What is infant morbidity?

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infant affected with diseases
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What is psychiatric morbidity?

it simply means psychiatric illness, that mental illness Morbidity means the occurring or existence of a disease; more commonly used to describe two illnesses being comorbid such as anxiety is often comorbid with depression. read more about cormorbidity at http://psychiatristscottsdale.com

Causes of infant morbidity?

Lack of prenatal care is a cause of infant morbidity. Other causesinclude poor nutrition, infectious diseases, and premature birth.

What is morbidity?

The term 'morbidity' has a few different senses or meanings: 1: the relative incidence of a particular disease; 2: an abnormally gloomy or unhealthy state of mind; 3: the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you Medically, morbidity relates to the incidence or prevalence of d (MORE)

What are the top ten causes of morbidity?

1) Heart disease . 2) Cancer . 3) Strokes . 4) Chronic lung disease . 5) Accidents/Unintentional Injuries . 6) Diabetes . 7) Alzheimer's Disease . 8) Pneumonia/Influenza . 9) Kidney Disease . 10) Septicemia

What are the top 10 leading causes of morbidity and mortality in infants in the Philippines in 2008?

I can't find the answer for the year 2007, but here's the statistics taken from DOH for the year 2003.... Mortality . 1. Heart Diseases. 2. Vascular System Diseases. 3. Malignant Neoplasm. 4. Accidents. 5. Pneumonia. 6. Tuberculosis, all forms. 7. Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical, lab (MORE)

What are the leading causes of infant morbidity and mortality by year 2007?

Ten leading causes of morbidity . Philippines, 2006 . 1. ALRI and Pneumonia 670,231 828.8. 2. Acute Watery Diarrhea 572,259 707.7. 3. Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis 538,990 689.9. 4. Hypertension 408,460 522.8. 5. Influenza 339,881 435.0. 6. TB Respiratory 132,725 169.9. 7. Diseases of the Heart (MORE)

What is morbid?

It pertains to disease, or a condition likely to cause disease, such as--> He is morbidly obese. Can also mean an unhealthy disposition in thinking, such as--> He has a morbid fascination with the occult.

Leading causes of morbidity in france?

There are many factors that cause morbidity in not just France butthe modern world. Lack of general exercise and outdated healtheducation on balanced diets and portion control are some of thesecauses. Eating habits that children have picked up from theirparents is another cause. The general increase (MORE)

What is the connotation of morbidity?

With the literal meaning of 'disease' or even 'death,' the term'morbidity' has a variety of connotations depending on context ofuse. Perhaps the most common is 'gloominess' or 'unpleasantness,'but others include 'grim situation,' 'negative experience,' andsimply 'pessimistic attitude.'

What is the leading cause of morbidity in Australia?

The main cuase of morbity in Australia is the feirce yet big caterpillar. They come in our houses and through our beds and entre through our rectums. They cause us to die. rhyme. There the size of your thumb, they entre through your bumb and watch out, because they'll eat ya mum. No doubt there l (MORE)

What is a sentence using morbid?

The car accident attracted a crowd of morbid onlookers. She had a morbid fascination with death and graveyards. The field hospital soon became a morbid collection of wounded and dying soldiers.

Cause of morbidity in Japan?

The leading cause of morbidity and death in Japan is cancer. Nearly372,000 Japanese people died in 2013 from some various type ofcancer.

What are the sources of mortality and morbidity?

Mortality is the number of deaths within a population or the stateof being mortal. Morbidity refers to the state of disease of anindividual or the incidence of illnesses within a population.

Morbidity of pneumonia?

The morbidity of pneumonia is high in cold areas and low in the hotareas. Morbidity of pneumonia refers to the rate at which or anincidence at which a given disease affects a given community.

Example of morbidity?

Morbidity is simply a a disease state or condition. Therefore diabetes would be a morbidity.

What are the leading morbidity in the phil?

The leading causes of morbidity in the Philippines are pneumonia,bronchitis, and influenza. Other causes of morbidity and mortalityinclude diarrhea, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Morbidity in japan?

The leading cause of death in Japan, such as the United States, iscancer. The most common form of cancer in Japan is lung cancer.

What are the causes of maternal morbidity and mortality?

