What happened to Just Right cereal?

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Kellogs stoped selling it in the US. Looks like the brits, aussies, and canadians still get it. =(
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How soon after ovulation do you really feel pregnant and is it true that some women just know right when it happens?

This differs for everyone, some women have said to know the exact moment of conception!! With my 3 pregancies, I swear with the 3rd I knew, I woke up one morning and just had this feeling that I had just concieved, I didn't say anything to anyone for fear of sounding silly..lo and behold though, 2 w (MORE)

Is Rico gay or just not right in the head?

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Can you lose weight just eating once a day with cereal diet?

No! Don't do that because you'll just gain weight by starving yourself. But yeah its good to eat about 1 and a half cups of whole grain cereal every morning. Talk to your doctor to get a diet plan created just for you based on your weight and eating habits.

What happened to Count Chocula cereal?

Nothing happened to Count Chocola cereal. ..It's still on the market; along with Frankenberry and Booberry. ...The only two cereals in the Monster cereals collection by General Mills, no longer sold on the market, are : "Fruit Brute" and "Fruity Yummy Mummy". ...The first was on the maket in '75 or (MORE)

Why do people eat toast with cereal Isn't that just carb with carb?

Yes it is carb and carb. It's become a tradition from grandparents to parents to children. we know a lot more about nutrition than they did back then and lots have changed. Unless its a sugar free cereal with whole grains, whole grain bread with organic peanut butter or some source of protein, it's (MORE)

What happens to raisins in breakfast cereals when you add milk?

The raisins will begin to absorb the milk when you add it, but they do it very slowly. You probably won't notice a difference in their size if you add milk and eat your cereal at a "normal" rate. You'll be chewing the raisins, and they'll be just about the same as when you poured them out of the cer (MORE)

Why are there Civil Rights laws just for women?

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What happens if you are pregnant and just a kid?

tell an adult. they will be able to help you. you will have to see a doctor. the doctor will check you out and discuss your choices. abortion adoption or keeping the child. if you are too young you will most likely need an adult to help you take care of the baby or it will be taken away

What happened to sunrise organic cereal by general mills?

I don't know, but I still remember the first week I went to the store to buy my next box and couldn't find it. I tried again the next week, but alas I have never found it again. I miss my yummy breakfast cereal. It is still what I consider my favorite one ever. I want it back!

What just happened here?

Well the zebra just birthed a half zebra and half donkey fawn! So the world is going bezurk with confusion and chaos and we just need to know why you want to know what just happened!

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---Lol P K 3 D--- I've heard that bugs on the server have caused every account to get reset, yes. even babablksheep. People who logged out on the reset, got well, their accounts reset. If you didn't log out.. well, you didnt reset your account! Very small chance if your account got reset during the (MORE)

What is a just right Poptropica island?

well the eaisest is early poptropica and big nate island but the one that would come as just right would be reality tv show islad because itss medium or 24 carrot

Why does good writing not just happen?

Good writing doesn't just happen in the same way as Olympic athletic skills don't just fall out of heaven onto your head. Writing is a skill. If you don't work to improve, you won't be a good writer (or an Olympic athlete).

What just happened in Haiti?

An enormous earthquake, 7.0 magnitude,that hit Haiti's capital, devastated nearly all of the country. Help efforts have been amidst for weeks now as volunteers try to rescue people trapped under rubble, etc. A week after a 6.0 after shock was felt. But the most current big news is... A Baby was bo (MORE)

What Just Happen To The Undertaker?

After defeating and retiring Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26, The Undertaker was gone for a while. But now he will wrestle more often on Friday Night Smackdown. You can watch "Smackdown" on my13 on Friday nights at 8:00 pm

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What is cereal?

It's usually a meal eaten sometimes throughout the morning, because you make sure you get all the vitamins you need before you take another meal. It's usually made with artificial and natural flavors and different ingredients . Cereals intended for children usually contain more sugar and artificial (MORE)

What does it mean when you're starting to feel disrespected and mocked again but just when you think you're overreacting something like that happens right in front of you that you can't deny?

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What happens if you dont eat enough cereals?

you don't get enough fibres or other carbohydrates, or protein, Vitamin B, Iron, and other nutrients found in cereals. Then again, you wouldn't get half of these anyway if it is a refined grain cereal like coco-pops..

How can the rights of the accused be just to the victim?

Rights of the accused have nothing to do with being just or unjust to the victim since, using the U.S. justice system as the example, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. In practice and in reality, this can actually be very unjust to a victim, depending on the crime, as the victim had their (MORE)

What does it mean when you have a dream were you just so happens to run into your ex and he looks you in the eyes and tells you he loves you right infringement of his girlfriend?

One question is this a dream or real life? And Ill just say it this goes for the dream or real life... Well if you love him back give him a hug or a kiss. If you don't just say uhh well i don't want to date anyone right now sorry but can we be friends. BUT If the other girlfriend is your friend Slap (MORE)

What happens if you give a baby field mouse sweetened cereal?

I imagine something similar to what happens when you feed a human child a Big Gulp from 7-11. I'd use unsweetened stuff for the majority of its diet, but they can eat just about anything we do. He'll probably really like some bugs and you can try different fruit, veggies, nuts, grain etc. They usu (MORE)

What just happened to Xbox LIVE?

Nothing is wrong with ANY of the services, I've attached a related link below that show all of Microsoft's Xbox Live statuses.

What just happened?

Everything. Someone dies, someone's born, it's someone's birthday, some guy gets punched in the face, something gets set on fire, someone's eating lunch, the list could go on and on for paragraphs and I guarantee you it's happening somewhere.

Where can one purchase Just the right shoe?

One can purchase just the right shoe when in a shoe store. The person getting the shoe must make sure that it's not too tight or loose as well as the right style for you.

Where was the blood just before the right atrium?

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What happened with the cereal team?

The cereal team represents the different types and brands of cereals. Many of the cereals have been discontinued and many things have been changed like the boxes and the prizes inside. Due to parental complaints some cereals have been discontinued or no longer advertised.

Do black holes just happen?

No. Most black holes form when an extremely massive star dies andthe core collapses, becoming a black hole.