What food did the poor ancient Romans eat?

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Poor Romans usually ate food that they were able to grow like onions. The poorest of the Romans would eat porridge and bread for morning breakfast. If the family had enough money they would probably buy wine and vegetables for a midday meal their last meal of the day would be anything they could find of the remaining from yesterday or even last week.

This is all true but poor Romans also ate soup. Poor Romans did not drink wine or eat veggies. All they could afford was soup and bread and porridge sometimes.
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What did poor Ancient Romans eat?

Bread, Meat, Vegetables etc. All of these things were not highly desirable or expensive, they were the plain types of foods therefore did not cost much. They could also buy

What desserts did the poor ancient Romans eat?

yeahh they didn't eat because they could barely afford food. The poor people sometimes didn't eat breakfast so i doubt they ate dessert. But if they did they ate a small cake,

What did poor romans eat and drink in ancient days?

In Ancient Rome, the emperor would institute "Bread and Circuses" in which the less privileged of society (poor people) could go watch a free chariot race or gladiator fight a

What do poor ancient roman people eat?

If you were poor, you ate mostly just the Mediterranean Triad, with vegetables like lentils and cucumbers and lettuce, fruit like apples and figs, nuts, and sometimes cheese a

How did the ancient romans eat food?

They put it in their mouths, chewed and swallowed just as we do.However they did not have the utensils for eating that we have.Most of their foods were cut into small pieces t