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A dentist is a professional person (similar to a doctor) who takes care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Among other things, a dentist also provides fillings when necessary and removes teeth when necessary.
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What does a dentist do?

A dentist is a specialist of tooth related problems. They can perform anything from simple cleans and fillings to complex surgical problems. There are specialist dentists such as orthodontists, surgeons, periodontists etc who specialize in one area of the dental field. Your general, everyday dentist is a good place to start if you have a tooth or even mouth related problem.

How can you become a dentist?

Answer . A dentist treats and prevents diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth. Eight years of college and dental school studies are usually necessary for a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.). All dentists have to pass additional state tests to obtain their required licenses. you are anoying. omg. Steps:. 1. Take high school biology, chemistry, physics, health and mathematics courses. Maintain a high grade point average.. 2. Ask your guidance counselor for information on colleges that have a two-year pre-dental program that emphasizes the sciences. Most pre-dental students complete a bachelor's degree.. 3. Send for college catalogs and applications. Apply well before the deadline date.. 4. Commit yourself to receiving high grades in college, especially in your science courses.. 5. Contact the American Dental Association for a list of four-year dental schools accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. Make certain you'll meet the admission requirements. (See the ADA Web site at ada.org.). 6. Take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). Your test scores, overall grade point average, science average and recommendations will all weigh heavily in the decision to admit you to a dental school.. 7. Understand that the first two years in dental school will consist of classroom and lab courses. The final two years are spent in clinics under the supervision of licensed dentists.. 8. Obtain your license by passing additional written and practical state examinations after you've graduated from dental school. Make certain you know what your state's licensing requirements are well before you get to this point.. 9. Check on your state's requirements for specialty licenses in the dental field. An additional two to five years of study is required.. Tips:. Make certain you possess manual dexterity and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.. Expect to work 7 to 10 hours a day, not including emergencies.. Warnings:. Expect to pay high premiums for liability insurance and to have large bills for equipment and skilled personnel if you have your own practice.

Salary of a dentist?

The answer is 250,000 dollars a year but i t may depend on how good a dentist you are and how much business you have

A free dentist?

In Australia you can get free emergency dental work done. There is also a dental scheme at present that allows people with more then 1 chronic health condition to get free dental work done by a private dental practitioner of their choice. there is a limit to the amount payed by the Government.

Where do dentist work?

A majority work in offices they own, or own with other dentists. Some dentist work in private offices of other dentists. The government employs dentist for the Indian Health Service and the branches of the Military. Some also work for public health clinics or in dental schools teaching.

Do horses have dentists?

Answer . Hm. Horses need their teeth 'floated' every few months. When they grind their teeth to eat, they develop sharp points and if these aren't filed down with a rasp, they can develop painful sores on their cheeks and have difficulty eating. The process of floating teeth takes specialized skill and vets are often not trained (or not willing) to do it. So yes, there are equine dentists who are specially trained and whose sole profession is to float teeth. If teeth need to be removed, however, that is usually the vet's job (although it is usually the dentist who spots the tooth that needs to be removed!) . If you have a expensive horse and can afford a horse dentist then yes they do. My horse has a dentist because well I am rich. You need to have a lot of money to have a horse dentist.

What are facts about dentists?

dentists are really nice and they work really super hard so you can go into the world confident about your smile You get to make a good few billion kids across the world shudder in fear when they hear your name

Is a dentist an MD?

Not usually. MD stands for "Medical Doctor" and is a designation awarded upon completion of medical school. Dentists earn either a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) upon completion of Dental School. A few Dental specialties require advanced degrees in other areas of medicine and may require an MD, such as Maxillofacial Surgery.

What is a dentists?

A dentist is a doctor for teeth that will inspect teeth and read xrays. He will also put crowns, fillings and perform dental surgery. A dentiis is a person that works on you teeth and tries to improve them so they don't have plaque or a bad dezises so they fix and keep you teeth healthy.. Caution this was posted by an 11 year old.

What type of dentist are there?

Answer . There are many types of dentists-general dentist that do fillings,extractions,root canals,crowns,bridges,dentures.pedodontist deal with children only.oral surgeon deals with extractions and some implants endodontists specialize in root canals.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

Answer http://www.mynewsmile.com/ GO HERE!!! Are the one who practice improves overall dental health for more natural function and appearance.

What are dentists?

Dentist are people who clean, brush and floss your teeth. They also tell you when your teeth are coming in. They also tell you if you need braces. It is kinda scary going to the dentist at first. but once you are all done you want to go do it all over again.

Do dentist have benefits?

