What helps opiate withdrawl symptoms?

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Ultram works well and vistril does too. Both are non narcotic but aleves pain during withdrawals
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Is diarrhea a symptom of Lexapro withdrawl?

Seems to be for some people, check out . http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_long_do_Lexapro_withdrawal_symptoms_last . a lot of different experiences shown here including yours,

Does methadone help with withdraw symptoms from opiates?

Yes methadone will greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms. However methadone is an opiate. So going off of it will also cause withdrawal symptoms. The advantage of methadone is th

What is opiate withdrawl?

Opiate withdrawal is the body's reaction from being denied opiates. This can include a wide variety of symptoms, depending on the users level of addiction. Heavily addicted in

I need help on something i can take for opiate withdrawls that help and i want it to be herbal is there anything that will burn the drugs out of my system?

\nI am unaware of any herbal or natural supplements that will be useful in detoxifying the body during opiate withdrawal. Most current protocols for detox include using simila

How do you help with opiate withdrawls?

Check out a legal herb called kratom. I used it to quit my 240 mg/day oxycodone habit. If you're not taking kratom, try 800 mg every 8 hours of ibuprofen (and maybe 1000 mg e

Can marijuana help with opiate withdrawl symptoms?

Only if it's high-grade, and even then it only helps for maybe 30 minutes. Try to find an indica-dominate strain over a sativa-dominate one, as indica gives you more of the "c

Will exercise help with withdrawal symptoms from opiates?

Yes, however during intense opiate withdrawls (first 3-5 days depending on habit) it will be pretty hard to force exercise on the body. Exercise really helped me out with co

Is there a way relieve opiate withdrawls?

Unfortunantly, there is NO easy way to come off opiates. Benzodiazepines such as xanax, valium, or klonopin may help with the agitation, restlessness, and sleeplessness. But o

Will vicodin help with Oxycontin withdrawl symptoms?

Vicodin will help alleviate withdrawal from Oxycontin and pretty much any other opiate you may be withdrawing from. The trick is to be strong and not take enough to get high,
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Will benzodiazapines cure an opiate withdrawl?

It will help ease the pain and anxiety. Valium or Klonopin are two medicines that will make you feel drowsy and help you sleep. Helps dramatically with the restless symptoms,

Does meth block your opiate withdrawl symptoms?

First off, it depends what meth you are talking about. METHADONE does block opiate withdrawal symptoms and is used to get people off of herion or other opiates. If you are tal

Does Imodium AD help opiate withdrawls?

No - what you need is both an anti-anxiety med and an anti-nausea med (toward the end stages of withdrawals). Lots of fluids, warm clothes, and mental distractions (music, gam