What is dry patchy skin around eyes?

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Though it is difficult to diagnose a rash without visulaization, your description is most compatible with blepharitis - this benign ailment is usually treated with Johnson & Johnson shampoo (applied with a Q-tip) and antibiotic eyedrops that would have to be obtained via your physician.
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What could a rash be on the inner right thigh that has dry patchy skin with little red bumps and itches?

\n. I normally get that on my thighs in the winter time, but I just put moisturizer on it and it went away the next day. It's probably just dry skin. \n. \n. Answer . \n. just got one myself. very scared.. i seem to get weird symptoms lately of God knows what. \n. Answer . \n. If it is round it could also be ringworm.

If you have dry peeling skin around your vagina and it's very itchy is this from a yeast infection or something else?

Answer . Could be a yeast infection. Try some over the counter yeast cream. You can buy this at your pharmacy. Use as directed on the package and if it doesn't clear up you might consult your Doctor.

Why do you have patchy skin on areas of your back that are not as tanned as the surrounding area and speckles of lighter skin spots on your stomach which are highlighted more when you sunbathe?

Answer . I have this as well!!! Apparently its due to excessive use of sunbeds or natural sun without enough protection. I found that after not being exposed to strong sun or sunbeds it cleared up and my skin looked normal again, though after holidays this year its back. So I therefore blame it on the sun!! Hope this helps.

What is a rash that is a dry patchy spot that is clear and turns the skin white?

Possibly excema. It looks like that in African American skin tones. If you are light skinned it will appear red and dry. If the bumps are small dry and scaley with itching this is most likely the cause of the rash.

What would cause clusters of white bumps on the skin around the eyes?

Answer . i think i remember reading that white spots round the eye area can be a sign of high cholesterol.

What is a quick remedy to try for a dry patchy non-itchy skin rash that has lasted over a year lamisil aveeno eucerin have not worked?

Urine therapy.Get a booklet on the subject and follow instructions for your particular ailment.This is the quickest and best remedy,not only for rashes but a host of other conditions.

How do you cure itchy red raised skin around the eyes?

I guess, you should visit dermatologists about that because this is serios problem, and also for the meanwhile put some of this in the outer of the eyes, Phytessence Wakame, Cynergy TK and CoQ10 can help to rebuild collagen, in fact they can stimulate keep it natural. That will help your skin condition make it better.. Source(s): . http://www.goodhealthyskin.com/

Extremely dry peeling skin around elastic underwear bands?

Allergy doctor suggested it might be an allergy to one of the chemicals used to treat elastic to make it into clothing. We have started purchasing underwear with no elastic, or elastic that is completely encased in cloth. That seems to clear up the rash. One place we purchase the underwear is Hanna Andersson, although it is pricey. We are considering sewing our own.

Why do you have dry eyes?

Your eyes may become dry because you are not making enough tears.This may be because of medications you are taking, or the weatheraround you.

What is best for Extra dry skin under eyes?

\nTry using an eczema cream, these are really oily and help get rid of severe dryness. I get very dry patches under my eyes and use Neal's Yards Frankincense moisturiser, it works great but you need to put it on constantly.\n. \nMake sure you're not using oil-free makeup remover/ removing pads - these dry the skin under your eye out almost immediately and can cause rashes/burning/itching.\n. \nJust put a lot of un-perfumed moisturiser on there and give it a few days to clear up (it won't happen over night).

You have dry itchy peeling skin around penis with white patches and your std results said you did not have anything?

One of the most common causes of the symptoms you are describing is a penis yeast infection. It is very easy to get an overgrowth of Candida (yeast) in your system if you have taken antibiotics, used condoms with spermicide, or had sexual relations with someone who had a yeast infection. There are simple natural remedies for dealing with a penile yeast infection. They include swabbing the area with either garlic oil or tea tree oil a few times a day for a week. Also, it is important to take some type of probiotic (acidophilus, bifidum, etc.) to increase the friendly bacteria so they can fight of the Candida albicans overgrowth. One of the best quality probiotics is Florafood. Finally, if you have been engaging in sexual intercourse, you need to be sure that the other person also treat themselves for a yeast infection, too. Otherwise you will continue to pass it back and forth.

