What effect does Coca Cola have on teeth?

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Coke and Teeth Here is input from Wiki s contributors:
  • I'm a nutrition major, and in my bacteriology lab, for our final we have to do an independent study. I decided to experiment on how particular sodas promote bacterial growth in the mouth to produce a very favorable environment for cavity development. I tested Regular Coke, Diet Coke, Grape Fanta, Orange Fanta, Ginger Ale, and Sun Drop. Regular Coke by far had the most bacterial growth, which was surprising since it did not contain the most sugar. My study proved that regular Coke would lead to more rapid tooth decay than any of the other sodas that were tested. I'm still in the process of experimenting and finding a conclusion as to why the bacterial growth produced by Coke (innoculated with the same oral bacteria just as all the others were) was far beyond all the others.
  • ATOMIC. Coke seems to be a brew designed to create caries. It is not only the sugar, it is also the Phosporic acid used as acidulant. Is the same acid we, the dentists, use for etching the enamel prior to the insertion of a composite (white) filling. And it works. Phosporic acid corrodes the surface of the enamel, clearing the way for the microorganisms. Several dentistry books have wonderful color pics of severely destroyed teeth withe the next text: "The patient drank too much sodas", or "The patient was a heavy Coca-Cola drinker". Diet sodas contain the same acid as well.
  • Coca Cola seems to cause cavities. It seems like that coca cola will cause holes in someones teeth and reduce the size by a little bit and change the white or slightly yellowish color to something else.
  • The acid additives in soda drinks attack your tooth enamel. Non-cola is worst, cola next. Root beer is best.
  • If in doubt what Coca Cola or Pepsi can do, take a cloth and clean off the windshield of your car, and also try the engine in a spot! If it can clean all that grime off think of what it does not only to your teeth, but your stomach. Yes, Coke and Pepsi have a high content of sugar in it.
  • I have a friend who is addicted to Coca Cola. She is only 32 and the result is she has false teeth now, it also ruins your gut. I would try and stop drinking so much, all sodas can have this affect but coke is the worst one.
  • I just woke up to the fact that even diet coke can ruin teeth. I had pretty healthy teeth most of my life but had started a habit for one year to drink diet coke because the office vending machine was my only drink/food supply. Well, what a surprise. I suddenly had yellowish teeth and caries.
  • I've been drinking Coke since I was, well quite young, I am almost fifty years old. I just I had my teeth cleaned and the dental hygenist told me that she was suprised that my teeth were in as good a condition as they were especially seeing how I have not been brushing as often as I should (You can never brush as often as you should if you listen to them) HA-HA. I might add that it has been a couple of years since I had my teeth cleaned, four maybe. Mind you I have been painfully honest with you. Yes I have been Blessed by GOD with good teeth and I should not abuse them however the truth remains I've been dring Coke (often times multiple bottles bottles a day) for nearly forty years I still have most all of my teeth and according to the hygentist I have very nice teeth.
  • I have been in dentistry for 15 years and have seen first hand what sodas can do to your teeth. Everytime you take a drink of a soda you get 20 seconds of acid attack on your teeth. Which in time will eat away at your enamel and then cause a cavity. If you have to have your daily soda it is best to drink it all at once and not to sip on it throughout the day. Also its best to brush after consuming your soda if possible, if not try to swish with some water. This goes for any kind of sweets (candy, sports drinks, fruit juices etc.) This is the same for diet or regular sodas.
  • Coca cola, whether it is diet or regular, has a very negative effect on enamel by increasing the acid pH in the mouth for a period of at least an hour. The increased acid strips the natural protective layer on your teeth (pellicle) and the enamel begins to slowly lose its natural minerals and therefore breakdown, causing decay. I am a dental hygienist and have seen young people whose teeth are great, go away to college, and come home with several areas of new decay because of coca cola consumption on a daily basis.
  • I did a science fair project on this. I put Coke and different beverages into cups with eggshells and left them there for 5 days. The coke one is not the worst but it already has a cavity.
  • For a science fair project, we did what stains teeth more, coffee or Coca Cola. Well coffee actually stains teeth while Coca Cola just adds on layers of sugar and plaque, and slowly staining it. Coffee on the other hand, stains teeth, and the less time you spend drinking coffee, and if you rinse your teeth out immediately after drinking it, you're most likely to have better teeth, and not have coffee smile.
  • If you find that you have lost enamel and are vulnerable to cavities go and take a look at the dental gel at Sillyscarlet on eBay. This gel emulates our saliva which repairs enamel. Enamel can repair itself just like bones can.
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Why does Coca Cola make your teeth brown?

