a fetus get its gender?

The fetus gets its gender at conception. If the egg is fertilizedwith a Y chromosome, the fetus is a male. If it is fertilized withan X chromosome, it is female

What is a macerated fetus?

About 12 hours following fetal demise, the outer layer of skin will begin to slough off. This is caused by the baby being surrounded by amniotic fluid.

What does alcoholic do to the fetus?

If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol excessively (and especially if she does drugs, smokes and doesn't receive medical care) she increases the risk that she will damage her fetus. The greatest concern tis that the child will suffer FAS.

Does smoking during your first trimester harm the fetus?

It is certainly going to harm the fetus. A expecting mom who smoking may have a child who has a low shipping bodyweight. Low shipping bodyweight and being created too small is a significant cause of baby sickness and perinatal loss of life. So i suggest to all expecting mums to quit smoking. I (MORE)

How does the mother smoking during pregnancy affect on the fetus?

Very dangerous! Deadly! I'm not trying to scare you but check with your doctor smoking while pregnant can cause death and ADHD Additional Answer: First of all yes it can be dangerous to smoke during pregnancy, however it will not kill the fetus or cause ADHD. The problem of having a child with A (MORE)

What is the function of fetus?

A fetus is the unborn baby, after the fertilisation stage when the embryo is implanted in the uterus. The uterus becomes the womb in which the developing embryo grows into a embryo, slowly taking the shape of a human with limbs, head, and facial features.

What can desolve a fetus?

They usually get cremated (burned). There are very strict laws though so not just anyone can do it.

What is a fetus freak?

The term "Fetus Freak" is a disparaging term often utilized byradical feminism to describe a person or persons who value the lifeof their unborn children. It is meant as an insult, and favored byradical feminism, anti-pregnancy, anti-family and anti-child socialextremists. It is used most often by (MORE)