What is that red patchy skin on top of the arms?

Red patchy skin on top of the arms could be a few different things.The most common thing that it could be is called eczema. It couldalso be an allergic reaction or a rash. It is best to have itchecked out by a physician.

What is best to use for dry cracked dry skin around eyes?

Well one time i used this makeup remover that really dried out my eyes, and there was nooo way to cover it up, or get rid of it. But i found this stuff at CVS by Ponds, its like a dry skin cream, and it worked really well. The dryness goes away after about 3 days of using it. hope this works : ) . http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/catalog/shop_product_detail.jsp?filterBy=&skuId=163239&productId=163239&navAction=jump&navCount=3 . I have severe dry skin and i find that aveeno skin relief lotion with cooling menthol very good. Heals it up pretty quick.

What is irretated red skin around Eyes and Mouth?

You may have a rash. If you have been playing in the grass or anything that you might be allergic to, then obviously you have a rash, or allergic reaction. Otherwise it may be a skin infection or disorder which you can treat easily with many products available. Try Pro-active solutions, they can treat almost any skin disorders. If you have had any sexual activity involving your mouth lately, then you may have genital herpes or some form of sexual related rash, that has somehow gotten on your face. In that case, go to a doctor and Tell them. You must let them know the truth in order for them to help you, dont be embarrassed. If you believe its none of the above, then i can only stick to lack of water and vitamin C and E. Drink more water, eat more fruit and get some sunshine on your face. :)

Why is the skin around my dog's eyes dry?

This could be anything from normal for the breed to a pathologic condition such as dry eye or allergies - it would take a veterinarian to determine what is going on without more information.

Swiming goggle cause the skin around eyes burning?

its probably not burning. but take off your goggles every little couple minutes, not leaving goggle marks. loosen your goggles and wear cream after swimming

Why is your skin drying out?

Your skin is very important! Skin drys very easily: It could be about the weather, The makeup your using, Fake tan or just your skin need moisturising. The best product for this is all Dove Products. This will renew your skin and stops it from getting damaged. Your Skin will be ultra smooth.

Can amoxicillin cause dry peeling skin around the vagina?

One of the side effects of amoxicillin is peeling / loss of skin, so i wouldn't doubt that amoxicillin is whats causing your problem. I recommend looking at this web page on the side effects and telling your doctor if conditions get worse. (see link)

Why does the paint dry with a patchy finish?

The finish achieved with paint can be affected by: . Temperature as it is painted and dries - too cold and it may go "chalky" or not dry properly, too hot and the thickness of the paint may be affected, or brush marks may be more obvious. . Surface preparation - a variable surface will give a variable finish. Check for a clean, dry and even surface free of loose material like dust or flakes. . Paint age - Has the paint been on the shelf a long time, or got to hot or cold at some point? . Paint mixing - Was the paint well stirred and mixed without bubbles? . Is it the correct type of paint for the material being painted? . Was the brush or roller clean?

Dry skin how can you keep your skin wet?

Hydrating the skin can be done in many ways fortunately quite easily. One of the easiest things that you can do is to increase your water intake. 6-8 8oz glasses a day should be enough to help. Other areas to look at are reducing alcohol consumption as drinking alcohol has a dehydrating effect, as does coffee. Central heating systems and air conditioning can have a detrimental effect too. You can help combat that by using an humidifier. More instant relief can be obtained by using a heavy duty hand and body cream, paying special attention to the more problematic areas. If dry hands are a particular problem apply the cream liberally an allow to soak in for 10 minutes or so, then rub in the excess that is left.

My skin around my nose and all around my hairline are drying out and getting flaky and it itches really bad washing my face with different cleansers and moisturizers doesn't help what could this be?

You could be over-washing. Unless your skin gets really dirty, for instance you might be a mechanic dealing with engine grease, or working over a deep-fat fryer, then you DON'T need to wash your face twice a day or more. The amount of incessant washing that N. Americans love to indulge in, is quite overkill. The skin really suffers as a result. It's just not made to deal with that quantity of detergents and cleansers. Wash your face no more than once per day, if that. It could also be eczema.

