What is ligamentum flavum hypertrophy?

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ligamentum flavum hypertrophy is a degenerative condition of the spine which most commonly occurs in the elderly where the tendons holding one vertebra to another thicken, decreasing the amount of room available for the spinal cord and the nerves that come off it. It may be associated with inflammation (arthritis) or osteoporosis. It is frequently treated surgically, and it can recur.
This one seems a bit complex to answer easily, So if you follow the related link (Hypertrophy of Ligamentum Flavum in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis) you will find more information.
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Ligamentum flavum buckling?

Ligamentum flavum buckling is a result of a weakened ligamentumflavum, or the ligaments in your vertebrae that allow for bendingover and snapping back up. Due to its location

What is the treatment for ligamentum flavum hypertrophy?

There are non-surgical treatments and surgical treatments forligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Non-surgical treatments includephysical therapy, medications, lumbar supports, and

What is ligamentum flavum redundancy?

It means that the Ligamentum Flavum is overgrown or split in two. This is the result of segmental instability usually from a degenerating disc between adjacent vertebrae.

What is thickening of the ligamentum flavum?

The individual vertebrae are linked with the help of connectingtissues known as ligamentum flavum, When there is noticeableswelling due to inflammatory or degenerative changes

How is ligamentum flavum treated?

Depending on the severity it might be treated with something simplelike pain medicine, stretching, and physical therapy. More severesymptoms might have to be treated with spin

What does moderate bilateral inferior foraminal narrowing contributed to by mild facet arthropathy and hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum mean?

The discs in your back are separated by what are called Facets, one on left. one on the right that are placed up and down (bilatteral. ) Screw it, basically what it means is t