What happens when you hear a click by your jaw?

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My jaw clicks too and when I went to see why, it it probably because of your jaws are rubbing on each others, producing a clicking, or cracking noise. And that is because your jaws are growing, or your mouth so they sometimes rub. For me, the dentist just said that I need to wait, because for my case, it was just a growing thing.
When you open your jaw and your jaw clicks or you feel your jaw stretching then you probably have the growing thing.
And if your jaw gets tired by chewing meat, or whatever, then you probably have the growing thing.
If you are worried, you can ask your dentist about it.
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Why does your jaw click?

You have Tmj disorder (Temporomandibular Joint) , which can be treated by a dentist.

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How do you cure a clicking jaw?

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What cause clicking in your jaw?

when you have an accident or get into a fight when the other persons fist comes into contact with your jaw a bone in your jaw will snap