Why do you have to dry skin?

well it depends if you have dry skin and your friends dont or if you have red cracking burning or mabey even bledding skin or any of those symptomes then you proble have dry skin.there is lotion and moistureizers out there but if you drink water daily that could help also put on lotion it will make your hands smell good and feel better but try bath and body works and look to see if it has jojaba in it or vitimans it will help! hope i helped!!!:]i have dry skinn myself so your not alone:]lol

How thick is the skin around your eyes?

It is a fraction of the thickness of the thickness of the skin on your arms and legs.

Does gaining weight on your face add fine lines around your skin and under the eyes?

No, gaining weight usually erases fine lines in the facial area and adds a more youthful apperance.

Why does skin get dry?

Because it;s not hydrated. But some rare times it's a health condition. Just hydrate your skin with loads of moisturizer but not too much to kill your skin. Just after showers or runs /jogs. Or every 4-5 hrs. If it isn't getting better seek medical help.

How you get dry skin?

Dry skin comes from lack of moisture. Skin needs tons of water to stay hydrated. Drink more water and use a good moisturizer to help seal in your skin's moisture.

How do you get rid of dry skin around a pimple?

Apply a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topical cream on the pimple. After topical treatment, apply a basic face moisturizer (preferably allergy-tested, fragrance free, and oil free). Moisturize daily.

Dry skin is a good what?

Not in every season much dry skin cause wrinkles and cracks whilein winter and dry seasons. However it would be beneficial insummers. There are less chances to have pimple on dry skin ascompare to oily one.

How can you get rid of dry skin on your face?

Try to do this treatment at night, right before bed: pour olive oil on a cottan ball and dab it on your dry face (or anywhere dry) making it cover it entirely. make sure there is alot on. Keep on for al least 2 minutes. then fill a spray bottle with water and spray your face over again until all the olive oil has been either sucked into the water or washed off. keep your wet face for 5 minutes (or longer depending on how dry your face is) then lightly dab with a fluffy towel. make sure the towel is thick so you arent rubbing and it isn't peeling off your dry skin. also make sure you have got all the olive oil and water off your face or you will make it worse. then apply non-scented (very importent or will sting really bad!) lotion. when you wake up the next morning: baby soft skin! hint: even if you don't have dry skin, just to make an extra healthy glowing soft skin the next day, use this!

What home remedy can you use for dry skin around your dogs anus?

First, you need to have your dog examined by a vet to make sure it's not a medical condition causing this. If not, you can try applying vaseline to the area a few times a day. Just keep in mind though, if your dog is an inside dog, the vaseline can rub off on furniture, bedding, etc. You can also ask your vet about giving your dog a supplement for dry skin. There are many good products on the market for this, and your vet can tell you which would be the best one for your dog.

What do you do if the hair is gone and the skin is grey and rough around your gunie pigs eye?

I would recommend taking your guinea pig to the vet. It might have either scurvy (caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet), or mites (microscopic parasites). The vet will be able to tell you which one your pet has and how to treat it.

How do you clear dry skin around your lip piercing?

Rinsing the piercing under running water only will allow the tissue to moisturize it's self, your cleaning product is causing the tissue to dry out, ease off on it's use and the piercing should settle down.

WHY DOEs dry ice burn your skin?

It is so cold that it destroys skin cells, causing damage similar to a burn.

Dry skin on ball sack?

Having done some research on the web, I have come to the conclusion that dryness and/or hardness of the scrotal skin most likely is a result of a fungal or yeast infection. It can often be contracted during sex if your partner(more likely when a female) has a yeast infection. Typical treatment would be an anti-fungal cream.

If you have dry peeling skin around your vagina can you still have intercocurse?

Dry skin usually doesn't impact your ability to have intercourse. If you suspect a disease or it is too painful, then don't have sex. But if it is just a case of dermatitis or something like chemical exposure, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Dry eyes pain around the eye?

The pain associated with dry eye syndrome is usually described as scratching or burning. This is sometimes accompanied by a feeling that something is stuck in the eye. If this is the case, you should have your eye doctor take a look at your eyes.