Obstructive fistula is prevalent in developing countries andaccounts for 8 percent of maternal morbidity. Infections especiallymalaria is the leading cause of maternal morbidity in tropicalcountries. Other causes of maternal mortality and morbidity arehigh blood pressure and hemorrhage.

What are the top 10 leading causes of morbidity and mortality in infants in the Philippines in 2005?

The top ten infant mortality causes in 2005 are: bacterial sepsisof newborn, respiratory distress of newborn, pneumonia, disordersrelated to short gestation and low birth weight, not elsewhereclassified, congenital Pneumonia, congenital malformation of theheart, neonatal aspiration syndrome, other c (MORE)

What are infants?

Infants are babies. Some definitions stipulate an age such as under a year or under 18 months in age.

Sentence with morbid?

Jane had a morbid fear of spiders Jack had a morbid fascination for horror movies

Use morbidity in a sentence?

"Panic disorder has a high co-morbidity with depression." In a health context, morbidity just means that a disease or condition tends to occur with another disease or condition.

What is psychosocial morbidity?

Psychosocial morbidity in psychology is a measure of thoughtpatterns related to psychological issues. These are consideredtroublesome traits that are based on items like an individual'ssocialization skills and psychological growth.

Is Morbid Angel satanic?

They may have been at one point, but after "Covenant" they started to move away from the Satanic viewpoint and instead embrace the old Ancient Ones/old Babylonian faith. Then again, their Satanic/anti-religious themes were essentially veiled allusions towards breaking the chains of limitation.

What is a morbidity rate?

A morbidity rate is the proportion of patients w/a particular disease during a given year per given unit of population.

What does the name viking morbid mean?

It means the individual in question had very strange or very stupid (possibly both) parents. "Viking" comes from an Old Norse word meaning "expedition" or "a person who goes on an expedition". It carries the strong implication that the expedition in question was a sea voyage and the purpose was r (MORE)

What weight is morbid obesity?

People are considered morbid obese when their BMI (body mass index) is over 40. Also when their 140 percent of their ideal body weight.

What are the morbidity and mortality rates of pyloroplasty?

Successful treatment of Helicobacter pylori has improved morbidity and mortality rates.the prognosis for PUD,with proper treatment and avoidance of causative factors, is excellent.Morbidity and mortality are higher in patients with secondary ulcers.

What is the morbidity factor with male circumcision?

Severe penile injuries are rare and include penile amputation (partial or total), laceration, hemorrhage, and damage to the urinary tract. Meningitis, penile necrosis, necrotizing faciitis, and sepsis can occur.

What is the morbidity rate of cystocele repair?

Anterior colporrhaphy is.a 0-20% rate of recurrence.Abdominal paravaginal repair results in a 5% chance of recurrence, while vaginal paravaginal repair has the highest recurrence rate (7-22%)

What is the morbidity rate with elective surgery?

Success, morbidity, and mortality rates are also dependent on the elective procedure itself. A physician and/or surgeon should be able to provide a patient with statistical information on success rates for a specific elective surgery.

What is the morbidity rate of pneumonectomy?

In the United States, the immediate survival rate from surgery for patients who have had the left lung removed is between 96% and 98%.the stump of the cut bronchus in the right lung, between 88% and 90% of patients survive.mortality rates of 5-9%

What are the morbidity rates of myringotomy?

usually takes the form of either otorrhea, which is a persistent discharge from the ear, or changes in the size or texture of the eardrum. The risk of otorrhea is about 13%.

Why is hades morbid?

Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld, where the Greeks believed people went after their deaths. So Hades is morbid in that he is the focus of death and dying.

Is morbid a verb?

Can you morbid something? No, morbid is an adjective. Simple test: That was VERY morbid. If you can use VERY in front of the word and it makes sense, it is probably an adjective.

Is morbid obesity a heredity disease?

"Research over the past few years has determined that morbid obesity occurs when a person has a combination of two distinct factors. First, the individual has a genetic predisposition to obesity. This simple means, there DNA is already coded for excessive weight gain. Secondly, the individual has a (MORE)

What does the term morbid obesity refer to?

The term morbid obesity means that you weigh twenty percent or more of your ideal body weight. There are charts that will tell you how much you should weigh according to your height.

What they do if they infant?

An infant is a young child. What to do if you have an infant would be to care for them in the proper mannor. This would involve feeding, bathing, loving, nurturing, and helping them in there developments. Not to mention much more things involved as they grow.