coca cola can take the tar off asphalt so it can also take the enamel off your teeth but are you sure it's coke? flourosis can cause your teeth to turn brown it is caused by to much flouride ie: treated water, toothpaste, dental treatments. to much flouride can cause your teeth to rot Answer The (MORE)

Does Coca-Cola stain teeth?

Could be . I'm not sure about teeth but there is an experiment that is used in classrooms to teach children how to brush their teeth. Soak an egg in coca cola overnight and then try to brush it off the next day with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It is really hard to get off. I suppose someone who (MORE)

What are the effects of Coca-Cola on teeth?

Answer . It tastes good. If you're tired, the small amount of caffeine may actually help you stay awake.\n. \nAlthough there is carbonic acid in many softdrinks, it should not be considered to be harmful, since carbonic is the product of bubbling carbon dioxide through water. Our bodies use tha (MORE)

What are the side effects of drinking Coca-Cola?

If you drink much of it, the phosphoric acid in many soft drinkscan cause severe calcium deficiency, resulting in bone loss and/ormuscle cramping and other problems that are caused by electrolyteimbalance. Of course, too much sugar can result in diabetic orhypoglycemic complications and obesity. Mos (MORE)

What effect does Coca-Cola have on teeth?

affect of cocacola on teeth i believe that the affect on teeth from coca cola deals with the acids and sugars contained in the drink. it is much like pickles, or when you throw up..the acids break down the enamel on your teeth, making them weak to other outside factors. i once worked on a reservati (MORE)

What is Coca-Cola?

The company, Coca-Cola, produces a variety of soft drinks and associated products. Coca-Cola, the eponymous soda, is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world.

Is Coca-Cola bad for teeth?

Its an urban myth that Coca Cola dissolves teeth, but because it is a carbonated sugary drink, it can cause a build up of plaque on the teeth which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

What are the effects of drinking Coca-Cola while pregnant?

It's not bad, but it's not good. While pregnant you have to remember that most of what goes into your body goes into your fetus. Not exactly the same way, but it does have an impact on your pregnancy. It is best to not drink anything unhealthy, especially when it has caffeine in it, which coke does. (MORE)

Can long term use of Coca cola negatively effect your health?

Answer . Quite likely yes. Soda is essentially carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup- empty calories. By consuming these empty calories, you either eat less "real food" and consume fewer fruits, vegetables and whole grains, or you end up eating just as much solid food and start taking in (MORE)

What can Coca-Cola do?

It can dissolve nails, cause osteoperosis, cause obesity, tooth decay, heart condtions. It can't be good because the same stuff its made with Carbonic acid is strong enough to dissolve limestone and create caves!

Which liquid stains the teeth the most Coca Cola tea or coffee?

Tea. But the long term bad effects of Coca Cola and other soft drinks are very bad! Tea only stains teeth, it does not harm them, considering that you don't add sugar to it. Ice tea however has a demineralizing effect on a tooth's enamel that is similar to Coca Cola.

How does Coca-Cola stain teeth?

There are many acidic ingredients in Coca Cola, as well as othercolas. The ingredient that can cause staining of the teeth in thesebeverages is the caramel coloring.

Side effect of coca cola.?

\nSeriously? What's the side effects of caffeine/sugar in general?! Bouncing off the walls, burping, inability to go to sleep, being giddy, twitching, the usual.

About Coca Cola?

Coca-Cola was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton. It was originally intended as a patent medicine. Coca-Cola was bought out by businessman Asa Griggs Candler in 1886 and marketed as a soft drink.