What animals have dry skin?

Reptiles are animals that have dry skin. However, other animals canhave dry skin as well. Though in other animals the skin must betreated to get rid of the dryness.

Does having dry skin around your lip piercing mean its infected?

No it doesnt. If its infected, you would have green/yellow discharge from the piercing, swelling, and redness for more than a week or two. The dryness is probably from overcleaning. If you're using soap, stop. Its either too harsh or you're using it too often. Only use soap about once a week. Use a sea salt and warm water solution. Don;t use too much salt or use it more than 2 times a day bc that will lead to drying too. Just use warm water to clean it until the dryness goes away.

What is wrong with my cat when it won't eat and has a dry nose and brown gunk around eyes?

Your cat has Herpes. It's like allergies for cats. Use L-Lysine amino acid in it's food. This helps the cat fight the infection. There is no proof or set amount you should give the cat. It depends on how your cat reacts. Generally, 1 500mg pill in wet food every other day should help with break outs. Also to note, Your cat will never be cured of the infection. It can also pass the infection to cats with weak immune systems, and pass it to its off spring. The not eating part is not normal. Take it to the vet.

What can you do for your dry skin?

Drink more water. Skin needs moisture to perform at its best. Water gives your skin what it need from the inside. Use a good moisturizer on your skin, to seal in moisture.

How do you tighten the skin around your eyes without surgery?

A person can tighten the skin around their eyes (known as crow's feet) without surgery by visiting a Medical Spa or Dermatologist. These professionals will be able to administer BOTOX or Dysport injections into the patient's face. These products and similar ones, relax the patient's facial muscles which create those lines in the first place. When the injection occurs, the relaxation delivers the appearance of less or no wrinkles, because the muscles are no longer tense. While the appearance is nice it is not permanent and the wrinkles will return in some extent.

Is it normal to have dry and itchy skin over a tattoo or around it after just getting it done a week or so ago and if not what do I do to fix the problem?

Yes it is normal. After a week or week and a half you should start applying lotion to the tattoo.

How do you treat dry skin behind your eye?

if you have dry skin behind or around your eye you can treat it by putting on vitamin A cream ( ointment ) careful not to get it in your eye. if that does not work you can try ( Betasonate ) this is an ointment that you can prescribe ,and if that does not work you can go and visit a dermatologist .

How do you tighten skin around eyes?

Tips: 1. Massage face before going to bed 2. Apply the mixture of olive oil, honey and cream is the good way to reduce facial wrinkle. by using potatoes and cucumber believe me it's something natural that helps a lot to enlight and tighten the skin around the eyes

What is this patchy white spot on your skin A few years back while peeling from a sunburn you got another sunburn and its been patchy ever since?

It sounds like you might have a spot of melanoma. This sounds serious. I would suggest going to a doctor or dermatologist right away. If you go to a doctor, they will either treat it themselves(if need be) or refer you to a dermatologist. Do as soon as possible, because it might be cancerous and spread.

Is there a remedy for dry skin around a scar from stitches on the top your head?

Yes, you can apply coconut oil on the affected area. it will help you heal and will provide moisture to your skin too.

What does it mean when the skin around your eye turns orange?

Could mean you have Jaundice which is a liver concern so you need to go to your doctor ASAP.

How do you know oily skin and dry skin?

Oily skin: . Skin feels very greasy . Texture is often very thick & coarse (not smooth) . There are large & visible pores . After a wash it feels fine; by midday it looks shiny . Often break out in spots Dry skin: . Has a thin & "papery" texture . It feels dry to touch . Pores are very fine (can't see with the naked eye) . After wash it feels tight, as though it is too small for theface . By midday flaky patches appear; hardly breaks out in spots

The skin around my eyes are always red and dry looking and makes me really insecure Could someone tell me how to get rid of this redness for good It would help lots thank you?

Try applying drops to your eyes to ensure that the eye balls andthe areas around them do not dry out.

What is the best solution for post pregnancy patchy skin?

You must have a good regime for face skin care as it takes time toheal and repair.