What does the brand of nail polish OPI stand for?

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It stands for Ohmygod Poo Inside. Not really very exciting, is it? haha >.>
actually this is the correct information. And sadly not very exciting lol.

What does O.P.I. stand for?
"Other People's Ideas . . . I'm just kidding," said Schaeffer. It is "Odontorium Products, Inc." In the early 1980s, my father took over a dental supply business from my grandfather's cousin. He formulated an acrylic nail product from that background and started out supplying to nail salons on Ventura Boulevard (Los Angeles).
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Where is OPI nail polish made?

In the USA. OPI is a family company and industry leader whose international headquarters are at 13034 Saticoy Street, N. Hollywood, CA 91605

Opi nail polish?

if your wondering about weather to buy some or not its worth the money. it stays on for a long time if you have a base and top coat. there are great colours and it doesnt stai

Where can you buy OPI nail polish?

Target beauty spy stores transdesign (website) sephora had a brand by opi and Nichole (sold at walmart and other drug stores) http://www.wowshop.co (website)