Yes, they actually receive pretty decent benefits. . · Paid vacation. · Paid holidays. · Free dental care. · Paid sick leave. · Reimbursement for continuing education. · 401(k) pension plan. · Free dental insurance. · Uniform allowance

What is a general dentist?

"General Dentist" refers to a dentist that has not limited his/her practice to any of the dental specialties. The specialties include oral surgeon, endodontist (root canal specialist), periodontist (gums specialist), pedodontist(children's dentist), orthodontist (straightens crooked teeth), prosthodontist (crown & bridge, denture specialist), and oral pathologist. A general dentist is trained to and can legally perform any dental procedure. Specialists on the other hand are dentists who have additional training in their specialty, and typically are limited to performing procedures within that specialty.

What do dentist earn?

In Australia, if you work public, you earn an average of AU$65,000 in metro areas, going up if you hold a senior position, or if you take rural jobs. Private practice, you can earn upwards of $100,000. $250,000 is easily achievable within a few years of graduating, working full time 40hrs a week.

What rhymes with dentist?

Some rhymes for dentist: . Apprentice, . artist . babtist . chutist . fist, . gist, . hissed, . insist, . kissed, . leftist . list, . mist, . missed, . resist. . wrist,

Outlook for a dentist?

The outlook for a dental career is excellent for 2014. Theemployment rate is expected to grow about 25 percent in the nextten years.

What is the definition of a dentist?

One who profession is the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the tissues compromising the mouth, especially the restoration, replacement of defective teeth.

How can i be come a dentist do i have to call my dentist?

You have to finish college and then attend Dental School. Then you can apply for a license to practice dentistry in your state. _________________________________________ In order to become a dentist, you will have to go to college and obtain a high GPA along with course requirements which varies between dental schools. You will then have to write an admission test called the DAT along with admission interviews. If you are lucky to get in, Dental school is a four year program. It is a long, hard road. Best of luck.

Are dentists important?

Yes it is very important. If you don't want black teeth like me then go go go to the dentist. trust me, i know. thanks

What is the dentists job?

DENTISTS - dentists help us to make our dental care better dentists teach us how to make our teeth nicer :3 :3 :3

What are the responsibilities of dentists?

Dentists are responsible for cleaning teeth of children and adults.They also fix crooked teeth braces and retainers and can pullteeth, as well.

What the dentists do?

They can perform all dental procedures to make your smile brighterand to keep you stay away from dental problems. Whether you arevisiting us for professional teeth whitening, a routine oral healthcheck or something more extensive in order to get your teeth inbetter shape, Premier Dental Sydney is ready to be at your service.Premierdentalsydney.com.au/

How do dentist advertise?

Advertise Unlimited has had the pleasure of having dentist as clients. Some dentist have had great success using multiple forms of advertising. Some methods of their advertising were, flyer distribution and street signs. The way to find out what is the right niche for you, is to test the market and the advertising tool, to find out what works for you. For assistance in your marketing needs, Advertise Unlimited offers free consultation when scheduling a campaign. Visit www.GoAdvertiseUnlimited.com Call today 1-866-369-9003

What degree do you have to have to be a dentist?

Most Dentists have a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Dental Medecine (DMD); other degrees include Bachelor of Dentistry (BDent), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Bachelor of Dental Medicine (BDM) Licentiate in Dental Surgery (LDS) plsu some specialist degrees

Is dentist a doctor?

A Dentist is not a medical doctor, but they are given the same courtesy title 'Dr' in front of their names for having gone through some medical training with the main focus on treating diseases of the oral cavity and oro-facial structures. They are doctors who specialise in diseases of the oral cavity and associated structures.

What are the tasks for dentist?

teh task of a dentist are to help people with problems they might have in there mouth.

What is a forensic dentist?

A forensic dentist works with law enforcement to match teeth or applicances from a body with a matching file

What is the dentist?

A dentist is a place where people go every 6 months. You sit in the dentist chair, they look at your teeth, they put this yellow stuff on your teeth to put vitamins in your teeth. (You can't taste it) Then they take a Xray of your teeth. (you bite down on). You get to pick out a flavor of mint, strawberry, bubble gum and etc. They put this foamy stuff all over this blue tray, you bite down on it, they suck off all of the foam. The dentist come in and tells you if your teeth is perfect, need braces or if you have any cavitys. If you have to get braces, they tell you do you know where you can go to see an orthodontist. If you have a cavity, I don't know what happens cause I never had a cavity. If your teeth is perfect they give you a goodie bag and they set up a nother apointment. Nothing hurts when you go to the dentist. The worst part is getting the X ray. Over all, It's fun, You can't eat anything for the next thirty minutes.

