What happens if you inhale cement?

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you die...
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What happens when you inhale?

what happens when you inhale is that air goes into your lungs and your lungs get bigger ...Actually, your diaphragm moves to expand the volume of your thoracic cavity, whic

What happens when you inhale a cigar?

you inhale these chemicals and more . ammonia . carbon monoxide . nicotine . nitric oxide . hydrogen cyanide . mercury . tar* . toxic trace metals (nickel*, lead, cadm

What happens if you inhale a tonsil stone?

According to my doctor, it depends on the size. He said tiny ones don't really matter and you wont even realize you did inhale it. Sometimes, though, when you have ones the si
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What happens if you inhale air duster?

it screws you up pree good, but it's also highly dangerous, I've tried it for the first time yesterday. and I have no idea how I got home, or what happened,