Why is coca-cola pop called ''coca-cola''?

Dr. John S. Pemberton invented Coca- Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, 1886. Frank Robinson, his bookkeeper, came up with the name "Coca Cola" and created the now famous logo in his own handwriting.

Why is Coca-cola the worse for your teeth?

And ! now for the properties of COKE 1. In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the truck to remove blood from the highway after a car accident 2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke and it will be gone in two days (meat will completely dis (MORE)

What are the Effects of coca cola on world today?

Coca cola can stain your teeth, and it also makes you bloated. There's alot of caffeine in coke, and it could get your addicted, strange but true since my mom gets headaches when not drinking a coca cola everyday.

How does Coca-Cola destroy your teeth?

There are two damaging forces at work in carbonated soft drinks (pop). One is the sugar which can feed the bacteria (caries) in dental plaque. The other is the combination of carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, which can damage enamel. (Concentrated forms of this combination are used to etch glass!) (MORE)

What it is in coca-cola?

Coca-Cola has Coca leaves in it, Coca leaves have cocaine in them but Coca-Cola obviaouly removes the cocaine and cleans the leaves. but when the company first formed it did have cocaine inside of it.

What effects do cola have on your teeth?

ive been drinking diet coke daily for the past couple of years and my teeth are white and i have never had any fillings, however my teeth are quite sensitive and feel slightly sore if i eat or drink cold things.

What can you do with Coca-Cola?

One of the things you can do with Coke(TM) that you might not know, is use it to wash heavily stained laundry such as mechanic's coveralls. My dad was a mechanic and he would regularly pour in a can with his laundry. Granted, it's not something you'd want to use for your whites!

What is the effect of Coca Cola to you?

It has lots of sugar, so too much can make you gain weight. It also has caffeine, so some people who are sensitive to caffeine can find it makes them nervous and jittery.

Why is Coca-Cola pop calle coca-cola?

Dr. John S. Pemberton invented Coca- Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, 1886. Frank Robinson, his bookkeeper, came up with the name "Coca Cola" and created the now famous logo in his own handwriting.

What effect does coca cola have on cooked meat?

I've use recipies with it many time with many meats but mostly ribs. It's actually quite tasty as it gives the savoury meat a sweet flavor as well as the sugars also give the meat a slight crispness.

Why wasn coca cola called coca cola?

Dr. John S. Pemberton invented Coca- Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, 1886. Frank Robinson, his bookkeeper, came up with the name "Coca Cola" and created the now famous logo in his own handwriting.

What are the side effects of drinking Coca Cola?

Well most of us all enjoy opening a can of coke,but its not the most healthiest choice. The side effects are weight gain,hyperness for a short period of time,cravings for more sugar,feeling tired after hyperness weared off,and if you drink too much, then you will eventually get dehydrated. Its ok to (MORE)

Why does Coca Cola rot your teeth?

There is no scientific evidence that Coca Cola rots anyone's teeth, but that said, it is a sugary soft drink, and there is scientific evidence that too much sugar can eat away at tooth enamel, contributing to decay.

Why Does Coca-Cola Acid damage your teeth?

The enamel of teeth is made primarily of hydroxyapatite, or Ca 5 (PO 4 ) 3 OH. It is somewhat basic, and so will react to some degree with acid. The phosphoric acid in cola is stronger than carbonic acid (which is found in all carbonate beverages), and so is more damaging to teeth.

What does The Coca Cola Company produce besides Coca Cola?

Coca-Cola has many other brands. Here is a full list of the brands owned by Cola-Cola: . Aquapure . Aquarius . Bacardi Mixers . Bacardi Premium Mixers . Barq's . Barrilitos . Beverly . Bright And Early . Campbells . Cascal . Chippewa . Citra . Cumberland Gap . DANNON . D (MORE)

Can Coca-Cola rot teeth?

coke cola is good for adlut not kids. if you put coke-cola with ice it will make your theet really cold so don"t do it please swar down my mother life.