How do dentist filling?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration ofEsthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is a ceramic dentalfilling product that allows a dental practitioner to produce themost durable indirect dental restoration using a variety ofassisted technologies, including 3D photography and CAD/CAM, VisitPremierdentalsydney.com.au/our-services/cerec-technology/

What is a DDS dentist?

Doctrine of Dental Science It stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery, although some people do think that it refers to Doctrine of Dental Science.

What do a dentist do?

They check your teeth and gums and oral health for bad signs of decay and things, and some parts of the dentist is a hygienist which cleans your teeth when needed to, :) x

What does an equine dentist do?

Equine Dentists help maintain the health of a horse's continually growing teeth and correct problems such as uneven chewing surfaces that lead to inadequate nutrition and poor performance. Educational requirements for Equine Dentists have become a source of controversy and vary widely by state. However, all must at least be a licensed technician who has completed specialized coursework in Equine Dentistry. An equine veterinarian is a veterinarion that specializes in the care of horses. In order to treat horses, these veterinarians travel to farms and ranches where the horses are kept. This type of veterinarian tests for and vaccinates against diseases and consults farm or ranch owners regarding animal production, feeding and housing issues. Equine verinarians are also present during the birth of colts and can euthanize horses if necessary. Their primary concern is preventive care against diseases and injuries.

What qualification do dentist have?

You have to be able to kiss a lot of girls LOL (seriously) and brush your teeth

What do dentist do at their jobs?

What does a dentist do at their job you ask is fix people's teeth, make sure they don't have any cavities, and make sure your teeth wont fall out. They also tell you to always brush your teeth and floss.

What is school dentist?

school dentist is when yo are a dentist for schools and that yo help with tooth pain , loose teeth and so on

How do you survive the dentist?

By thinking happy thoughts, listening to music on head-phones and getting them to tell me whats happening. If you cannot refrain from unpleasant thinking due to the constant reminder of what they're doing, then nothing much but stick it out. If they hurt you in anyway what-so-ever, then be sure to kill the dentist (after he's done his job) with his own tools. If the procedure itself doesn't make you want to commit murder, then the enourmous bill you get for going through torture should!

What do dentists have to be good at?

Dentistry requires diagnostic ability and manual skills. Dentists should have good visual memory; excellent judgment regarding space, shape, and color; a high degree of manual dexterity; and scientific ability. Good business sense, self-discipline, and good communication skills are helpful for success in private practice.

Where do dentist buy dentist stuff?

online because some one could rob a store if they new the location because the machines are very expensive

Why does a dentist do what they do?

they earn money and mabye like to work whit it, its not a bad job

Is a dentist a physician?

A physician is a doctor, so basically you are asking if a dentist is a doctor. There are a few different answers to that. In a way a dentist is a type of doctor (doctor for teeth) but you could also agree that a dentist is a whole other thing. People say "Im going to the dentist" or "Im going to the doctor" so it seems as if they are two different things.

What to ask a dentist?

well when you go to your docter you need to ask: "how your teeth?" and " how can i improve my teeth standard?" i hope this helps your problem

What do dentist acutally do?

a dentist is a docter that takes care of your dental health. (Teeth, like if you have a cavity, that's the person you would go to and etc.)

Where and how can you find a dentist?

A good place to find a dentist is from recommendations made by friends and family. Also the yellow pages in the phone book provide a complete list of dentist as well as online resources of the same caliber.

What is pronoun for The Dentist?

The pronouns that take the place of the noun 'dentist' are he or she for a subject, and him or her as an object of the sentence. Examples: The dentist said that she could fix this problem. My dentist tells terrible jokes; I wonder if he subscribes to 'Worst Jokes Ever'. The dentist is on vacation. We expect him back on the fourth. My dentist was admiring my bracelet, so I brought one for her .

What do you have to be if you want to be a dentist?

If you want to be an dentist then you firstiful need to be an nurse

Are dentists scarey?

No. They will take care your teeth so he/she is not scary! There is a local dentist finder that can find the right dentist to consult your problem. There's no harm in asking them since the matching service is free. See related link for more information.

Why do you have to be kind to your dentist?

Because he's the one who is working on your teeth. Dentists caneither make or break what the inside of your mouth looks like, soit's best to be civil.

What is a pronoun for the dentist?

The word dentists is a singular noun, for a person. It would bereplaced by the third-person gender-specific pronouns: he or him,or she and her.

Do you have to be smart to be a dentist?

You would need to be smart in the area of dentition. Almost alldentists have a DDS from dental schooling.